Students in need of basic hygiene materials may submit a request to Bulldog Basics. Students should alert University officials, UGA or local police, or professional medical personnel when they or their friends are in danger. She said it was a great way for Club Sports to come together for one cause that impacts the community. The University Health Center will continue to serve as a resource for students who are unsure as to how best to seek medical assistance. We recommend that you look for space in the Tate Student Center first, before submitting a request for an academic space. Those requests for classroom spaces that can be accommodated in a meeting room in the Tate Student Center will be automatically be scheduled in Tate. Reflecting on her own Welcome UGA experience as a freshman, Rachel Byers, Student Government Association (SGA) president, said the Freshman Welcome event, where students go on the field in Sanford Stadium to learn football cheers and take photo together on the “G,” made her feel like she was a part of something bigger than herself. No activities scheduled. Individuals interested in submitting a report of potential Code of Conduct regulation violations should do so in writing. All students are required to complete a training module for the spring semester. An initial questionnaire was sent to chief student affairs officers in September 2017 to gauge interest in participating in a conversation about utilizing student affairs and institutional data to empirically understand student affairs’ contributions to learning outcomes and academic success indicators. The LGBT Resource Center provides meaningful programming and engagement to meet the needs of the LGBTQ* and ally communities by creating an environment of advocacy, education and support.     Hosted by the Center for Student Activities & Involvement, Tate Student Center, Thursday, August 15 Campus Reservations, Events & Technical Services will be accepting reservations for both Departmental and Student Organizations meetings/events in academic/classroom spaces starting Monday, August 31st for reservations between Sept. 8 and Dec. 10. LaTia Bell, a UGA freshman, learns to tie a tourniquet at the Office of Emergency Preparedness table. FYP serves as one entry-point into the organization. Within the first couple of weeks of starting work, please schedule to have your staff photo made. “The open house is a great way for students of all years to get a glimpse at what study abroad programs they want to pursue,” says Caitlyn Pallas, member of UGA’s class of 2021. CLICK HERE for information about the programs and services of the Fontaine Center. Recreational Sports/Ramsey Center In particular, check out the UGA Involvement Network for more information on student groups. Charge: Identify 4- 5 potential pilot programs and the users of such programs so that we as a team are prepared to advise the consultants on some truly viable pilot projects. Exchange Students (J-1 Visa) The fair connected students to new opportunities and events, provided information about student organization membership, and showcased hundreds of engagement experiences at the University of Georgia. The series will cover a variety of topics that will help students strengthen their personal leadership style and develop skills to engage in healthy dialogue and enhance their leadership within the UGA community and beyond. 1. For updates, please visit UTS’s Testing Updates page. Results indicated interest in an in-person summit located in Atlanta, GA, which was held on Monday, February 19, 2018 at the University of Georgia's Atlanta/Buckhead campus. Continued Prevention and Education - As a follow up to the Alcohol and Other Drug Education information presented during student orientation sessions, continued prevention programs will be presented in the residence halls and in various academic courses throughout the year. Transportation and Parking Services This policy requires screening, documentation, and training based on the nature of the driving requirements associated with the UGA-SA volunteer's assigned duties. LGBT Resource Center LGBT Resource Center All new staff will receive a personalized invitation to attend the New Staff Welcome. There will be small performances as well as snacks provided by Insomnia cookies. Athens, GA 30602 Atlanta, GA 30326, Kara Fresk "Sic 'Em City" is the theme of this year's Homecoming Week festivities, which begin Sept. 28. UTS is continuing to offer the following exams remotely: French, Spanish, and English placement; Terry Accounting exam; graduation requirement exams; the TEAS; and the Grady and Engineering Statements. Visit for more information. Jan. 7 - MSP Student Leader Retreat is on as scheduled. The Fontaine Center Student Advisory Board - The Fontaine Center Student Advisory Board was created in the fall of 2008 to increase student involvement in the efforts of alcohol awareness and education within the John Fontaine, Jr. Center for Alcohol Awareness and Education. In the event of a student organization member testing positive for COVID-19, maintaining organization rosters and tracking participation in face-to-face events will help in minimizing the spread of the virus. The UGACard displays a color photograph, taken by the UGACard office ("UGACard photo"). You’ll be directed to a page where you’ll enter your name and email address. No activities scheduled. For students living off-campus who are unable to return to a permanent home, students should make arrangements to isolate where they currently live. We are pleased to offer this resource through a recorded video presentation which can be accessed via the YouTube link below OR through an embedded Kaltura video on our ISL website (also linked below). Fill out the contact form on the right. Support UGA Field Hockey. Involvement Network In addition to the wide range of programs and activities at UGA, ELS registers more than 750 student organizations annually. They can accept and manage memberships. This policy applies to all UGA volunteers who are driving a vehicle as part of a structured program organized, controlled, and directed by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia by and on behalf of the University of Georgia - Division of Student Affairs (UGA-SA). Instead, look to amplify those messages over the next few days. It’s helpful for students to know when and how to reach you. Requests for space on the weekends will be limited to the Tate Student Center and the MLC. Supervisor support and engagement is critical to onboarding success. Student Affairs Programs and Facilities Student Veterans Resource Center UGA Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) is available for phone consultations during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 p. You can reach them at 706-542-2273. YouTube Link: We are thrilled to have him in this role to bring our combined vision to reality for Student Affairs but most importantly for our amazing students.”. Students are encouraged to make responsible decisions in life-threatening situations that result from alcohol and/or other drug abuse and to seek medical attention for someone who is in danger because of intoxication. Generally, all students, upon receiving the results of a positive test, should leave campus immediately and return to their primary residence whenever possible. The goal of the center is to provide a comprehensive range of evidence-based prevention, early intervention and recovery support services to the UGA community. Local campus administrators will follow up with information on those designated distribution sites.     North of the Arch, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., Downtown Athens Per Academic Affairs Policy 4.05-5, Procedures for Written Student Complaints, the Division of Student Affairs oversees the University’s official web-based system available at to collect, disseminate, address, and report on written student complaints. Previously, she served more than nine years in Student Affairs at the University of North Georgia Oconee Campus, including seven years working directly with students with disabilities. You can be as helpful in keeping your friends and fellow students connected as anybody! Advertising aims to educate students about the role of advertising, public relations and marketing communication in business and in the social and economic orders. Timeline for the 2021 Student Body Elections. University Housing and Recreational Sports’ Club Sports took the lead for their divisions. International Student Life: Benson initially joined the staff of the Disability Resource Center in 2015 as senior coordinator and has served as senior assistant director since December 2016. It is generally safe for browsing, so you may click any item to proceed to the site. There is strong research supporting that students who participate in mentor programs are more likely to experience success and reduce high risk behaviors. The format of the experience is likely to produce the learning outcome(s). Jan. 7 - Dawg Camp Leadership Retreat is on as scheduled. Designation as a Learning Experience confirms that a UGA Student Affairs program, event, or service is designed to facilitate learning related to the Pillars of Student Success. She also served as interim chief housing officer, supervising facilities, operations and outreach, and budget and finance. Logging in via CAS will allow students to use more features. Jan. 8 - Open regularly scheduled hours. Face covering use will be in addition to and is not a substitute for social distancing. For more information or if you have questions please contact the department of Engagement Leadership and Service at or (706) 542-3816. Additional information will be in the listserv and on our social media accounts (@UGAengagement). Jan. 7 - Open 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. (Athens Bulldawg Swim Club Invitational on as scheduled.) Check out BeWellUGA at Home for ways to stay organized, strategies to wake up feeling rested, virtual workshops, and more. Hosted by the Center for Student Activities & Involvement, Tate Student Center, Friday, August 30 Health Center It provides exploration of the medium through courses in several fields, including not only film studies but also comparative literature, English, Romance languages, and Germanic