ComplyTrack Incident Reporting

Effectively manage the entire incident life cycle with the flexibility of ComplyTrack Incident Reporting

Combined with the powerful ComplyTrack platform, the Incident Reporting workflow gives you proactive control over the management of incidents through to resolution combined with the clear visibility needed to mitigate vulnerabilities and reduce damage. Report issues, incidents or concerns from anywhere at any time securely with this flexible, customizable software solution.

Know your regulatory stance

  • Customizable incident intake forms ensure you collect the actionable data you need to remain proactive.
  • Easily and securely report new incidents and get full visibility into all reported incidents.
  • Customize mandatory fields to ensure complete data collection.

Make the right decisions at the right time

  • Create robust and detailed reports in real time to easily identify and mitigate threats to the enterprise.
  • By accommodating breach and IT incident reports, this workflow assists in collecting, classifying and properly using incident data.
  • Combines seamlessly with the Issues & Investigations workflow to track and manage incidents through to resolution.

Get the information you need, when you need it

  • Web-based Software as a Service solution enables any employee instant access to securely report any incident from anywhere and even supports anonymous submissions.
  • Offer round-the-clock, worldwide incident submission, including anonymous submission, across your entire enterprise.

Know. Right. Now.

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