Maintaining Accreditation

Maintaining accreditation requires constant and active adherence to a wide array of laws, regulations and rules from federal, state and accreditation bodies.  The following problems are just a few of the areas where our customers utilize the Accreditation Suite in their day-to-day workflow:

Problem: I spend hours cross-referencing manuals and keeping up with all the various regulatory requirements. It would be nice to have a custom matrix/crosswalk of the information I need.

Solution: ECM Plus. ECM Plus has up-to-date crosswalks of The Joint Commission standards and EPs to related CoPs and state regulations. There's also a What's New function that's updated daily and can be tailored specifically to your area(s) of interest and sent directly to your email inbox. 

Problem: I have a small compliance department and am inundated with information. We have a small budget and can't afford to send everyone to seminars. People come to me with questions regarding standards. Is there something that can help me help them? 

Solution: JCAccess. With hundreds of hospital accreditation resources searchable by manual chapter, standard number, topic, or challenging standards, you'll be able to easily answer their questions and email them supporting resources--an ideal way to drive discussions or lunch-and-learn sessions. 

Problem: Every day I worry that CMS and state agency surveyors will show up at our facility. Is there a tool to help educate our team and stay prepared?

Solution: CMSAccess. With detailed checklists, timelines, forms, and education modules that can be downloaded, printed, emailed, and customized; everyone will be more prepared and informed.

If these or related issues resonate with you and your day-to-day issues and activities, you should have the insight and workflow tools you need to proactively manage your accreditation program.

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