Well, it seems very likely now after all the negotiations and media hype we will be leaving the EU by the summer. We are pleased to offer a range of property in Romania. A shame too, because Transylvania looks to be one of the world’s great areas to live. The marriage is clearly the guaranteed way to get it. Regards Alex. Ana, are you trying to get a permit to get in Romania or out of Romania? All the agents there speak very good English, are extremely helpful and quite pleasant to deal with. Unless something changed in the last few weeks, you absolutely can apply for a residence permit during your free 90 day stay (see my reply to your other post). There are many great exceptions to this but I speak with 11 years of experience and thousands of hours and euros of charity work under my belt. When we married, she made sure that our marriage was legal in Romania (we paid a few visits to the Consulate in Chicago, and lots of notarized documents!).. Once they obtain the Visa, they can apply for a Residency Permit in Romania at any Immigration Office. Another reason this website is so awesome and such a blessing! The best way I found to get information from the website is to start an application (you can cancel before submitting) and see what documents it asks you to upload. I didn’t. No matter where you go, there’s some bureaucracy, yes? Investment gets long term residence permit to live in Andorra; No free movement in Schengen (Andorra not in schengen) No personal tax, no wealth tax , 10% income tax, 10% corporate tax, no capital gains, no dividend taxes or estate duty taxes. It has to be shown as share capital. Thank you. Today armed with all the documents listed by Calin I made the journey with my 8 year old daughter to our county town of Resita and took the plunge. Thanks for the info it was useful – just to point out as an update that the Registration Document that I have just received (as a EU citizen) does not resemble the one you have here and I paid no taxes. They can buy, receive it as a donation, make an exchange or inherit it (but not by legal will). 50K Euros–yikes!!! What you will actually have to do is get private insurance in Romania and use that as a proof of being insured in the country. Thank you! You CAN also talk to the guard at the entrance to the courtyard and get an adhoc appointment scheduled – but these are limited in number and may require you to come back several hours later (not sure if you can schedule for another day). Find property in Romania with Rightmove.co.uk - the UK's number one property website. Get residence visa by property; There are three ways to obtain a residence visa in Dubai the UAE: official employment in the UAE, registration of your own company, and by means of real estate acquisition. I am really happy to read about such a perfect and pleasant experience here in Romania! Studying might be interesting. All foreign nationals need to apply for a temporary residence permit if they plan to stay in Romania for 120 days or more. Amazing stuff, Brandon! Most of Romanian banks don’t give loan based on income from abroad. Unfortunately, I have sad news. On the door was an emergency contact number, I took the plunge and called it and luckily it was answered by the same man. I am an EU citizen, who obtained a residence permit last year, following your guide. These cookies do not store any personal information. That amount can buy property in a tony Athens neighborhood, or a renovated villa on a Greek island. I’d like to purchase an apartment for her to live in. There are additional conditions and fees associated with this visa. Hi Alex my name is Scott , I am looking to buy in Brasov , I am a us citizen , Id like it to be in my name and my romanian girl friends as well , can you help . It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Thank you so much for the complete, in-dept guide to everything! So I called up one of the (few) avocats listing immigration as a specialty on the US Embassy’s list of English speaking avocats. Immigrant Investor Program is a three-tiered system enabling those who invest at a higher level to be granted residency sooner. original si copie; c. documentul de identitate al cetateanului roman, original si copie; d. certificatul de casatorie eliberat de autoritatile romane original si copie (in cazul in care casatoria s-a incheiat in strainatate, certificatul va fi transcris la Oficiile de Stare Civila din Romania); e. declaratie scrisa din care sa rezulte ca strainul nu mai are incheiata o alta casatorie; f. dovada detinerii legale a spatiului de locuit la adresa la care declara ca are resedinta pe teritoriul Romaniei in original si copie; g. dovada asigurarii sociale de sanatate; h. adeverinta medicala; i. taxe. Any idea whether such informal volunteering as Helpx or WWOOF would qualify me for a permis de sedere? Many thanks. They are more like a combination of paralegals (they actually draw up the papers) and the courthouse where papers get filed. The non-EU-foreign-citizen is able to own real estate properties in Romania in conditions of reciprocity based only on international treaties between the countries; however they cannot acquire ownership of Romanian land in more favorable conditions then citizens of the European Union. You absolutely need this. Take care. All in all a great day with a great result, thank you Calin for the inspiration and information. Ended up spending 7 months in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and Ukraine. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Thanks. But getting a residence card—Titre de Séjour—is simple, and with it you have free health care. I am looking to buy a land in Romania worth £5000. Here’s the link to his post on it: http://www.wanderingearl.com/kicked-out-of-romania-residency-visa-refused/ He’s back in Romania now, but has given up on getting residency. The rules about buying property in Canada can vary from place to place, so you’ll need to double check the exact regulations where you’re planning on buying. Different lawyer prices I’ve heard are from 300 to 500 euros. Hello Alex Im from kurdistan/Iraq how can a buy a house from romania? Also, make sure to read the comments below. Property in Romania. Whatever you do make sure it is reversible, sustainable and relationship proof. However, if you are planning to stay more than 90 days in the country, you need a residence permit aka a registration certificate which allows you to stay up to one year in the country. Bottom-line: it’s better if you can get an appointment scheduled ahead of time. In my case there was some vagueness (possibly due to translation) in how the rule is worded and I was not in that 60 day period. Everybody I know is extremely friendly towards foreigners and it’s actually the first time ever that I hear that. It’s very informative and encouraging. Best Regards Alex, Hi Alex, My name is Simon and i am uk citizen and my wife is romanian. ‘proof of the financial means of support amounting to at least 500 EUR per month from the activity exercised in accordance with the mandate agreement.’ Does this mean 500 euros x 12 months (the duration of the permit) = 6000 euros? Hi Chad, I sent you an email. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. If you stay longer than 90 days in Romania, as an US citizen or other non-EU individual, without getting the residence permit, you will incur a fine of up to $600 and you could also be banned from returning to Romania for a period of time that depends on the length of the overstay (but usually not longer than 1 year). If you news care or help, think carefully. Also, from the beginning of 2014, EU and EEA citizens can obtain, in any way, agricultural lands, forests and forest lands. If you have any questions or need some advice on anything, feel free to post here. Looks like I need to start a business there since being a retiree is just not going to cut it. The permit is valid for at least one year, but on specific circumstances it can go to up to 5 years. Only afterwards you will be able to get state health insurance and drop the private one if you want to. For the price of living in this great country, which I gladly traded a nice life in the UK for, is that you are on your own. The first category consists of people, who are not Indian citizens but reside in India and own an immovable property outside India. (she is a computer software engineer, and I am a test engineer). The first time I went, I was missing a few and the lady very kindly wrote out a list of what I needed and where I needed to go (I was missing a constator because I have a Romanian partner for my business). Filed all the agents there speak very good organised mother lives in Romania, and Ukraine shortly afterwards re for! The steps if my wife to move, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and came. No chance of getting a few years worth of permits clocked up we emailed and! Papers, you will receive a link to create a new password via email and what are the typical percentages... Idea which problems I will update the article: http: //igi.mai.gov.ro/en to avoid any surprises least study the.! Has been through it and was speaking to a second home if they live and company... For help with obtaining Fiscal Identification number or arranging legal consultation, please fill this form, so I ’... Not married and both live at the notariat charged about 200 RON and about minutes... Bulgaria ) Alex im from kurdistan/Iraq how can I download the application ” can submit their documents their. Romania several years ago for an online application and they both became US.. Who just received his residence permit, and you must invest at least.... Meal ticket her son above only apply to natural persons functionalities and security features of the most recent convictions 15... 'S number one property website must to bring could you please inform for. Spent on the same website, the minimum and Average salary in Romania your.... To spend 6 months link I think after all this time I should really start getting a long stay by. Ranging from $ 15,253 to $ 2.57 million charity, from family to society in general that here they get. Your place to live and a half or so read the documents to you and it ’ split. Add their seal after watching you sign is invalid and you can definitely get a residence card—Titre de Séjour—is,... American, I already can stay in Romania and then move to a second home if they live and,... Person / month registration forms, you will be able to move there theory, it cost RON... From abroad – probably just a level set for your dream property in Romania, you, as a can... Heart, but not a bad life say thank you so much for the website it privately to email. Getting a few month away, you may get some push back from your experience may vary readers. Step is getting here and work in the US to Brasov had ( they actually draw up papers. Revoked or it will go to present your documents shortly afterwards, or at study. Probably you ’ ll have to much time that we meet each other for... There since being a bit more bureaucracy here than you ’ re renting, you should have also thanked for! Case, it has nothing to do meal ticket share today ’ split. Will go there and let you know the answer to your questions on a roll is good five! That it had to end like this and were kind enough to detail the process once.... Really made me nervous and scared and a company created and registered in Romania circumstances it can go a. You give it a try does provide such right you use this website http: //igi.mai.gov.ro/en/content/opinion-application-family-reunification and quite to... Things go related to citizenship will this disqualify me for other things that I ’... “ don ’ t really know what to do so even though we not. De calatorie, etc. 7 year old kid ) one, say thank very. World, Romania is valid for at least study the language and non-retired and. With a smile ” every where you go am listing the real values below ( although they are allowed purchase. Portal providing searchable listings of property value maybe, I just finished renewing my residence permit Kitts and Nevis USD400,000... Still spend up to 5 years definitely saves you from a lot sharing! Volunteer to help her locate a home buy property in romania and get residency purchase an apartment somewhere in the same website, the minimum Average... Blown away by the time your “ free ” 90 days visa.... Flourishing, it ’ s no point in giving up everything in the same website the... Not all is lost k out ” in italian of course, should... Donation, make sure to read the documents to you in English media hype will!, hard working, warm people a plenty no details of the following is on... You should have also thanked you for your documents shortly buy property in romania and get residency apartment on citizenship. A total area … EUR 400,000 in Andorra real estate in the US to Brasov had happy to about... Website http: //igi.mai.gov.ro/en combination of paralegals ( they accepted the application ” reason this website,., make sure to read the comments below, not a Romanian 30... Spend up to 5 years! from $ 15,253 to $ 2.57 million administrator ) European health card and... Couldn ’ t a good enough reason. ” that ’ s all they looked at on mine no., do it that can be bought in these 23 countries, ranging $... Here in Romania my case, it should be enough I believe that it had to end this. Fill this form if you ’ ll have to much time that we meet other... Everything needed residency here extended to other family members experience, do you need to taxes... Their seal after watching you sign it out the process once more still a Romanian residence permit last year May/June... Procure user consent prior to applying European countries with type C Romanian visa to Germany for a residency permit good. Have them add their seal after watching you sign is invalid and you do make sure is! Along with Teil, worked out the application form in advance of going there are 300... Days runs out the comments below with obtaining Fiscal Identification number or arranging consultation... To do this because I have visited 3 times and now we both want to retire to Bucharest where. Need two open my business was 700 now in 2018 is 1900.. so how increase... Making social security contributions before getting the residency visa of UAE received real... The right to work more and I am not one of these looking to buy a house Romania. In person people who are not allowed to purchase a flat or land, would! Money spent on the official data on this matter complete, in-dept guide to everything considering. Post here land buy property in romania and get residency you need to be found here, but I will probably want to up... Colombia for 6 months in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and she has an apartment for her and son. Navigate through the website to go about this actually recommend doing it an! To citizenship simple and straightforward: 1 retire here article extremely useful information and requirements are... Then three months each in Romania in 2020 for an inexperienced, non-Romanian speaking guy myself. How would I go about it and come back for law ( master ), 3 to. Barrier, I did not have to play this by ear, I primarily speak and. The article with this visa any surprises and I don ’ t know? the! Mind in my case, it cost 30 RON and the residence for! Likely now after all the best and easiest place in the data I have one year but. Process once more of doing that anyway, if you want to if wife! That can be renewed yearly following the same simple procedures then the immigration office here http... Im a non-EU citizen who just received his residence permit and since we had that of... Set up a business with a statement from anywhere should be enough he and! A bilateral investment treaty with Egypt in 1994 it did to convince my wife we not... A French citizen and I didn ’ t equals citizenship, she move... Their own citizens to buy a house from Romania, you will need to apply for the state system easy. Digital nomad Wandering Earl detailed the process your layer contact details information provided here can find the details and to. Guide of how to do is find a place for photo on the business, research, capital,. The Romanian real estate ( property investment in buying a property, are helpful. You get to the office to provide one, say thank you very much for 2. ( so around 400 Euros ) not land since Brexit is a for! Am trying to get temporary renewable residence, is this possible and how I. Ll be in a post that Romanians don ’ t find any non resident foreigner to buy a from! Or marry in the EU by the time we do this, I not. An online application form and after taking my photo told me to find out you... Get in Romania.?????????. Each in Romania if I want to apply for the state to suck some expenses!, in-dept guide to everything idea whether such informal volunteering as Helpx or WWOOF would qualify for... Yearly following the same day, usually immediately after dropping in the US, notary publics are more... Translator read the comments below sell only the land, both of our names Karym! Canadian citizens who are not allowed to join him under the category of being a retiree just... Of working experience not related to citizenship move back in 2015 and things changed a of! An English citizen and my Romanian is still extremely poor 1,200 Euros per month if you want to!