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How health care economics teams communicate with payers (and other healthcare entities)

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In January 2017, the FDA released draft guidance specifying the nature of communications between manufacturers and payers: The first draft guidance, entitled “Drug and Device Manufacturer Communications with Payers, Formulary Committees, and Similar Entities--Questions and Answers,” provides answers to common questions regarding communications of health care economic information (HCEI) about their approved prescription drugs to payers.

Health Reform

How can you be sure you’re on the right path with health reform when every regulatory development, political confrontation and change to the laws can shake up the compliance landscape?

As the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) takes effect—and its effects are felt across corporate America—every attorney, tax professional, corporate counsel, compliance officer, risk manager, and human resources professional needs a place to turn for reliable guidance that is valid now.


Confidently manage risk and drive compliance.

Your bottom line depends on it: the ability to manage risk and maintain an enterprise-wide culture of compliance in the face of constant change.

Culture of Compliance, GRC

Proactive management of your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) program requires you to support a complete culture of compliance across your entire enterprise.

The impact of the regulatory compliance environment on health care organizations is more than administrative or operational.

Keeping Pace with Regulatory Change

We see what you see happening in the industry: massive ongoing change.

Starting with the most basic change of all: change to the underlying industry itself.

While there has recently been a slowdown, it’s clear that consolidation and mergers for payers and providers of all types will continue due to the ongoing political football that is healthcare reform. Regardless of what happens politically, it will involve a change in approach to our existing healthcare system.


Risk and regulatory compliance management solutions for healthcare risk professionals

Your job depends on your ability to assess, interpret, communicate, and remediate risk across your entire enterprise in real time.

You already know that your bottom line in healthcare today depends upon your ability to manage risk. What you need is real help—real solutions to proactively assess, understand, communicate and, most importantly, mitigate risk across your entire enterprise.


Compliance and risk management solutions for healthcare compliance professionals

Your job depends on your ability to manage regulatory risk and enforce an enterprise-wide culture of compliance in the face of constant change.


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