European Pharmaceutical Regulations

One-stop research tools for EU drug compliance

The European Pharmaceutical Regulations Suite simplifies research on international drug compliance. Streamlined tools and intuitive workspaces offer easy ways to stay current on the regulation of drug development and marketing in the EU. Consolidated, Web-based tools speed research through thousands of EU publications, guidance documents, reports and other regulatory resources.

  • Stay current on the latest reports, rules and guidelines issued by EU regulatory bodies
  • Lower the costs and risks of pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales in the EU
  • Reduce operational costs and avoid penalties
  • Improve reporting and responsiveness

Complete, consolidated resources

The European Pharmaceutical Regulations Suite consolidates complex regulatory data into a single location for easy access to precise information. Resources provide details on all important areas of EU drug compliance research, from product testing and approval to advertising, shipping, pricing and reimbursement.

  • Legislation
  • Commission and council recommendations, rulings and reports
  • European Court of Justice opinions
  • European Medicines Evaluation Agency guidelines, EPARs, and opinions
  • Many other related resources

Quick links to targeted data

The European Pharmaceutical Regulation Suite quickly connects you with the information you need using a single set of integrated, robust search tools. Easy Web links, extensive archives and fast searches save time and connect you quickly to key regulatory information.

  • Automatic daily updates
  • Easy searches from a single location
  • Fast, easy-to-use search tools