ComplyTrack Issues & Investigations

Securely track and manage issues and investigations across your enterprise

Combined with the powerful and flexible ComplyTrack platform, the Issues & Investigations workflow gives you unprecedented visibility into and precise control over critical issues across your entire enterprise. Manage any activity, event, issue or investigation related to your organization’s compliance, audit and risk activities from one central location.

Know your organization is on track

  • Elevate the data from the day-to-day management of your compliance program into real-time, actionable information.
  • Access all the information surrounding a compliance issue from the time it is initially reported to the time it is resolved in one place.
  • Manage overall compliance functions across your entire enterprise from one secure and readily accessible workspace.
  • Track trends and report on the effectiveness of your compliance program.
  • Maintain a consistent record of safety and security reviews, training and education programs, and financial controls across each phase of identification, reporting, investigation and resolution, including follow-up education and audits.

Make the right decisions at the right time

  • Use the robust reporting in the ComplyTrack Issues & Investigations workflow to precisely track critical issues—from identification through mediation building to continuous improvement.
  • Track recurring events like weekly orientation, quarterly committee meetings and monthly internal audits of medical records, complete with attached documentation such as attendance rosters, meeting minutes, audit worksheets, etc.
  • Manage both internal and external audits efficiently and effectively with secure centralized documentation.
  • Ensure proper follow up of discussion items, external audits and reviews by documenting minutes of board and committee meetings in a central location.
  • Track time-sensitive institutional review-board queries, specific grants and trials, and other research initiatives.

Get the information you need, when you need it

  • Web-based Software as a Service solution enables every employee instant access to report any issue or answer any investigation or audit from anywhere.
  • Distribute regulatory materials and assign tasks relating to required regulatory action, then track those activities through to completion.
  • Track the completion of corrective action plans resulting from audits and assessments.
  • Create concise and precise reports in real time, by role, to support strategic decision making.
  • Security controls authorize each user’s access only to pre-specified data.

Know. Right. Now.

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