This is the first online trophy that you’ll earn. And then for ” We Loved Once and True (I, II, III) “– Quest Giver: ML (read letter in Arthur’s tent to start this) in Chapter 2, I didn’t see any letter in Arthur’s tent, do you mind give me more details? What i have to exactly craft for the trophie ” Self Sufficient” ? Red Dead Online: Play 5 Free Roam Events. It’s much easier this way because there is no bounty hunters or lawmen looking for you in New Austin if you don’t have a bounty there. Will it count even if it isn’t showing up? Now there is only a few NPCs in the camp. Man finding the Western Bull is so incredibly annoying. Not necessarily. In the beginning of the game when you enter your first camp. PSN- Smtrophix, I need help with All’s Fair trophy.If there is any one that aldo needs heltp, the can add me fot it. I took an old save of mine and went to the church, walked 5 circles but can’t find sister calderon. Accuracy: need to wait til chapter 4. because of other stuff before. Which I think they are just cant find them. In Online mode, you can find Free Roam missions on the map marked by an orange iconÂ, While in Free Roam, you will randomly get invited to “Free Roam Events” from time to time. For those encounter the same problem, I finally load a previous save (after Jack’s return) and an activity appeared the next day after doing Tilly’s mission, so i was able to unlock the trophy :D. I received collector’s item trophy after catching 13 legendary fish, and after completing catfish quest, so it comes naturally, because you have to catch legendary fish for 100% completion anyway. same… anybody figured out a solution to this? Had no idea! In the stranger quest where you have to find the zebra, tiger, lion.. it turns out the last animal is actually a lion. Absolving doesn’t matter, this is 100% confirmed. This trophy unlocks by doing the Stranger Mission Questline “A Bright Bouncing Boy” given by Marco Dragic in Saint Denis. If it’s true that you need this Honor mission too, I’m gonna jump off a cliff…I’ve just completed all optional honor missions on this list, and the trophy hasn’t popped yet…, Dont absolve the debts ( in any chapter) locks you out of the trophy ” lending a hand “. Will you be doing a challenge guide too or did I miss it somewhere? You can keep track of your trophy progress in Rockstar Social Club! Rockstar threw in 4 missable trophies which are related to your camp from chapter 2 – 4 and for doing all optional (missable) story missions. Finished chapter 5 and trophy didn´t pop, someone know how to fix this? Yes they appeared for their missions during chapter 3 then disappear straight after. they all count. i have one question about trophy Lending a Hand: I am in chapter 2 and i played some story missions but i only unlocked the mission Money “Lending and Other Sins”. Is PowerPyx a team or just one person? I remember doing everything in the game. For example there are like three or four species of squirrels and they all have a separate spot in your compendium. and for people problem try to do hostile territory in the 16 player mode and just keep standing in one zone for the whole game or if you die try to keep going back to a zone of your team and continue standing and defening it as in that game mode the mvp goes to the person who stands the longest in the zones. You don’t have to sell him 20 different items. Is it possible to do all the non missable trophies like skinning all animals after the story? 1. correct, you can also donate 5 x $50 (or whatever other small amounts) Hi can you confirm that money lending and other sins 4 & 5 don’t show up on the mission lists for chapter 3 & 4? I absolved twice, why would you take money from people with no money that got tricked into a loan. I just had him come up to me, Chapter 2 at 9am. After sleeping twice, you must wait 5 minutes (real time) before you can sleep again. I remember doing I and can’t recall doing II (was it a cut scene?) Just try to get the highest overall score to increase the odds. Just a blank spot where it should be. 1- i have lost honor 4 times. Charles isn’t there to hunt. You can buy the 4 cheapest “Kentucky Saddlers” which cost $50 each ($200 total). I just checked my social club for the progress for both trophies and skin deep is at 28% while zoologist is at 29%. Great guide, thank you so much. There’s no medals for it, so it doesn’t log. I’ve had all the debt into the small box at camp. It’s just a dog in a lion costume, not an actual lion. Use of this site is subject to express terms of use. I’ve added it up myself and it only takes 170,425 to reach rank 50. Catch a fish weighing at least 16 lbs (7.3 kg). Hi Having a little trouble with errand boy, I have been given the oregano “quest” but cannot find any, is there a specific spot where I may find some? I had that happen too, legendary animals automatically die if something or someone disturbs your hunting activity, which is stupid. I’ve yet to take one during a mission and I never get a check mark for it even though I’ve seen it come up at least 5 times.