Inpatient MS-DRG Code Set

The Coding Suite Inpatient MS-DRG Code Set's chapters are organized by Major Diagnostic Category (MDC), making it easy to understand coding and payment rules for inpatients. The primary source for MS-DRG information is the Table 5 published each year in the IPPS Final Rule.

Exclusive Features

The Inpatient MS-DRG Code Set is the only E-Code Set that:

  • Integrates with Coding Suite ICD-9-CM E-CodeBook and provider-specific MS-DRG Calculator
  • Integrates with Medicare regulatory information
  • Automatically updates
  • Links to CMS Manuals, regulatory resources, etc., through its Related Documents feature

Additional Features

  • Current year and historical national payment information for all major diagnostic categories billable under the Inpatient Prospective Payment System
  • Payment information for Inpatient and LTCH MS-DRGs
  • Special flags for Post-Acute-Care and Special-Payment MS-DRGs
  • Crosswalk to v25 CMS DRGs
  • Organized by Major Diagnostic Category
  • Glossary of Medicare terminology
  • Update and Changes Report to clarify quarterly updates from Medicare with downloadable archives
  • Detailed, easy to navigate table of contents
  • Search and Browse features to easily locate relevant information

Additional Information

  • Each detail page has summary information from Table 5 and also includes:
    • Archived year information
    • Several helpful crosswalks
  • The Related Codes section includes:
    • MS-DRGs that are similar in grouping logic
    • Primary diagnosis codes that can group to the given Medical MS-DRG
    • Crosswalks from v24 to v25 to map the MS-DRG number to the DRG number from the system that was in place before FY 2008.

Data Source

  • Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Inpatient PPS Table 5 and related data