General Counsel NAVIGATOR

Fast-answer solutions designed for the corporate counsel workflow.

Inspired by corporate counsel insights.

General Counsel NAVIGATOR is a ground-breaking workflow solution from Wolters Kluwer, designed from the inspiration of in-depth conversations with corporate counsel. Focused on practical guidance, it provides tools and information specifically tailored to improve the speed and accuracy of your response to daily demands.

Read a recent review of General Counsel NAVIGATOR, as featured in Corporate Counsel and Law Technology News.

Fast answers in one location.

General Counsel NAVIGATOR consolidates a rich set of fast-answer features in one location:

  • Multistate surveys
  • Quick answer resources
  • Comprehensive checklists and forms
  • Easy access to primary law, regulations, and cases
  • News written for corporate counsel

You can easily customize the tool by adding in-depth reference materials and resources related to a specific topic area. We have dozens of content specializations to choose from. Plus, it’s priced competitively based on the number of attorneys in your department.

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