Make informed compliance and reimbursement decisions

Hospital reimbursement professionals are responsible for ensuring that their hospitals collect correct and accurate reimbursements while staying in compliance with laws and regulations that are changing daily. The Coding Suite brings you the immediate access to advanced, up-to-date primary source content and expert tools you need to ensure ongoing program and revenue integrity. It provide the resources each member of your compliance, reimbursement, and risk team needs to work efficiently, whether they need to conduct quick, high-level CFR and FR searches, take a deeper dive to support billing program reviews and accreditations. 

Plus, with upcoming transition to ICD-10, increased clinical document demands and an alphabet soup of audit agencies having the ability to quickly access the up-to-date information you need to make informed compliance and reimbursement decisions while streamlining workflow processes is critical.  In order to minimize claim denials and secure your bottom line, your reimbursement and coding teams need to have quick, easy access to the comprehensive information and tools that are necessary for effective coding and billing.