Webinar Replay - Auditing Your Interventional Radiology Reports to Insure Complete and Compliant Reimbursement

Event Date: 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

CPT coding for Interventional Radiology (IR) services has always been viewed as one of the more complex services lines to master, let alone understand!  Component coding, complete procedure coding “hybrid” bundled coding—all techniques and options are in play.  As a professional responsible for assigning the CPT codes for these services, what are best practices?  Pitfalls?  How should documentation be structured? Can all services be assigned at the same encounter for the same patient? Who modifies these claims? Where are the “rules” governing modifier assignment?

Join Jeff Majchrzak, BA, RCC, CIRCC, as he reviews these issues, cites resources, and uses actual, dictated reports to illustrate how to identify and extract pertinent narrative information to support or negate CPT code assignment.


Jeff Majchrzak, BA, RCC, CIRCC, is the vice president of Radiology and Cardiology Consulting Services at Panacea Healthcare Solutions and he possesses an extensive background in revenue management for

radiology, invasive/interventional radiology, nuclear medicine and cardiology. Drawing from his many years of hands-on clinical experience, he has provided consulting and training to hundreds of hospitals and radiology practices, in addition to being a highly sought-after speaker, instructor and author.