Keep up with all MAC Jurisdictions simply

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Your MediRegs subscription includes access to all 50 states. This article explains how to Tailor Your Page to reduce clutter in your daily alerts AND keep up with all of the Medicare Administrative Contractors at once.

Question: How can I monitor all the MACs without having to look at 50 states?

A number of smart LCD/MAC Policy users have asked for an easy way to tailor the product to automatically search just one state/data set for each payer, or to receive weekly alerts for their favorite payer(s) about new policies. This article contains simple instructions to make the LCDs work for you.

Quick Instructions

Log In, go to Settings, click on Tailor Page, and turn ON these states:

  • Colorado (JH)
  • Connecticut (JK)
  • Florida (JN)
  • Georgia (JJ)
  • Idaho (JF)
  • Kansas (J5)
  • Michigan (J8)
  • Minnesota (J6)
  • Nevada (JE)
  • North Carolina (J11)
  • Ohio (J15)
  • Pennsylvania (JL)


The MediRegs Compliance Suite and Coding Suite products include Local Coverage Determinations, Coverage Articles and Bulletins for all Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) in the country. The LCDs and articles are updated weekly from the central CMS database, and the bulletins are updated at least monthly directly from the Medicare Administrative Contractor Websites.

You can "tailor" your product to include the payers you need, watch the Daily E-Mail Alerts for updates, and even set up personalized Stored Searches to get alerts when new policies appear.

Tailor for 1 state from each Medicare Administrative Contractor

Each payer has jurisdiction over multiple states, and the policies published within a jurisdiction are essentially identical with minor state variations. If you have all states turned on, you'll notice a lot of redundant hits; this is simple to fix with creative tailoring.

1 - Examine the CMS MAC Jurisdiction Map and choose a state in each region. (

2 - Tailor your page to include that payer/state. Turn OFF the other states in that region.

3 - You now have daily alerts and LCD search set up to monitor one data set from each Jurisdiction! Note that CMS originally intended to have 15 Jurisdictions and the assignment has been in flux. Here is a suggested tailoring, where one representative state is listed for each Jurisdiction.

As of February 2014, here is the updated MAC Jurisdiction list:

  • JE (formerly J1) - Noridian Administration Services (covers CA, NV, AS, GU, HI, CNMI) - Nevada
  • JF (formerly J2 & J3) Noridian Administration Services (covers AK, ID, OR, WA & AZ, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY) - Idaho
  • JH - (formerly J4 & J7) Novitas Solutions, Inc (covers CO, MS, NM, OK, TX & AR, LA, MS) - Colorado
  • J5 - Wisconsin Physician Service (covers IA, KS, MO, NE) - Kansas
  • J6 - National Government Services (covers IL, MN, WI) - Minnesota
  • J8 - Wisconsin Physician Service (covers IN, MI) - Michigan
  • JN (Formerly J9) - First Coast Service Options (covers FL, PR, USVI) - Florida
  • JJ (Formerly J10 - Cahaba GBA (covers AL, GA, TN) - Georgia
  • J11 - Palmetto GBA (covers NC, SC, VA, WV) - North Carolina
  • JL - (formerly J12) Novitas Solutions (covers DC, DE, MD, NJ, PA) - Pennsylvania (but Maryland and DC may have special rules)
  • JK - (formerly J13 & J14) - National Government Services (covers CT, NY & MA, ME, VT, RI) - Connecticut
  • J15 - CGS Administrators (covers KY, OH) - Ohio

Checking for Weekly Policy Updates from a specific payer

Since we update the LCD policies weekly, you can either bookmark and click on your bookmark weekly, or set up a stored search alert to get the new policies e-mailed to you.