Cut the trunk right above the area that is experiencing the rotting. Place the stem cutting in some potting soil to propagate it. In the cooler zones like Victoria, take cuttings from December to May. And if yes, how to do that? In the past 50 years I have cut off the tops of many Y. elephantipes that have grown too tall. If you don’t want to make it quite as short as the halfway point, you can cut … And, well, look like a plant that has had its head chopped off. The root is covered in wax, which preserves the outer skin as it travels. This won’t look amazing for a while, though, as it will be bare. Allow the cut yucca stem to dry for a few days. The leathery like leaves arch and will eventually yellow and fall off, replaced by the new top growth, this gradually increases the height of the plant. The remaining part of the plant puts out new shoots, so that I end up with many plants to share with others. Reasons for Yucca Plant Leaning. ... Cut the trunk if root rot sets in. Trim off the bottom leaves. How can I stimulate the plant to have more shoots (without pruning the new shoot)? When you have a leaning yucca plant, it may appear as though the plant is leaning because it is top heavy, but healthy yucca stems stand up under a heavy growth of leaves without bending.Read on to find out what really causes a yucca to lean over. Q. Yucca – Trim - If top cut off yucca, can it be replanted? Select those that are firm and free from blemishes or soft spots. I have ... Q. Yucca - I have an offshoot of my grandmother's Yucca, which she brought over to the U.S. from Austria in … The three main causes of a yucca leaning over are root rot, drought, and shock. I have cut off the top of my Yucca elephantipes, and after a few months a new shoot comes from the stem. First, tidy up the clump by stripping the lower leaves off the stems. The best time to do your pruning is in the spring, shortly before the growing season. pruning. Eventually new offshoots should sprout from this area. In the warmer parts of Australia, yucca cuttings can be taken almost anytime of the year. The crown of my yucca broke during transportation. To stop your yucca cane plant from getting any bigger, you can cut off the top portion of the trunk. The Yucca plant is a hardy plant that requires minimal maintenance. My question is, is it possible to get more than one shoot? The best way to check if the root is still good is to break off the end of the yuca. Cut the leafy top, keeping at least 4” (10 cm) on the stem. So chop wisely. Some leaves remain - only the top is cut off, and the stem is about 1 meter long. There is another healthy branch as well, also 1 m. long. Stripping the leaves will also prevent the cutting from losing its … To propagate a stick yucca, cut the stem using a sharp clean saw. Determine the halfway mark on your yucca, and using a saw or similar cutting device, lop off the top leafy section of the trunk. However, if a Yucca plant begins to wane, quick and proper care is required to prevent it from worsening and losing it altogether. Q. Yucca Houseplant - I just noticed an infestation of something in between the shoots/leaves of my indoor yucca plant (see photos). Keep the propagated yucca plant in indirect light and keep the soil slightly moist. The roots should have a clean fresh scent and snowy white center when cut open. I plant the cut off top after allowing the cut to dry and they always reroot.