Educational Webinar Replays

Webinar Replay - Auditing Your Interventional Radiology Reports to Insure Complete and Compliant Reimbursement
Webinar Replay - What Are the Experts Saying: Delay, Deregulate, Derail — Health Care Roiled by Actions of Trump and Congress
Webinar Replay- Issues in Pediatric Coding
Webinar Replay- HIPAA Overview, Hot Topics and Case Studies in LTC
Webinar Replay- Health Care Communication Risks—from a Compliance Perspective
Webinar Replay - The Increasing Challenge of Managing Regulatory and Compliance Risk
Webinar Replay - Risk Adjustments and HCCs
Webinar Replay - Chargemaster Management & Data Integrity
Webinar Replay - ICD-10 Coding Clinic Update
Webinar Replay- Understanding Coding, Coverage and Payment rules for Spinal Procedures
Webinar Replay: 2017 OIG Work Plan—A Continuum of Risk
Webinar Replay-Compliance Accountability: Lessons Learned from Implementing Corporate Integrity Agreements
Webinar Replay-What Are the Experts Saying: Simply Unpredictable—Healthcare under the Trump Administration and 115th Congress
Webinar Replay-Compliance Basics for the Skilled Nursing Facility
Webinar Replay- Best Practices for Conducting Internal Investigations
Webinar Replay-Evaluation and Management Services- Fundamentals with Audit Risks For 2017
Webinar Replay: A Deeper Dive into Medical Device Security
Webinar Replay- 2017 CPT Changes Update
Webinar Replay - 2017 OPPS Final Rule Review
Webinar Replay -The Great Eight: A Deep Dive into SNF PPS Final Rule
Webinar Replay - Medical Device Security: Risks and Remediation Against Exploited Weaknesses
Webinar Replay - Using Tracking and Analysis to Improve Compliance and Reimbursement Outcomes
Webinar Replay - WATES Personal Health Information: Hospitals, Health Plans, and Human Resources
Webinar Replay - Evolving CIAs: Compliance Experts, IROs, Monitors & Certifications
Webinar Replay - The Great Eight: A Deep Dive into PEPPER
Webinar Replay: 2016 ICD-10 Coding Clinic Update
Webinar Replay: The 60-Day Overpayment Report and Return Final Rule for Medicare Parts A & B
Webinar Replay: 2016 OIG Work Plan
Webinar Replay: Comprehending Bundled Payments in LTPAC
Webinar Replay: Hacking Healthcare – Real World Healthcare Security Exposures from Penetration Tests
Webinar Replay: 2016 Changes CPT Updates
Webinar Replay: The Great Eight, a 10,000 Foot Perspective on Things Every SNF Provider Needs to Know
Webinar Replay: What Providers Need To Know About the IPPS/OPPS Final Rules and BBA
Webinar Replay: Two-Midnight Rule Compliance Update
Webinar Replay: E&M Services — Amping up the Documentation for 2016
Webinar Replay: Conducting Internal Compliance Investigations
Webinar Replay: ICD-10 Coding Clinic Update
Webinar Replay: Impact of Value-Based Purchasing in Healthcare
Webinar Replay: What You Need to Know about OCR Phase 2 HIPAA Audits
Webinar Replay: Telemedicine Risk Exposures and Mitigation Strategies
Webinar Replay: Documentation & Physician Queries in the Hospital Setting
Webinar Replay: CIAs—Negotiating Terms, Selecting an IRO, Meeting Obligations
Webinar Replay: Dodging Breaches from Dodgy Vendors—Tackling Vendor Risk Management in Healthcare
Webinar Replay: Understanding the Self-Disclosure Process
Webinar Replay: 2015 OIG Work Plan Overview
Webinar Replay: Outlook to 2016: What the Coming Years Mean for Health Care
Webinar Replay: 2015 CPT Changes Overview
Webinar Replay: 2015 OPPS Final Rule Review
Webinar Replay: E&M Services–Sticking to the Basics to Avoid Unnecessary Audits
Webinar Replay: Meeting the Challenge of Expanding Sanction Databases
Webinar Replay: Cyber Security - Impact on Health Care
Webinar Replay: Using Metrics to Evidence Compliance Program Effectiveness
Webinar Replay: 2015 IPPS Final Rule Review
Webinar Replay: ICD-10 PCS The Lessons we Learned
Webinar Replay: Using ICD-10 Data Analytics to Educate Physicians, CDI Staff
Webinar Replay: ICD-10-PCS Made Easy!
