Keep up with all MAC Jurisdictions simply

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Your MediRegs subscription includes access to all 50 states. This article explains how to configure "My Libraries" on your MediRegs subscription so that the Coverage tab reflects your preferences, and so that your daily e-mail alerts are smaller.

Question: How can I monitor all the MACs without having to look at 50 states?

A number of smart LCD/MAC Policy users have asked for an easy way to tailor the product to automatically search just one state/data set for each payer, or to receive weekly alerts for their favorite payer(s) about new policies. This article contains simple instructions to make the LCDs work for you.

Log In, go to My Libraries, and expand the Coverage Section. Uncheck everything, and check back on the National section, and then these these states:

  • Colorado (JH) Novitas
  • Connecticut (JK) NGS
  • Florida (JN) FCSO
  • Georgia (JJ) Cahaba
  • Idaho (JF) Noridian
  • Kansas (J5) WPSIC
  • Michigan (J8) WPSIC
  • Minnesota (J6) NGS
  • Nevada (JE) Noridian
  • North Carolina (JM) Palmetto
  • Ohio (J15) CGSA
  • Pennsylvania (JL) Novitas

To see an updated MAC jurisdiction map, visit CMS' page here: