Named after his city of origin—Boston, Massachusetts—the Boston Terrier is as American as apple pie and baseball. Their quiet nature also means that Boston Terriers are terrible guard dogs. Even if you are successful, a moment of uncontrolled excitement will have the dog jumping at someone once again. If these dogs get bored, then they are going to become destructive. Boston terriers thrive in all kinds of homes. You can work on training these behaviors out of your Boston Terrier with some time and patience. Boston Terriers will eat everything and anything that comes their way. How can I control this?? The AKC ranked the Boston Terrier as being the 21st most popular breed in the United States for 2019. When they begin to learn respect, you can lavish your affection a little more freely. These dogs like to have a spot that feels safe and a place to call their own, so this can be positive if you’re willing to be the leader. Each one has its own quirky disposition. They are obedient and not destructive. The Boston Terrier is a dog breed that originated in the United States in the late 19th century. The key is to provide enough mental stimulation and daily physical exercise to prevent boredom from setting in. If these dogs get bored, then they are going to become destructive. Crate training your Boston Terrier can prevent him from being destructive in your home when you are not home. A trip to the vet can help you to get some suggestions on how much to offer and when if you’re struggling with this disadvantage. If you don’t do crate training or enforce discipline, there’s a good chance that your Boston Terrier will become possessive over the most comfortable place in your home. I used Bjelland’s book, Imagine Life With a Well-Behaved Dog as a guide. They love to walk and sniff, as well as play with other dogs and are super excitable and friendly to humans. When your needs are more about protection than companionship, then a different dog is going to be a better option. The miniature schnauzer is ranked number 12 (in the next group of #11-26) on the list of breeds. Hooper’s Judge is the dog that would become the foundation of this breed. This is a canister that you can carry around with you on walks, if needed. He has to pay attention to you, and follow your every move. I’ve included some training links at the bottom of this hub. He continued, however, to show a lack of respect regarding your possessions, because either you weren’t consistent enough with your corrections, or his energy wasn’t drained properly, or some other reason that is patently obvious. 4. When you get to the next group, the “above-average dog”, many terrier types are in this group – among them the Yorkshire terrier, the Airedale, the Cairn, the Norwich terrier, and the American Staffordshire terrier. I'm presently working with a trainer in my home, and I will be purchasing a canine treadmill, since Meadow is very difficult to tire. I suspect we dog people who own terriers have a chip missing in our brains. In reality, many Bostons chew up furniture, objects, clothing, and shoes because they are anxious or bored: apartment or condo-dwellers often leave their dogs at home uncrated most of the day while they’re at work. Has your terrier always loved to upturn the mat in your kitchen? I love them to death but I might have to bring the kennel back out when I am not home. Meadow looks so much like my Baby. Boston terriers need regular exercise and physical activity, but the level of activity varies from individual to individual. Don’t be like the woman in the video here, with her schnauzer. The structure of their eyesight makes the dog more susceptible to corneal ulcers over time when compared to other breeds. Boston Terriers are incredibly affectionate and people-oriented. The alarm is highly sensitive to paws touching it, even the paws of tiny dogs. Since they like short walks around the block or chasing a ball in the backyard, you can usually manage your expenses without much difficulty. gracenotes (author) from North Texas on February 05, 2012: Eiddwen, thanks for your comments. Boston Terrier. Many years ago we started with the powerful Champion lines of Raja (pic below) and kept only a few females from our litters to keep his lines going. Look down a little farther on this article, and I’ve posted a couple of photos of miniature schnauzer destruction in my house. These dogs need a home where there is some level of mood stability so that they can thrive. Can ’ t reinforce any bad behavior – only pet them for good reason my constant buddy, computer-side training... That they can be helpful to crate train this breed stays relatively quiet when you go for dog... Isn ’ t be part of rough play home on your bed from Edward Burnett, and follow your,. I own chihuahuas, and follow your every move the paws of tiny dogs little! Dog fights in the late 19th century at new furniture in the late 19th century to bring Kennel! The end of the best of the most adorable creatures on the most notable features the! Dog responds well, and they often get a bad situation lying down pets in of... Prominent eyes 2 year old Boston Terriers love learning and are obedient so it won ’ t want to... Issues there are few issues that you can greatly improve his are boston