Long Term and Post Acute Care (LTPAC) Compliance Officer

Compliance and risk management solutions for the Long-Term / Post Acute Care Professional

Your job depends on your ability to manage risk and maintain an organization-wide culture of compliance in the face of constant regulatory change.

Building a strong compliance program to reduce risk and increase quality means ensuring every facility is adhering to federal and state regulations, undertaking proactive risk assessments, reporting incidents, managing contracts, and distributing and managing policies and other documentation. ComplyTrack is a powerful Software as a Service solution that gives you the visibility, controls and workflow tools you need to manage the complexities of regulatory compliance in LTPAC.

The volume of regulatory health care data continues to grow at an exponential rate.  Keeping pace with these changes allows your organization to take corrective action before a change becomes a deficiency or audit risk. The Compliance Suite, a powerful online research solution, gives you the immediate access to advanced, up-to-date primary source content and expert tools you need to ensure ongoing program and revenue integrity, as well as proper audit documentation. Use the customized news alerts to keep you out in front of regulatory developments that will affect your organization.

Knowing what you don’t know is half the battle

  • Identify risks before they become a facility or organizational issue using our powerful risk assessment tool with question sets designed specifically for LTPAC.
  • Empower better decision making and improve quality by elevating your real-time data from the day-to-day management of your compliance program to produce actionable information.

Support complete decision making with complete knowledge

  • Stay ahead of current issues with an unparalleled depth and breadth of regulatory content, commentary, and support, created for health care professionals by health care professionals.
  • While the volume of regulations and regulatory data continues to for grow at an exponential rate, proactively manage and mitigate regulatory risk and compliance in the face of constant change.

Make real-time decisions based on real-time information

  • A web-based solution that is quick to implement, always on, and available on any device enables every employee to instantly report issues, answer investigations, conduct audits, and obtain on-the-spot education or reference.
  • Move compliance from a paper-based check list to a scalable, automated solution that gives you visibly and the ability to report on all facets of your compliance program.