MS-DRG Grouper and Calculator

Our new and improved provider-specific MS-DRG Grouper and Calculator, powered by New Health Analytics, demonstrates MS-DRG grouping and payment logic under the Inpatient Prospective Payment System, and now includes an integrated grouper, batch grouping capability, and the ability to show/hide payment information.

Integrated into all of our mid- to top-tiered Coding and Compliance Suite solutions, this tool demystifies payment under IPPS, and helps you understand and compare payment for different MS-DRGs or for the same MS-DRG over time. A stand-alone ICD-9 grouper will now be available in our Coder's Resource Center—Student Edition.

Multi-function Grouper simulates inpatient claims, groups to the MS-DRG from ICD-9-CM codes

  • Easy data-entry screen for one claim at a time
  • Batch upload capability to group up to two hundred claims instantly
  • Ability to use the grouper as a stand-alone tool, or integrate directly with the calculator
  • Detailed on-screen reporting shows data validation edits, MCE edits, code descriptions and details

Accurate MS-DRG Calculator with multiple input and output options

  • Calculate payment for one to hundreds of MS-DRGs
  • Get provider-specific payment adjustments or reference national unadjusted rates
  • Detailed on-screen reporting shows provider, MS-DRG and calculation details

Simple to use lookup tools

  • MS-DRG and/or MDC “look-up” by keyword
  • Provider “look-up” by name, ID or address

Enhanced user tools

  • Export reports to PDF and Excel
  • Bookmark to save your favorite searches