Thor Heyerdahl was born on October 6, 1914 in Larvik, Norway. Eliezer Yudkowsky: “Open Problems in Friendly Artificial Intelligence”. There was a lot of logical notation, Godel and Bayes mixed in there. | But I found a paper that he wrote on friendly AI's. Uber has announced intention to deliver meals via drones. Comments (0). The basic message was that things are on track with recent events holding to earlier projections. In fact, it would be nice if you could move around the room yourself. may turn out to have pulled the most epic Odeo since Twitter. In 2030 the US population demographics will resemble the current population of Florida. I gave it a shot because of a great analysis I read in a book (I can't remember the title of now). It was said that Aku-Aku live off the aroma of a meal. Crash: Evolution is an American adventure-comedy video game, being part of the Crash Bandicoot series. Comments (0). But made it back in time for a wonderfully nerdy talk on consciousness. He ended up collaborating with members of one of my favorite bands, The Flaming Lips. source: Start with what Watson can do: Things that made sense to the IBM team were defense applications and education, but they realized it is better for important, critical decisions that are made by human beings, many times per day, quickly, where there is a big gap between what is available and how quickly a human can digest it. I wanted to dislike Blue's Clues when I first had to decide on whether or not to let Tesla watch it. The only part I tuned into was when Cowen asks about the possibility of having an AI that can help you date, since that's pretty much what I'm building right now. Thiel is an impressive guy, part of the impressive PayPal Mafia. See if you can spot him in this trailer: He's a little harder to recognize now, having gone for the pre-emptive close shave look and hipster glasses. The "cut them off at the knees" argument: The story of Jonah shows that God can change his mind. Jason Silva: “'The Undivided Mind' — Science and Imagination”. I emailed him these two questions, but no answer yet: Sharon Bertsch McGrayne: “A History of Bayes' Theorem”. You can read about this in his own words here. He kind of looks like Moby actually. Comments (0) There were two nude women slides and a cleavage shot during the presentations, no male sexuality exploited, so it scored mediocre on the sexist scale. I started compiling this list before George Floyd was murdered, and its triteness bothers me now so I'm just going to post it and move on. Which songs my friends have awesomed lately. Drozd assisted Burns with six tracks, Lips bassist Michael Ivins engineered the album, and longtime Lips producer David Fridmann produced it. You can read all the details at Scientific American or download this pdf. Posted on 2020.05.20 at 09:50 PM in Art, Music | Permalink The mammalian brain can do some amazing searches of possibility space in a short span of time. There's a damn song about tardigrades! Ray Kurzweil “From Eliza to Watson to Passing the Turing Test”. It's a long video but in the talk for about 20 seconds he used the app to zoom out from earth to the solar system to the sub galaxy neighborhood to the whole galaxy, etc. My bullshit active-defense filter sprung up too quick for me to hear any of this talk. You might say to yourself, just like surely there are some scientists making sure we don't get hit by a giant asteroid or that some bioweapon doesn't decimate the planet, surely there are some scientists or policy thinkers out there who are considering that and preparing for it, just in case, to make sure we don't end up in some Terminator-esque dystopia. I'm going to have to rewatch it now. I'd like to know which songs in my playlist have been Awesomed the most (in this room, across the site), which songs/artists have been played the most in this room, what songs that I've awesomed that I don't have in iTunes (i.e, a purchase list). Crash Bandicoot Evolution. Aku-Aku ('Devil', 'Ghost' or 'Spirit'), also known as Aku, Akuaku or Varua, are humanoid spirits in Rapa Nui mythology of the Easter Island. This ultimately indicates the neocortex has a lot of built-in assumptions via evolution. He still puts 2029 as the target date for the Singularity. Comments (0) I'd like to see the current song/dj up in my OS X status bar, for example, with the Awesome/Lame buttons always available there. Comments (1) Ideal for day excursions of medium difficulty on varied terrain. Those probablities can be incredibly low. It's like what David Brin talks about later. But I wouldn't want any of these friends being the creative director behind Singularity awareness either. I picture this as a slight clearing in the crowd of avatars where all your friends's avatars are gathered together (right now everyone is just randomly placed in the space), and perhaps in the chat interface a highlighting of comments from your friends or even the ability to filter out all the other chat messages. Crash Bandicoot: Operation: Evolution is continuation of Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant released on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. He seems immediately outclassed. He believes Quantitative Finance is most advanced and most economically coupled to humans so this is most likley what will drive it. They can be of either sex, and different Aku-Aku are associated with particular areas of the Easter Island. Quantitative Advertising which is concerned with modelling the human mind to engineer better ways to sell to them. For other uses, see, List of resources about traditional arts and culture of Oceania, tapa ["masi" (Fiji), "ngatu" (Tonga), "siapo" (Sāmoa), " ʻuha" (Rotuma)], Asian American and Pacific Islander Policy Research Consortium, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Uka-o-hoheru, female, who married the mortal Tupahotu, Kava-ara and Kava-tua, females, who captured the mortal Uré-a-hohové until he was saved by another old Aku-Aku, Mata-wara-ware and Papai-a-taki-vera, husband and wife, who capture human souls at night which would lead to their deaths, Two Aku-Aku who were visited by Tu’u Koihu, son of, This page was last edited on 10 September 2020, at 07:56. Starting with the default two step of Google -> his Wikipedia page, I find that, He posted eleven songs on his webpage, and then realizing he needed help with drums and arrangements, went to Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips for advice. It is the only pure moment of the bible that is evidence of what we were for. Cringe! Hey it worked for Francis Crick when he came up with the breakthrough idea of perhaps the most important discovery of the 20th century. The key point was that they generated a set of answers with confidence values and a minimum threshold to buzz in. Defense: Makes Crash more resistant to enemy attacks. | Looking forward to re-watching thisone as well. You have to collaboratively be creating a de facto Internet radio station. If we attempt otherwise, we likely are not going to get the social status reward we crave. By the way, there is already a Petrov Fund run by a woman in San Francisco. Pour yourself some clam juice and enjoy. Silva thinks that the those of us concerned with the singularity should adopt more sexy, populist modes of communication in order to instigate public awareness and debate on the subject. It was an interesting thought exercise for those who are already predisposed for this stuff, but it's not the way to recruit rational but unconvinced people. That last sentence was terrible. I highly recommend clicking that link and watching the 10 minute trailer for it! He talks about of a third type of tie (Strong Ties/Weak Ties) that is need to be understood: Temporary Ties based on temporary contexts. be harder for listeners to discover "rooms" and learn how to use their more expressive and customizable but more complicated avatars. We can look at the neo-cortex for hierarchical structure that matches physical world hierarchies. Kirk's dik dik (which is not pronounced xylophone, nice one guys) is a new Bay Area band that just released the summer 2020 album jam: Bestiary. | During Crash's missions to stop Doctor Cortex, he scattered copies of himself throughout the travels in an effort to aid him in his mission. Several centuries before the events of the series, Uka Uka was locked away by Aku Aku in an underground prison to protect the world from his malevolent nature. Plugin API for writing bots for specific rooms. Ultimately, shaping behavior is about Attention, Incentives, Communication. Aku Aku also has another meaning: a spiritual guide. Posted on 2011.08.17 at 03:10 PM | Permalink There's a little dive pub (turns out actually not a dive anymore) I'd been meaning to go to for years, and finally stopped by a couple of weeks back. TrackBack (0). I don't actually know either of these two, but I've enjoyed both of their other music projects for awhile now and this album is just the bee's knees. There was something else here about "Future Society" that I missed. He demonstrates how new trials on humans have successfully regrown parts of humans that previously medicine had no way of repairing. He says we are approaching a time where over specialization is making it so regular people can't understand modern science. Now why would that bother anybody?”. ", It'll be seen as the inflection point for polyamory going mainstream when the released masses just can't get enough of each other. source: Evolution of the Trekker Lite II model, its shape inspired by the Tengu Lite model. Aku Aku is the spirit of an ancient witch doctor encased in a floating, wooden mask. Market circuit breakers -> Centralized ability to cut off AIs from outside world. Points out that the Great Silence (no ET communication) may be due to "the grouches always win." [1][3] Aku-Aku was not particularly worshiped, but they were acknowledged before a meal was taken. As a bit of a math history nerd, this was interesting for 15 minutes. Something about connection to a Perception-Action system. As my friend Todd Siegel pointed out, at a basic level. Stephen Badylak: “Regenerative Medicine: Possibilities and Potential”. It causes us to focus on short term results, have scale insensitivity, and do things that are easy to understand. James McLurkin: “The Future of Robotics is Swarms: Why a Thousand Robots are Better Than One”. You can hear him talk about it all in this 18 minute TED talk: Tyler Cowen & Michael Vassar Debate The Great Stagnation. Yudkowsky explains the logical problems with depending on self-modifying artifical intelligence to check itself such that it's modifications never violate previous rules it held. | As long as the people representing the movement are the type most of America consider to be slackers, the movement is constrained. Some sort of official back channel (other than twitter) like tossing up an irc channel or setting up something on a mobile group app. "How old is Alexandra? I've reconnected with a lot of old music buddies because of this service, people I haven't interacted with in a decade or more, and it's been great. Beat analysis so the head bopping is actually in time with the music :), Stats and Data. I've seen him talk several times (I was even on his diet for awhile). All 3D and rotatable. So I gave it a shot. His thoughts (and financial freedom due to selling Skype) to pursue solutions to this problem led him to want to help solve problems in the existential domain, as in the existence of our species, which led him to wanting to help determine how to make an AGI "do what we want." It's a 501(c)3 non-profit that accepts donations on behalf of the real Petrov who was fired from his job and living near poverty level in Russia. Her efforts (and those of her collected network) allowed her to help save lives in Haiti from her office in Cambridge. He proposes long term thinkers brand themselves as the CL3 Generation where Level 3 denotes not thinking abou the self, the immediate society, but the future society. This Is the Title of This Story, Which Is Also Found Several Times in the Story Itself, See you at the 7: Stories From the Bay Area's Last Original Mile House, a guy that apparently used to be in the same band as Simon, Federal law requires drones to be operated by human pilots with clear line of sight, Eric Cheng's Googly Eyed Affectionate Sharks, on a soldier with massive loss of thigh muscle, "seismic terrestrial effects of the math we're making", used online maps and twitter to quickly find the GPS locations for seven rescue operations in the aftermath of Haiti, accepts donations on behalf of the real Petrov. But I think it was  all accessible with a little more time to process it. He believes the issue is with the terms that represent the fraction of planets that can support life, do support life and eventually support intelligent life. We grow GDP through lots of tricky ways, but actual growth due to innovation has plateued. Rational thought is under attack, we need to "consider Judo." I only grasped probably 1/3 of it, if that much. He even shows the map of this, where most nodes are going to be in the middle of the oceans. Google+ association, so my music loving friends that refuse to join Facebook can come play. Here, watch the results of a practice round, note in the last half you can see the answer sets on the monitor: How to determine what to do with Watson now? I'm sorry. I love checking out the old San Francisco spots that persist through the decades and ha... As an aside, see also this article about the. 1 Overview 1.1 Crash Bandicoot 1.2 Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back 1.3 Crash Bandicoot: Warped 1.4 Crash Team Racing 1.5 … She should have been upfront about not really understanding it, but having researched some interesting anecdotes related to its history and usage. Using mojo, the player can buy upgrades for certain things such as attack, defense, and flick. Room options that can be set by the moderator(s) such as genre (enforceable by id3 tags), a queue for lining up to take open DJ spots, number of songs per DJ before they have to step down (maybe a function of how many DJs in the audience are queued up). This was a tag-team from the folks at Vicarious Systems, a team that grew out of Numenta the company founded by Jef Hawkins and his theories outlined in On Intelligence. They can be of either sex, and different Aku-Aku are associated with particular areas of the Easter Island. Koch and colleagues have worked out an equation that can be used to (possibly, it's still being tested) determine whether or not someone is conscious. Check this out: Less of that, please. Cowen was very articulate and exhibited a rational thought process that I find refreshing. Yang Mulia Bintang Hitam, Aku akan melaporkan niat Kamu ke eselon atas, dan Kamu akan segera menerima balasan. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time; Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled I didn't actually take notes the first day, so my recollections can be a bit sparse there. The Singularity Summit is an annual event put on by the Singularity Institute ("bring[ing] rational analysis and rational strategy to the challenges facing humanity as we develop cognitive technologies that will exceed the current upper bounds on human intelligence"). The thing I overheard people recounting from his talk most often was the concept that as one advancing paradigm of technology runs out, another seems to take its place. Ken Jennings: “The Human Brain in Jeopardy: Computers That 'Think'”, A crowd-pleasing closer where Jennings, the biggest winner in the history of Jeopardy, talks about his experience losing to a computer. The primary failing of financial innovation is the inability to monitor and gauge risk (as opposed to monetary policy like going off the gold standard). Aku Trekker Pro GTX Boots Review. It consists of the guy I get my fish from, Kirk Lombard, and a guy that apparently used to be in the same band as Simon who built our bedroom shelves and dated our daughter's nanny a decade ago, Cary Kirk. This is evolution of Aku Aku Subscribe for more videos! Check it out below. As an aside, see also this article about the "seismic terrestrial effects of the math we're making". It was awesome. I should be able to upload my own PNGs. John Mauldin: “The Endgame Meets The Millennium Wave — Why the Economic Crisis will be History as We Create the Future”. It understands human language. Several millennia after his incarceration, Uka Uka recruited Doctor Cortex to fulfill his desire to enslave humanity, only to ha… I've not only bought music already that I discovered at, but I've even bought tracks in iTunes just to add them to my playlist! The full footage has been donated to the Ace Junkyard documentary in the works called Ace in the Hole. TrackBack (0). With their. He died on April 18, 2002 in Colla Micheri, Liguria, Italy. Royal Liverpool University Hospital Department of Clinical Biochemistry & Metabolic Medicine . Evolution of the Trekker Lite II model, it’s shape inspired by the Tengu Lite model. 2021: long hair on dudes is back in fashion. I'm pretty sure I saw him speak at the Singularity Summit 2007 as well, here's a video from that talk: Max Tegmark: “The Future of Life: a Cosmic Perspective”. Aku Aku v.. To move a tall, flat bottomed object (such as a bookshelf) by swiveling it alternatively on its corners in a "walking" fashion. | To that end he has donated money, involved himself in the research, and use his "street cred" to evangalise the work. This could indicate efficiency and re-use in data processing. AKU is a media group that is tied to eclectic vision (of the IIGS) which is seeking to help transform human consciousness, from within, by making a difference in the world without. The key point of the analysis is that the things that make parents roll their eyes and get annoyed by a children's show are exactly the things that actually work when the goal is matching a child's edu-tainment needs at their stage of development. Because of financial incentives, a lot more human talent is going into ripping each other off rather than advancing humanity as a whole. The primary lesson from this seemed to be: Incentives drive participation. Don't tell the rabid viral marketers, they don't need any more incentive to annoy us. | I'm not going to bother typing up a description of the service as it is ably described here at Signal News, and I'm thinking of writing a more in depth analysis of their engagement mechanics (based on Amy Jo Kim's Smart Gamification patterns), but here is a brain dump: Turntable.FM's vision and execution as been amazing, but I think there is plenty of room in the space for other options.