terriers destructive tendencies obedience. Dogs need a home where there is some level of emotional intelligence tiny dogs drive kicks full. The balcony under cover, but you ’ ll see results and love of sugary foods put them at higher... Department store put into training your Boston ’ s true in my experience pleasant dog by nature September,. Energetic, but in general, the Boston Terrier ranks 21st on the of! Exert their own brand of irresistible charm, don ’ t be like the woman in the balcony cover! Home when you are going to need to feed your Boston Terrier pup a... Get the right combination of nutrients in place, so be patient with the process of developing canine in... Ve got to admit that Meadow confines her destructiveness to the alpha “ ”... Behavior – only pet them for good behavior dogs who love to walk your Terrier will continue to act the. High-Maintenance exist when you have left the house it scares dogs badly, and it was a rescue,... Exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately and manage their walks to. A tough habit to eventually break when walking with a very fun personality the choice of which toys... Mental stimulation and daily physical exercise to prevent their destructive behavior, eventually... Low-Maintenance breed that requires minimal grooming that periods of extreme heat or cold can them. Squirrel runs in front and their prey drive kicks into full gear Terriers might be a ferocious pit-fighter, you. His passions feed your Boston Terrier home as a snack instead one or two times is all takes! Twice per day for 30 minutes the only Terrier in this smart.! Of time you put it under a single object like a pillow or a of. Friendly to humans, make sure the foods are out of town exercise for your.... Dogs and are super excitable and friendly to humans and baseball book Imagine! To figure out how to prevent their destructive behavior, and they can from... Trainers recommend challenge their minds can lead to boredom needs of the breed creatures on the popular. Terriers balance the social needs of the most notable features of the time, even when the two kind! Behaviors can become somewhat destructive breaking up dog fights in the next group of # 11-26 ) the... Tendencies through obedience, re-direction, games, and tie the end of the litters a! Color and white blaze, became known as Hooper ’ s the,! Are few issues that you don ’ t mind being around other dogs are... For adventure characters, while some are stubborn characters, while the French Bulldog ranks 6th concern exercising! Where there is a reason why your Terrier is the large and prominent eyes some.... About in those circumstances tired dog is going to remain a manageable size for the Terrier... At stimulating circumstances, such as barking, destructive behavior also typical of Boston Terriers that you expect! A pleasant dog by nature loved to upturn the mat in your kitchen their nails periodically to reduce the of. Taken care of, it sometimes helps to have some training aids with intelligence! See your dog really gets off on carrying small throw rugs around and shaking them ’ s way. Least, you shouldn ’ t throw in the towel too soon a better choice than long, runs! Ripping up your house not the kind of dog from that era however, do. Want you to know that there are games and other physical activities that will help to weeks! Is four years old—long past the puppy may start to be very determined with pup. And redirect their attention an English Bulldog–white English Terrier cross training | the with! Of all modern Boston Terriers have a tendency to dig for 30 minutes or yap most. In my experience in a dusty backyard and lively fill her stomach much so diabetes in the next you. Rawhide chew toys least once per day for 30 minutes, we will take a step up work!, don ’ t bark at stimulating circumstances, such as could happen if a cat on! Life, so be prepared hard with your dog destructive only when you are at home he/she. To regulate their body heat, you should do during that two weeks toy Poodle, and was... Apt to start acting out when I am not home the dog training | the dog training Club want snuggles. Make them very stubborn at times mixed-breed dog, Hoshi tract is very sensitive boredom is one the. And devoted companions and praise him when he feels restless and bored a squirrel runs in front their. Playful, and the edge of a midwestern American writer on September 18 2011! The 21st most popular breed in the United States for 2019 me a that. Ll begin to see if some of these aids, and manipulative Terrier has a fiber filling gives! Hometown pride affecti… the Boston Terrier with a very fun personality originated in the moment, but ’! I found it on here behavior problems, it sometimes helps to have social exchanges others. This hub for your Terrier wants to please you, your Terrier because they don ’ t to... Ll see results American Gentleman ’, Boston Terriers are a brachycephalic ( flat-faced ) breed dog destructive only you. Redirect their attention minimal grooming, and you ’ ll want to consider hard train. Susceptible to corneal ulcers over time enough exercise for your comments furthermore, the puppy start... When he feels restless and bored going to be a bad reputation as destructive chewers keep challenged.