Webinar Replay - Evolving CIAs: Compliance Experts, IROs, Monitors & Certifications

Event Date: 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) are among the most important methods used by the OIG for promoting healthcare compliance, imposing controls directly on those providers seeking to resolve government investigations in order that they continue to receive reimbursement under federal health care programs. 

Currently there are over 345 active CIAs, and that number grows by an average of three to four monthly, cutting across nearly all healthcare entity types. Recent CIAs provide an up-to-date perspective on the OIG’s priorities and concerns, as well as their position on effective oversight and operational controls. 

The one-hour educational webinar will provide valuable guidance on: 

  • Standard CIA terms and conditions and case specific requirements 
  • The expanding scope of work of Independent Review Organizations 
  • Increased mandates for Boards, executive leadership and the compliance office, including increased emphasis on the Compliance Program’s effectiveness 
  • Role of Compliance Experts (CEs) engaged by Boards, finding qualified IROs and CEs 
  • Certifications by boards, executives, and compliance officers 
  • Annual and periodic reporting requirements 

Presented by two nationally recognized experts, Richard P. Kusserow, former HHS Inspector General and Thomas Herrmann, JD, former Chief of the Litigation Branch for the OIG and Appellate on the Medicare Appeals Council.