Webinar Replay: Hacking Healthcare – Real World Healthcare Security Exposures from Penetration Tests

Event Date: 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Many healthcare organizations make assumptions about their IT security capabilities without ever testing whether these assumptions are valid. Hackers and cyber criminals take advantage of vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to systems containing patient data. Penetration testing, also sometimes referred to as “ethical hacking,” safely exposes any weaknesses and allows the organization to remediate control gaps before hackers take advantage of existing vulnerabilities.


  • Learn how to identify the top 10 areas most vulnerable to a breach in healthcare organizations
  • Learn how to protect your organization through penetration testing to determine whether your organization’s security program is working as designed
  • Learn how to communicate possible breach scenarios to senior leadership

The slides can be downloaded from within the replay. Once you've signed the guestbook, mouse over the top of the window below and click on the "Attachments" link to download.