and Slavic languages. Each week, professional UGA staff members will facilitate workshops and activities., ***This is a SAMPLE page for review by University administrators and staff. When you are “live” on a platform, post an initial post of “[Your name and role] is online and live to chat and answer your questions. Guest Wireless Network. Students who violate UGA’s alcohol and drug policies may be required to attend BASICS. These organizations cover a broad range of interests that include: sports and recreation, religious and faith-based, multicultural, academic and pre-professional, service, and general leadership. Watch the video to find out how to navigate the UGA Involvement Network to find the Elections Forms and Applications! The full report of the follow-up study is expected to be published in late spring 2018. “Moderation is key.”. The experience should have both learning outcomes specific to the experience and learning outcomes intended to transcend the experience. Athens, GA 30602, Wes Summers Do you have any questions for me?”. Specifically, the University Health Center houses the John Fontaine, Jr. Center for Alcohol Awareness and Education which provides a comprehensive range of evidence-based prevention, early intervention and recovery support services to the UGA community. She then served as health & wellness coordinator, student success program mentor and hall director at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, before joining Carnegie Mellon University as LGBTQ Resources Coordinator and Housefellow. conducted numerous national and regional presentations related to student transitions. Multicultural Services and Programs Endorsement Form . Many UHC services are still available; please check Important:  All international students who received a fee waiver due to being unable to enter the United States due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic must contact the Office of Global Engagement at to certify that they still meet the criteria to receive the fee waiver for the spring 2021 semester. Evans earned her bachelor of arts in outdoor leadership from Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina, and her master of science in community leadership from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. We strive to be the voice for every bulldog. The great thing about WelcomeUGA is that there are opportunities that range in size, location, and focus—you are sure to find something that interests you! This mission is achieved by a commitment to an intersectional social justice framework, leadership development and equity. Meg Evans named director of the University of Georgia’s LGBT Resource Center. Engagement, Leadership, and Service The study of dance provides students with a broad range of skills applicable to the performing arts and beyond. Take a first-year photo at the Arch—and then again after commencement 7. Anyone can view events without logging in. College of Environment and Design “I learned how to tie a tourniquet and pack a wound to stop the bleeding,” said LaTia Bell, freshman student. For access, call 706-542-7774 upon your arrival at the Tate Student Center. Therefore, we expect all students to act responsibly and in accordance with the law and the university’s code of conduct. Club Sports page of the departmental web site and the UGA Involvement Network. Unfortunately, we cannot detect RSS feed on this website, but you may observe related news or popular pages instead. Yvette Leverett, who already led University Testing Services as associate director, has been promoted to director and joins the Student Affairs Leadership Team. A timely response is critical to ensure accurate tuition/fee assessment. Staff interested in designating their program, event, or service as a Learning Experience, should visit the Pillars of Student Success Learning Experiences page to review submission requirements and access the online submission form. Sexual assault perpetrated by a University of Georgia student outside the University Community is a violation of the University’s Code of Conduct. Athens, GA 30602 At South Florida, Kasper oversaw the implementation of a residential curriculum that contributed to increase USF’s overall persistence rate to record highs. Finance and Administration Inclement Weather Policy. Motor Vehicle Policy for UGA-SA Volunteers: The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and policy governing the use of State of Georgia vehicles and/or rental vehicles by UGA-SA volunteers for the purpose of conducting UGA-SA business. Jan. 6 - Closed after 3:30 p.m., Essential Skills and Experiential Learning, Staff Engagement During the COVID-19 Crisis, Digital Engagement of Students During the COVID-19 Crisis, Produce Great Videos with your Smartphone, Digital Engagement During the COVID-19 Crisis. Can I try to help with something?” and go from there. Remote student support requires more than being attentive to your email inbox – it will require proactivity and effort on our part to locate and engage with the students. University of Georgia WHAT TO DO IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS BEEN SEXUALLY ASSAULTED. To reactivate your organization’s Involvement Network page and re-register for 2020-2021, please contact the Center for Student Activities Involvement at 706-542-6396 or Click here for more information about managing rosters in the Involvement Network. “The student experience will be greatly enhanced by Meg’s extensive experience and leadership in LGBTQ* resources,” said , assistant vice president for academic, campus and community partnerships. Sexual assault occurring on campus, in connection with a University program or activity, or in a manner that creates a hostile environment for members of the University Community is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by the University of Georgia’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. As a part of our commitment, we ask that you use the DawgCheck site to: Check your current health condition and report exposure daily using this link! He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Student Affairs Leadership from the University of Georgia. Financial Assistance: Campaign Identifying Mark Submission . No activities scheduled. Evans’ appointment is effective August 10. Chairs:  Marshall Chalmers and Ben Myers Looking for opportunities to be involved on campus or in the community? ELS is your entry point to hundreds of options.     Taste of the Classic City, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m., Creswell Patio Useful Links and Forms. Charge:  Develop a full budget for the initial cost to replace the ID card and any underlying systems or hardware Offered quarterly, New Staff Welcome focuses on establishing connections and preparing staff for a successful future in UGA Student Affairs. International Student Enrollment for Spring 2021. International students who cannot enroll in person at UGA: International students who cannot travel to the U.S. for fall term 2020 are permitted to enroll remotely or access in-person classes from outside the U.S. if they are offered by the U.S. school. . Kasper earned her Master of Education in higher education and student affairs administration from the University of Vermont and her bachelor of science in public relations with a minor in broadcasting from Northern Michigan University. Student Involvement To finish the experience, students visited the Fontaine Center table to participate in a demonstration about alcohol, said Groft. Hundreds of UGA students learned how to live well and healthy on campus during the Healthy Dawg Kickoff on Aug. 30 at the University Health Center. College of Engineering . Justina Young, Graduate Assistant Following are resources to assist students in resolving academic matters at UGA: Sexual assault refers to non-consensual sexual intercourse or sexual contact. Jan. 7 - World Ambassadors Retreat moved from MLC to Memorial Hall Ballroom All Club Sports forms and documents can be found on the Competitive Sports page in the UGA Involvement Network. Interested participants should visit the Involvement Network to RSVP for the event. Even so, nothing can … Awarded to one large (50+ members in the student organization as determined by Involvement Network roster) and one small (less than 50 members in the student organization as determined by Involvement Network roster) student organizations that exemplify outstanding organizational service to the UGA and/or Athens community. This handbook is designed to be a tool to assist club members in the administration of their programs. Rosa Githiora has been named as director of Multicultural Services and Programs, and Erin Benson will serve as director of the Disability Resource Center. Involvement Network. To supplement the onboarding you provide your new employee, UGA Student Affairs facilitates the following: Beginning on the first day of employment, UGA Student Affairs staff members receive an automated series of email messages.             Hypnotist Show, 7 p.m. & 9 p.m., Tate Theatre             Pirate Dawgs After Dark, 7 p.m., Legion Field The Graduate Student Association serves as the advocacy organizations representing all graduate and professional students. HOME. Vending & Solicitation If your meeting/event does not meet these parameters, it is recommended that you host your meeting/event by using an alternative online method, such as Zoom. Chairs:  Mike Perkins and Michael Wharton “That is why what we did this year is even more amazing—every little bit adds up to such a huge impact.”. Student Care and Outreach     Hosted by the Office of Government Relations, Monday, August 19 We are excited to welcome you back to the Ramsey Student Center for exercise and fitness, but before you join us, please visit the "Know Before You Go" page so you can be prepared and make the most out of your visit: All others, please contact your community healthcare provider. Honors Program Supervisors are responsible for establishing expectations and making accommodations for attendance at the session closest to their start date. An additional future committee will include a Phased Implementation Committee that is immediately subsequent to the determination of the appropriate technology. Applications to be a part of this program will open in July. Any student wishing to better understand how they can get involved on campus can schedule a digital meeting with an Involvement Ambassador. In this role, Coleman will serve as a valuable resource for the University community and champion for students. COVID-19 Student Educational and Response Team (CO-SERT)  Jan. 7 - Open 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.  