ComplyTrack Documents & Policies

Create, manage, and distribute strictly controlled documentation

Combined with the powerful and flexible ComplyTrack platform, the Documents & Policies workflow allows organizations to create, manage and store any documents important to a health care organization, such as policies and procedures, plans, contracts, incident forms, correspondence, and any other documents that represent evidence — a cornerstone of any effective risk and compliance program.

The built-in content versioning system eliminates document distortion that can be the result of multiple editors. The cooperative document management system allows for check-in and check-out features across departments without compromising data integrity. No matter how many editors are involved in the process, your documents will remain relevant and up-to-date.

Know your regulatory stance

  • Maintain strict document-version fidelity with version control, revision control, and archiving capabilities.
  • Give your employees access to the documents and policies they need across the enterprise with a companion portal for published documents.
  • Ensure that only authorized users view, edit, and create documents using the multilevel security controls to easily grant or suspend access to users at any time and assign editorial control based on editorial group, department, and user-defined roles.

Make the right decisions at the right time

  • Create a new document, design a new template for your specific document needs, make changes to current policies or templates, or archive a policy that is no longer relevant—all from one simple-to-use web-based Software as a Service.
  • Create standard style sheets for any type of document—from compliance plans, to policies and procedures, to mail-merging templates.
  • Customize documents using a simple drag-and-drop approach for adding, removing, and reconfiguring document structures.

Get the information you need, when you need it

  • Edit document text with a familiar word-processing interface, edit section notes and insert links to external documents.
  • Keep editorial teams in the document creation workflow with built-in e-mail reminders.
  • Integrate with ComplyTrack Surveys for easy and secure distribution of documents to employees, vendors, and consultants to ensure certification and attestation.

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