Webinar Replay: Efficient ICD-10 Post-acute Care Preparation
Webinar Replay: 2014 OIG Work Plan New Areas of Focus
Webinar Replay: The President’s FY 2015 Budget: Impact on Healthcare
Webinar Replay: Transforming the Workforce - Medical Transcriptionists to Coders
Webinar Replay: 2014 OPPS Final Rule Review
Webinar Replay: HIPAA Privacy and Security Enforcement: Expert Advice for those Preparing and Responding to the OCR Audit Program
Webinar Replay: 2014 CPT Changes Overview
Webinar Replay: E&M Services-Basic Rules and Complexities with Payor Audits
Webinar Replay: How to Survive and Thrive as an Independent Practice
Webinar Replay: CMS and MEA Outline the esMD Program
Webinar Replay: GRC for Healthcare: The Value of Integrated Information in the Midst of Change
Webinar Replay: 2013 IPPS Final Rule Review
Webinar Replay: Coding Injuries in ICD-10 CM
Webinar Replay: Best Practices for Conducting Sanction Screening in Light of Recent OIG Guidance
Webinar Replay: What to Do Following a CMS Survey
Webinar Replay: What to Do During a CMS Survey
Webinar Replay: Compliance Issues Administering a 340B Pharmacy Program
Webinar Replay: Inside Criminal Minds
Webinar Replay: Preparing for a CMS Survey
Webinar Replay: Navigating the Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) Reimbursement Maze
Webinar Replay: The Medical Record – Best Evidence in Response to Audits
Webinar Replay: Security Risk Analysis: 12 Steps to Meaningful Results
Webinar Replay: 2013 CPT Changes Overview
Webinar Replay: National Coverage Determinations and Consent to Treatment: An Enterprise Risk
Webinar Replay: 2013 OPPS Final Rule Review
Webinar Replay: Laboratory Services: Preserving a Healthy Revenue Stream
Webinar Replay: Suits and Scrubs Avoiding Orange Jumpsuits™
Webinar Replay: Compliance Audits and Evaluation & Management Services
Webinar Replay: What Is Data Analytics and How Does it Help Prepare Providers for ICD-10?
Webinar Replay: Creative Strategies for ICD-10 Education
Webinar Replay: Solve the Documentation Puzzle for ICD-10
Webinar Replay: Mapping ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM: Lessons Learned
Webinar Replay: Effectively Develop and Manage Compliance-Related Policies and Documents
Webinar Replay: Analysis of CMS's Proposed Rule on the Duty to Report and Return Overpayments
Webinar Replay: Managing Risk and Achieving Security: Focus on the Business Associate Relationship
Webinar Replay: Medical Device Reimbursement Strategies
Webinar Replay: Getting Familiar with State Sanction Screening Obligations
Webinar Replay: 2012 OPPS Final Rule Review
Webinar Replay: How to Avoid Penalties by Understanding and Reducing Your Hospital Readmission Rates
Webinar Replay: Easing the Information Security Compliance Burden for Health Care
Webinar Replay: Sanction Screening Rules, Requirements, and Techniques
Webinar Replay: Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Healthcare Audit Accountability
Webinar Replay: Drugs of Abuse: Qualitative Testing
Webinar Replay: Meaningful Use - A Roadmap from Risk Assessment to Remediation
Webinar Replay: Meaningful Use and Your Compliance Program
Webinar Replay: Developing a Personalized Learning Plan For ICD-10-PCS