Webinar Replay: Getting Familiar with State Sanction Screening Obligations

Event Date: 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Click here to see a replay of the Getting Familiar with State Sanction Screening Obligations Webinar and gain a better understanding of 2012 CPT changes as we cover the following topics: Healthcare providers, as a Condition of Participation, must screen all those with whom they employ or contract with against published sanction data. CMS regulations state that “[N]o payment will be made by Medicare, Medicaid, or any of the other federal health care programs for any items or service furnished by an excluded individual or entity….” In 2009 CMS issued a letter to Medicaid directors urging them to mandate providers to independently screen against their own Medicaid sanction list as often as monthly. In response more and more States now maintain a Medicaid and require screening against their sanction data as a condition of Medicaid participation.

This web conference will examine the whole issue of sanction screening and describe all the various sources of information on sanctioned health care individuals and entities at both the Federal and State levels. Special attention will be given to those states that have established their own sanction databases and screening requirements. Specific topics will include:

  • Understanding the exclusion process 
  • Review of different sanction databases 
  • State sanction screening requirements 
  • Examples of how to effectively screen against multiple Federal/State databases

*Notice – Webinar Replays are not eligible for CEUs.