Be There or Be Square: HCCA's Annual Compliance Institute

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HCCA's Annual Compliance Institute is just 25 days away! I attend the Compliance Institute every year, but this year I am really looking forward to it. Part of my eagerness is motivated by the fact that I write this from the greater Boston area. This has been a really rough winter for even the heartiest of New Englanders and it just seems as though there is no end in sight. It is a cold 21 degrees today. Brrrrr!  Lake Buena Vista, Florida - where this year's Compliance Institute is being held is projected to have a high in the mid-eighties today.  I'll take it!

But there are other, more substantive, reasons that I look forward to the Compliance Institute.  First, I have a great time talking with all of our customers - hearing about how our solutions help them solve problems every day and about how we can further improve our products.  These discussions really push our development efforts.  A second reason I look forward to the Compliance Institute are the sessions - and this year, they are jam packed with good stuff.

As you may know, the Compliance Institute has learning tracks you can follow (e.g. Privacy & Security, Physician Compliance, Quality of Care, etc.).  This year, HCCA has added a new track: Internal Audit.  In this track you can "[i]ncrease your understanding and approach to healthcare internal audit."  The track is:

Designed to increase awareness of audit opportunities in the healthcare compliance arena as well as provide tools and techniques to aide you in your audits, this track is loaded with useful information to jump-start your audit efforts. Experienced professionals will present their approach to address key audit areas in the healthcare industry.

I know I will be sitting in on at least one of the sessions in this new track, so look for me... I will be in my capri pants and sandals!

To find out more about the Compliance Institute, visit their site: