Human Resources

Risk and regulatory compliance management solutions for human resources professionals

When it comes to mitigating risk and managing compliance in the face of constant change, the problem is growing but your budget is not.

Keeping up to date with all employment, health and safety and other relevant legislation, including all the federal, state and local laws pertaining to recruitment, benefits, labor relations and termination, is an ever-increasing challenge for HR professionals. Unfortunately, failure to remain up-to-date with the constantly changing and expanding legislation exposes your organization to reputational, financial and operational risk.

Add to that the additional man-hours required to continually adapt both your procedures and your company’s policies, as well as provide the ongoing training, communication and documentation required to maintain compliance throughout the enterprise, and you have exponentially expanding job requirements but not the equivalent expanding help or budget.

You need a solution to proactively manage your risk and compliance-related workflows, including the ability to track incidents and issues, manage contracts and relationships, manage documents and policies, disseminate training and communication, and even be automatically informed of changes to the legislation that impact you directly.