Coding is easier with electronic references

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Every day, I hear from clients who are frustrated by having to access so many different references, including payer websites, encoders, paper references, and the government websites. It is always rewarding to train new users on the Coding Suite, seeing the “Aha!” moments when they realize that they can get all of the information they need in one source.

I’ve been especially pleased to show off our new electronic procedure codebook. This newly enhanced offering makes it easy for health care professionals to understand coding and Medicare by combining CPT®, Level II HCPCS, and ADA CDT® code sets and organizing them into topic chapters. It acts like an electronic catalog, by providing deep details for every code, including:

  • Comprehensive AMA CPT® coding instructions
    • Chapter and Section Guidelines
    • Parentheticals
  • SnoMed terminology

And then, we go way beyond coding and clinical terminology with additional payment and code edit details on each code page:

  • Medicare national payment rates and claims indicators for: 
    • Outpatient PPS (APC) payment
    • Physician Fee Schedule (by RVU) payment
    • Ambulatory Surgery Fee Schedule
    • Durable Medical Equipment Fee Schedule
  • Instant links to related information, including applicable modifiers, NCCI edits, and laboratory fee schedule
  • Special index files for Medicare fee schedules and edits

And because this content is available electronically, it is updated automatically every quarter and integrates with our Code Explorer research tool. Any time we change the book, we’ll put a helpful “Updates and Changes Report” in the daily e-mail alert. Our design for updates specifies that new information will be added to the existing page, so users who have created bookmarks don’t need to move them when the new quarterly or yearly updates roll around.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this new resource, please sign up for a free coding tools training session today! Contact your account manager or