ComplyTrack Training Services

Each ComplyTrack implementation comes with online and phone support and training included, so you can realize maximum return on your investment by utilizing the full potential of the ComplyTrack solution. For more focused, extensive and/or intensive training, our Best Practices Workshops are ideal for ComplyTrack Administrators, Business Analysts and end-users who require a more customized training experience.

‭Group Training

Included with your ComplyTrack subscription, Group Training is designed to teach basic product functionality.

‭One-on-One Training

Designed for existing customers who want in-depth, one-on-one training but don’t need in-depth best practice ‭consulting.

‭Best Practices Workshop (Remote)

‭Personalized deployment and training ‭services designed for existing custom- ‭ers looking to optimize an existing ‭module or to support a newly defined ‭business process. With our Best ‭Practices Workshop, members of ‭the Professional Services & Support ‭Team work with you to understand ‭your unique environment and provide ‭guidance on the current best prac- ‭tices for configuring, managing, and ‭utilizing your chosen ComplyTrack ‭solution. Then personalized training ‭is developed and delivered.

‭On-Site Best Practices Workshop

‭For more focused, extensive and/or ‭intensive training, we offer On-Site ‭Best Practices Workshops to customers ‭who require direct interaction with ‭our Professional Services & Support ‭Team for a more customized training ‭experience.

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