Privacy and Information Security

Get the visibility and control you need over your information security compliance across the enterprise.

The regulatory burden on your IT / IS teams is growing while your budget is not.

Meaningful Use Stage 2, HIPAA Omnibus rule, and HIPAA audits are underway and more will be coming, and that’s just the tip of an ever-growing iceberg. Meanwhile, you’re being asked to belt-tighten and prove ROI along with the rest of the organization.

Device Regulation Suite

The most complete research tool for FDA medical device regulations

The Device Regulation Suite provides all-in-one access to the massive volumes of regulatory guidelines related to medical device manufacturing, sale and use in the United States.  Consolidated, web-based tools speed research on FDA medical device regulations, with easy searches through thousands of other federal publications, guidance documents, reports and other regulatory resources.

Food Regulation Suite

Your complete web-based solution for compliance and regulatory research

The challenge of regulating the production, processing, distribution and marketing of food in the United States is shared by an extensive combination of government agencies. Understanding and keeping current with their ever-changing and diverse rules can be a difficult and time-consuming task. MediRegs Food Regulation Suite was developed to help food compliance professionals navigate the complex web of regulatory materials issued by government entities while keeping you on top of new developments.

Pharmaceutical Regulation Suite

The ultimate tool for research on pharmaceutical compliance guidance and regulations

MediRegs Pharmaceutical Regulation Suite is the most robust resource for finding answers to pharmaceutical compliance questions in the United States. Keep up with the FDA’s approval and enforcement activities in connection with thousands of drugs, biological products, and relevant companies using this powerful tool.


Confidently manage risk and drive compliance.

Your bottom line depends on it: the ability to manage risk and maintain an enterprise-wide culture of compliance in the face of constant change.

Culture of Compliance, GRC

Proactive management of your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) program requires you to support a complete culture of compliance across your entire enterprise.

The impact of the regulatory compliance environment on health care organizations is more than administrative or operational.


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