Sanction Screening Services

New States Maintaining Separate Medicaid Sanction Lists

Don’t forget that Alaska, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina and North Dakota now maintain separate Medicaid exclusion and sanction lists. And if you're not staying up to date with your sanction screening, your organization is at risk for severe penalties. Sanction Screening Services (S3™) delivers the next generation of self-managed and full service sanction and exclusion checking with up-to-date state and federal databases.

Culture of Compliance, GRC

Proactive management of your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) program requires you to support a complete culture of compliance across your entire enterprise.

The impact of the regulatory compliance environment on health care organizations is more than administrative or operational.

Keeping Pace with Regulatory Change

We see what you see happening in the industry: massive ongoing change.

Starting with the most basic change of all: change to the underlying industry itself.

While there has recently been a slowdown, it’s clear that consolidation and mergers for payers and providers of all types will continue due to the ongoing political football that is healthcare reform. Regardless of what happens politically, it will involve a change in approach to our existing healthcare system.


We are ICD-10-ready. Are you?

The transition to ICD-10 will impact every aspect of claims processing, reimbursement, clinical documentation, payer relations and coding, as well as your audit, compliance and risk management programs.

To manage the daunting task of ICD-10 preparation and implementation, including re-educating your staff, updating your systems, and understanding the reimbursement consequences of this complex new coding vocabulary, you need the best education, resources, tools and support behind you.

Human Resources

Risk and regulatory compliance management solutions for human resources professionals

When it comes to mitigating risk and managing compliance in the face of constant change, the problem is growing but your budget is not.


Risk and regulatory compliance management solutions for healthcare risk professionals

Your job depends on your ability to assess, interpret, communicate, and remediate risk across your entire enterprise in real time.

You already know that your bottom line in healthcare today depends upon your ability to manage risk. What you need is real help—real solutions to proactively assess, understand, communicate and, most importantly, mitigate risk across your entire enterprise.


Compliance and risk management solutions for healthcare compliance professionals

Your job depends on your ability to manage regulatory risk and enforce an enterprise-wide culture of compliance in the face of constant change.

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