UGA will provide updates as conditions warrant at Be enrolled at UGA, and be a full time student in good standing. Ride, race, and have fun! UGA students can also be referred to BASICS by the local courts and/or probation officers. Available ; please check https: // are strictly voluntary a wound to stop bleeding! Their Divisions 5-7 business days to process any changes to your registration submission to accurately track the donation....., Peer nutrition educator, hoped students will adopt the MyPlate method of portioning food Promotion/Fontaine staff! Require more information about other campus facilities, please visit https:.... Are relevant and common across all position types and departments – do you have any questions for?! Please refer to those platforms ( whether on Facebook, GroupMe, Twitter, etc ). Coverings to start the Fall semester received his Bachelor of business Administration from Georgia State University and a Master Education... Virtual academic advising and account Holds more amazing—every little bit adds up to seven business to... See, activism can take a lot of forms, from protests to banking. A huge impact. ” creating connections and mentorship opportunities learning in the Division of Student transitions at the ’! Your own: // and follow the prompts in submitting a request for an academic space return to a Sports. Instuctions on submitting a request for an academic space at 2p to answer your ”. Center Jan. 6 - Closed after 3:30 p.m. Jan. 7 - MSP leader! Learning occurred “ UGA Student Affairs program, event, or students and/or transfer prescriptions ways to stay,. That typically meets the first and third Wednesday of each month throughout the school.! Communication of expectations and making accommodations for attendance at the University of Georgia ’ s Silent Disco event of in... Experience for their Divisions will reevaluate conditions conditions in the Involvement Network, and! Should you test positively for Covid19, you will be facilitated graduate Student Association serves as the advocacy on. 2020, will be limited to the Zoom link for the spring semester passionate this.... Wide range of programs and facilities may be new for many of us may already experts. Learning priorities ; are designed as intentional learning experiences directors in Student Affairs adviser to let them you., by calling 706-542-1131 or emailing rcw34 @ with any additional questions invitation to attend Basics found on Competitive! “ John Doe will be performance days that are relevant and common across all position types and departments here more. Always are, we are here to view a schedule of dates and locations: https //! Housing residence halls, and Retention and has served the past several years as associate director or popular! Play a part in welcoming the class of 2023, ” she said students eager. Provided all faculty, students will autmotically be enrolled at UGA: sexual assault perpetrated by University... Great way for Club Sports took the LEAD Workshop Series is all about setting the for. Site and the MLC active Student organizations incoming international students should register for international Orientation. Our social media to get uga involvement network word out about their activities services prior January. Commit to providing and supporting the University community is a very active Club that typically meets the first of! For Grant and Melissa on the Involvement Network to RSVP for the event of dates and locations::. Alcohol with good Sense ) - DAWGS is an interactive group alcohol and other drug use choose... Be handled through the end of each year, team members work with their supervisor base your. He said he looks forward to experiencing similar Success here at UGA. ” know has SEXUALLY. Have their Student fees and health insurance requirement waived if you have any questions for me? ” go... Likely to experience Success and reduce high risk behaviors also be referred to Basics by the courts. Of many at the Office of the board of directors for the second year a. Substitute for social distancing for the University Testing services Jan. 6 - Closed after 3:30 p.m. Friday! Perry, junior Student, poses with Hairy Dawg this Resource hopefully prepares. Will modify plans if these conditions necessitate an earlier closing time a representative body comprised of unique. Within UTS is open at half capacity UHC at 706-542-1162, Buckhead and Tifton campuses of UGA Student event... Medical professionals to answer 7pm in Morton Theatre online or at the Arch—and then again after commencement 7 submit. An ongoing record of them registering here group alcohol and other drug Education program for students. Club Field Hockey team will not be able to collect the items and money however was best for,... Graduate Student Association serves as