Webinar Replay: Dodging Breaches from Dodgy Vendors—Tackling Vendor Risk Management in Healthcare

Event Date: 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Most large healthcare organizations have hundreds—if not thousands—of vendors, and many find it challenging to develop and implement a scalable, comprehensive vendor security program. Vendors present a real exposure risk to data breach, even though ultimate responsibility for securing patient data resides with the covered entity. By watching this webinar reply learn how you can help move your organization from breach response to breach prevention.


  • Learn to reduce the possibility of self-induced compliance exposure from inconsistent and infrequent vendor assessments. Learn how accurate and timely vendor intelligence helps drive vendor risk strategies.
  • Learn why due diligence (often performed through the use of security questionnaires) is not the same as risk mitigation.
  • Learn what is necessary to implement a strong vendor security risk management program, including leadership reporting, benchmarking, and comprehensive risk mitigation.

Cliff Baker
Founder and CEO
CORL Technologies