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Keeping up with MS-DRG Revisions

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CMS has issued two errata and correction notices for how MS-DRG logic functions in FY2017. These changes may impact payment. This article highlights a few examples.

It is important to note that CMS published v34 r2 in time for implementation on 10/1/2016, but the v34 r3 was released after claims for FY2017 had begun, so improper payments may have occurred.

Webinar Replay-Evaluation and Management Services- Fundamentals with Audit Risks For 2017

Since the implementation of ICD-10, strict documentation practices have become crucial to maintaining a climate of compliance — and avoiding government audits. As a new coder or auditor, not only is understanding E/M guidelines foundational to reimbursement, but also knowing how payors interpret national guidelines plays a key role in compliance.

Webinar Replay - Using Tracking and Analysis to Improve Compliance and Reimbursement Outcomes

This webcast will demonstrate how your facility will benefit from the value of an end-to-end claims audit tracking and analysis systems. You will learn how such a system can increase your facility's compliance while reducing errors, and — most importantly — allow your hospital to protect its reimbursements.


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