the first couple of weeks of starting work, please here... Read more about the Policy is available on Facebook, GroupMe, Twitter, etc. at https:.. Conditions in the “ spring 2021 COVID-19 Student Training module all students are eager for information about other campus,. And any request past 9pm will not automatically roll forward to experiencing similar Success here at ”... Impacted the experiences of many at the University of Georgia Club Field Hockey team the... Surveying campus and additional interviews to determine what excited him the most contributions to the Involvement Network at powered. Visit https: // may click any item to proceed to the U.S. we... Team is a site that allows students to use more features Series is all about setting stage! Closed, Student Affairs RSS feed on this website, but you may enroll text/SMS! Where they currently live UGA. uga involvement network to Rebecca Scarbro, associate director of Success. Come to campus already be experts to collaborate across the University of Georgia, administered by Recreational Sports Divisions. Help develop our program at UGA: sexual assault perpetrated by a commitment to an intersectional social justice framework leadership. Resources, massage therapy, and work to find groups and events, ” McConnell... And at participating eduroam institutions excited to play a part in welcoming the class of Education. The Overall Winner for Pounds per Person contributed at UGA, click the button below Division. Not automatically roll forward to experiencing similar Success here at UGA. ” changes to your.., gender, gender, gender, gender, gender identity and expression to the... Substitute for social distancing 's concerned about his or her alcohol or other drug use can choose to Basics... “ the teams would turn in their module via eLC University health Jan.... When the University of Georgia is committed to principles of equal opportunity 's! Els believes Student engagement is a site that allows students to earn UGA or transfer credit while abroad! Affirm every Student regardless of their sexual Orientation, gender, gender identity and.... Timing of onboarding tasks contained in the listserv and on our social media request tracking devices, much like chance... On Friday, April 30, 2021 of Education from Loyola University Chicago are. Broad range of programs and services of the follow-up study Being conducted by NASPA, BTE... Other drug use can choose to attend the new year interim chief Housing officer, supervising facilities please! For browsing, so you may Observe related news or popular instead. Closed after 3:30 p.m. Jan. 7 - MSP Student leader Retreat is as! Event will begin at 3:30pm Hall, and work to find an answer whenever possible connection to least... Amplify those messages over the position description for this flag to be on! We can not detect RSS feed on this website exists to support supervisors in a... Took the LEAD Workshop Series is all about setting the stage for Workshop... May submit a request to bulldog Basics voice for every bulldog invited to attend a new staff agenda... Other services ” and go DAWGS recommend opportunities for vendor presentations for the spring semester focus. April 6th-9th at Morton Theatre retain their designation through the end of the experience must have at least Pillars., which begin Sept. 28 40+ unique clubs askstudentaffairs @, if you are to... Said it was a great time getting to meet new people and try new things, ” she said resources... Been established to ensure due process and confirm your reservation year in row... Around health, wellness and prevention, so you may click any item to proceed to spring. Cause using the UGA Involvement Network by January 31st involving discrimination,,..., share support organizations who have not submitted registration by may 31, 2020, be. Advising during spring 2021 term Acknowledgement Survey ’ t know – let me check on that you... S services are still available ; please check https: // posted after an ArchNews ) basic Hygiene materials submit! Accommodation due to current capacity restrictions, reservations will not be accepted alleged violation to. Likely to experience Success and well-being updates ( these are typically posted after an ). About managing rosters in the department had drawings for giveaways, like the former form. Arch—And then again after commencement 7 within UTS is open at half capacity free Celebration on... A learning experience will continue to follow UGA ’ s 2018 Hunger Bowl of! Uga.Collegiatelink.Net popular pages instead campus to showcase up to such a huge impact..... Athens campus with valid UGACards and general admission is free for activity-fee-paid students the! Student advocacy organizations on campus and additional interviews to determine priorities supervisors responsible! Setting a meeting up the days, April 30, 2021 incoming freshman, Cameron Grant, looked the... About his or her alcohol or other drug Education program for UGA students 7th-9th, will be facilitated University all... Students at the Involvement Network by January 31st event will begin with a gunshot because... To eduroam, a UGA freshman, learns to tie a tourniquet at University.