Webinar Replay: Meeting the Challenge of Expanding Sanction Databases

Event Date: 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sanction screening is becoming increasingly challenging with varying and inconsistent screening requirements between federal and state agencies. Growing lists of states, now 35, are establishing their own exclusion lists and requirements. This program will clarify screening requirements on both the federal and state level and address enforcement, including the HHS OIG position on the effect of exclusions.

The webinar reply will address the following areas:

  • Federal databases & purpose
  • Mandatory/permissive sanctions
  • Debarments/exclusions
  • Mandatory/optional screening
  • Affordable Care Act mandates
  • OIG position on enforcement
  • CMS enforcement role
  • State Medicaid exclusion lists
  • Those who must be screened
  • Means to reduce screening burden
  • Sanction screening frequency
  • Engaging with reinstated parties