Webinar Replay: What to Do During a CMS Survey

Event Date: 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

This webinar will introduce participants to surveyor protocol/process, including off-site preparation, the entrance conference, information gathering (observation, interviews, and document review), analysis of findings, and the exit conference. It will describe the limitations of consulting and provide tips when using escorts or observers. It will briefly introduce the “Hospital/CAH Medicare Database Worksheet” that surveyors complete during the survey. It will define Immediate Jeopardy (IJ), describe triggering factors, and explain how the survey team decides if an IJ exists. 


  • Describe the core tasks of the survey process
  • Recognize the requirements to complete the “Hospital/CAH Medicare Database Worksheet”
  • Recognize the limitations surveyors have to provide consultations
  • Describe tips for using escorts during the survey process
  • Recognize triggers for IJ and steps to evaluating if an IJ exists 


Note: Webinar replays are NOT eligible for CEUs.