ComplyTrack Lights the Way for Sunrise Community

Sunrise Community is one of the largest, private not-for-profit organizations in the country dedicated to serving the needs of people with intellectual and physical disabilities. The services that Sunrise provides include residential group homes, in-home support, sponsored residential homes, residential habilitation services, adult day services and more.​

This case study is based on an interview with Marcella Henry, Compliance Officer for Sunrise Community. During the interview, Ms. Henry identified three main areas in which ComplyTrack has, in her words, “proven indispensable”: record creation, investigation, and data gathering/reporting.

Creating Compliance Records Quickly And Easily With ComplyTrack

With sites across seven states, Ms. Henry has to constantly observe, monitor, review and spot-check her systems to make certain everything is operating properly and controls are being practiced. 

“It is my responsibility to educate staff on doing what is right and recognizing issues that might relate to fraud, waste and abuse within the organization. There are regulations in every state that we have to comply with, and we have to stay in compliance with the requirements of every governmental entity that we work with. ComplyTrack has significantly increased our efficiency in these areas.”

Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Risk

Part of Ms. Henry’s responsibilities include focusing on minimizing or reducing the risks for Sunrise by making sure that established systems are in place and practiced consistently. “Whether it’s in Connecticut, Alabama, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, or elsewhere, we have to be certain that our established systems are being followed,” she says. “To reduce risk, we have to be able to monitor, investigate, track, and resolve incidents.”

Prior to ComplyTrack, creating records was a multi-step process with a good amount of repetition. “I had to recreate many of the records at each stage, which meant we were sometimes doing things in triplicate. Before ComplyTrack, I had to enter information in one place, then sometimes put it into Excel, then pull it again for quarterly reports. But now, once it’s in, I never have to write it again. It can’t be more efficient. It’s not painful

Monitoring Investigations From Start To Finish

Tracking investigations is crucial for Ms. Henry. “When a call or report of a concern comes in, I enter the information into ComplyTrack’s
activity report section. Once that information is in the system, I can assign it out to the appropriate area. It goes out as a task with a deadline for investigating and filing an outcome report. The investigator enters the outcome from the investigation, and then the summary is right there for whatever issue it was. At every moment, you know where the investigation stands and what path it followed to get there.”

Tracking is Automatic

“With ComplyTrack, investigations are automatically tracked. There are ticklers to remind us to follow through. Nothing is dropped or left out. To maintain the integrity of a compliance program, you can’t ignore anything.”

And, according to Ms. Henry, this is simply the beginning of the added value. “Where it pays off even more is that you can see patterns from the reports—either the same locations or the same types of concerns arising. This gives us valuable information with which to examine system implementation.”

Data Gathering And Reporting

Prior to implementing ComplyTrack, reporting was its own multi-step process with repetition and redundancy. As Ms. Henry says, “I would have to go back into the data each quarter to access and analyze it, pull it all out and then create my charts.”

Reports at Your Fingertips

With ComplyTrack, Ms. Henry now generates reports with ease. “I’m able to create a report on a quarterly basis that tells the complete compliance story for that quarter—what the issues were, the locations, staff. It allows us as a group to recognize the areas where we need to focus. It gives us a lot of valuable information.”

And the data can be extracted in many different ways. “It’s easy to gather the data that you need, whether you need to show it visually by graph, pie chart, report. We have a standing agenda of topics we look at internally regarding risk, the standard risks that we are tracking. The ComplyTrack system is very efficient at generating comprehensive information that is highly useful.”

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