Webinar Replay: Using ICD-10 Data Analytics to Educate Physicians, CDI Staff

Event Date: 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

With the increase in specificity with ICD-10 codes, it is important to work with Physicians and CDI Staff to ensure that the most accurate and specific ICD-10 codes are assigned. During this webcast, learn to use the results of your ICD-10 data analytics to identify those ICD-10 concepts that require educational focus for your organization. We will review top ICD-10 code concepts requiring additional documentation as well as present financial impact results.


  • Why ICD-10 Data Analytics?
  • Case Studies: ICD-10 Data Analytics Results
  • Top ICD-10 Diagnosis Documentation Concepts
  • Top ICD-10 Procedure Documentation Concepts
  • About 16-Months To Go... Where Do We Focus?


Kim T. Charland, BA, RHIT, CCS
Senior Vice President, Clinical Innovation
Panacea Healthcare Solutions

Kim has more than 25 years of experience in health information and reimbursement management for hospitals and physician offices. Her key responsibilities are to ensure that Panacea’s consulting, software and publishing divisions are the forefront of the industry and delivering the most current and beneficial products to their customers. In addition, she is the co-host for their ICD10Monitor’s Internet News Broadcast show, “Talk-Ten-Tuesday.” She also assists with coordinating clinical content for Panacea’s MedLearn Publishing Division that includes print publications, web e-news, seminars and webcasts, as well as being a recognized as a national speaker.