Webinar Replay-Compliance Accountability: Lessons Learned from Implementing Corporate Integrity Agreements

Event Date: 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) are among the most important means used by DHHS OIG for promoting compliance in the healthcare industry. Recent CIAs also provide an up-to-date perspective on the OIG’s priorities and concerns in a particular industry sector, as well as important insights into what the OIG believes to be effective oversight and operational controls for healthcare organizations. At any given time there are more than 300 CIAs in place with three or four on average being added monthly. Board members, executives and compliance professionals, particularly those involved in DOJ or OIG settlements, will gain a better understanding of the OIG’s oversight of CIAs by attending this live webinar.


Thomas Herrmann, JD, former Chief of the Litigation Branch for the OIG and as Appellate Judge for the Medicare Appeals, along with Carrie Kusserow, MBA, CHC, CHPC, CCEP, who has 15 years’ experience as a compliance officer and consultant. Both are experts on compliance programs, as well as meeting the terms and obligations of Corporate Integrity Agreements.