Get it as soon as Mon, Dec 21. I, however, picked Kwikset smartcode 916 as the winner since it is more convenient to use compared to 914 due to additional features such as Secure Screen technology and automatic handing. So if you come home and leave the door open for longer than 30 seconds, the lock will re-lock anyway, requiring you to unlock the Kevo before you can close the door. Russ_Pearlman (Russ Pearlman) 2015-07-25 20:11:03 UTC #1. If you have a Kevo Smart Lock, 2nd Gen, you can activate auto-locking if you turn on dip switch number 4. We challenged locksmiths at the … After comparing Kwikset smartcode 914 vs. 916, I was able to find standard features such as SmartKey security system, auto-lock function as well as the use of Z-wave automation system. Front Cover Interior Assembly Kwikset SmartCode 888 915 916 Lock Satin Nickel. Initiate the Exclusion process at your Z-Wave or ZigBee controller. Any thoughts? According to the security standards set by BHMA, Schlage connect is a Grade 1 deadbolt that contains high-quality materials to offer maximum resistance against all methods of attacks. I would really like to use all the capbilities… Can you help? Luckily, it hasn’t cost me, but others may not be so lucky. Matte Black; Satin Nickel; Polished Chrome; Venetian Bronze; Share this product. Kwikset 99160-021 SmartCode 916 Traditional Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock with SmartKey Security and Z-Wave Plus, Venetian Bronze. The new one also had the same issue. I am trying to write a rule to parse Alarm_Raw notification from Kwikset 916 Lock so I can update the lock status when it is changed via manual or keypad. AU $46.42. It can be convenient, but it will do this no matter what. It can also connect to a smarthome hub via a Z-Wave or ZigBee connection. Using Hubitat C7 with Kwikset 916 Z-Wave Lock, (Generic Z-Wave Lock) and using Lock code manager. ©2018 Spectrum Brands, Inc. Get it as soon as Wed, Sep 30. Kwikset Lock 916 Zigbee Issue. Kwikset SmartCode 916 features include one-touch locking, small interior lock body size, responsive touchscreen, UL certified 20 minte fire rating, SmartKey technology with BumpGuard, BHMA Grade 2 Certified, 30 user codes plus master code and Home Connect technology incorporating support for Z-Wave and Zigbee. Kwikset. With the Kwikset app, control your Kwikset Halo and Aura smart locks directly from your iPhone. If pairing is unsuccessful, follow your system's instructions to remove the lock from the controller and any other network, then press button “A” on the lock one time. So I have a kwickset 916. I have tried adding by just finding a new device and then adding it specifically as a lock. Free postage (Satin Nickel) - Kwikset 663 Security Series One Sided Deadbolt without Back. Free postage. The Locksmith's Choice. I use Samsung smart hub for my home automation and this deadbolt set easily joined my SmartThings hub by a push of a button. We’re using the SmartCode 916 lock, specifically, which comes with a touch screen of sorts that hides the keys until you touch it. Pros . Free … I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to lock the door behind me. 916 Smartcode Contemporary Electronic Deadbolt with Z-Wave Technology. Currently Viewing: Overview. The Kwikset SmartCode 916 is the king of the Kwikset SmartCode series smart locks. The Kwikset 916 uses 4 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) The Kwikset 916 battery life is Up to one year Lock Dimensions 4.3 x 4 x 9.7 inches Lock Weight 3.72 pounds. Slickdeals Forums Hot Deals Kwikset SmartCode 916 Z-Wave Smart Lock with Tustin Lever in Venetian Bronze (Ring and Alexa Compatible) - $149.99 Refer to your control system instructions for more information. tgauchat ( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) August 12, 2015, 8:37pm #4. Kwikset 914 autolock application. Though Kwikset smartcode 916 has numerous features, it falls under the Grade 2 category due to the inclusion of … jkp September 15, 2020, 8:00pm #2. 3 A B The lock jams and the turnpiece does not rotate smoothly. Using Z-Wave or ZigBee protocols, the SmartCode 916 door lock can integrate with a compatible smart home hub or be used as a stand-alone home lock. Enlarge Photo. AU $517.00. What kind of security does the lock offer? AU $122.00. Kwikset smart locks are offered by leading smart home solution providers and security systems. The lock beeps, the Checkmark and Lock symbols alternate flashing, and the door cannot lock. The contemporary design complements homes with a modern décor. Interior View. … FREE Shipping by Amazon. With this deadbolt set now part of my SmartThings devices, I can program in various time to lock and unlock my entry door automatically! $200.97 $ 200. The SmartCode 916 by Kwikset also features my reason for getting this lock set, Z-Wave automation. Lock and unlock your door; manage and schedule user access; view lock activity history to see who came and went; and get the latest software versions to keep your lock up-to-date with the latest features. AU $37.63. For the tech-phobic, Kwikset’s Halo is the simplest yet most complete smart lock available. Wireless Technology: Function: Keyed One Side Finish: Satin Nickel. Everything worked perfect when first paired then the dashboard stopped working would not lock or unlock the lock. 3.8 out of 5 stars 628. Kwikset has finally gotten into the biometrics game with the launch of the Halo Touch smart lock. If I manually lock or unlock the lock it reports immediately to the dashboard and when I use the keypad it reports immediately correctly to the dashboard? Deadbolts: Kwikset Deadbolts Austin Single Cylinder Venetian Bronze Deadbolt . Kevo has an auto-lock feature that automatically locks your door 30 seconds after you unlock it, that way your forgetfulness won’t come around and bite you in the rear end later in. Free postage. Schedules & Automations. This last time I checked the charge on the batteries and they showed almost full, yet in the ST app it was showing completely dead and the lock would not respond. The feature is called Auto-Lock, and it’s actually nothing more than having the Kevo automatically re-lock itself 30 seconds after it unlocks. I have tried deleting, excluding, re-adding with no success. I appreciate any help on this one!! The hole in the door frame for the latch bolt is not drilled deep enough. 97. No luck. History: I had one Kwikset 916 lock & I was using a copy of the Lock Manager which was an older version which was only 2 modules (device type & lock-manager itself)...This lock could be locked/unlocked from the keypad as well as from the SmartThings app...Then I needed to make a few changes to my configuration: Removed current lock from hub thru the app. Carrilf: I would really like to use all the capbilities… Can … However, be aware that while Kwikset smart locks are compatible with the Wink hub, you’ll only be able to lock and unlock it from the Wink app and that’s it. and here is the log: pairing log 1162×430 78.3 KB. It is not recognized as a zigbee lock. Kwikset 99160-021 SmartCode 916 Traditional Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock with SmartKey Security and Z-Wave Plus, Venetian Bronze. Per default, Kevo Smart Lock, 1st Gen will not automatically lock behind you - it will only lock/unlock when touched and a smart device or fob is in range. My husband talked with Abode customer service (very helpful) who sent us a new gateway. Make sure the hole in the door frame is drilled at least 1” (25 mm) deep. I was wrong, its Kwikset zwave Deadbolt 916 lock, has allot of capabilities, but I can only lock and unlock the deadbolt? Jonopo September 14, 2020, 6:10pm #1. 4.0 out of 5 stars 722. Overview Features Support Review Q/A Where to Buy Buy Online. Devices. Z-Wave In order to fully utilize this product, you must have a Hi all, I just recently installed one of the Kwikset 916 locks and after dealing with getting it to work with the User Lock Manager and the new device type, I thought I’d pass along some helpful hints that might help others in the future.