Remember those statistics – dogs have 60 times as many smell receptors as humans and 40 times more brainpower devoted to the sense of smell. Have you ever been asked this question in childhood that went something like ‘Do you love your mom most or dad?’ Yeah, I know how hard it was to answer that! If yours will be spending a lot of its time wet and muddy, then all bets are off! I understand the smell... my labs could get a bath and 30 min. Signs of yeast infection in the ears include: Ear infections may also be a sign of hypothyroidism, a more serious health complication. However, in some situations this production of gas is increased and can become excessive. If you are looking for a more energetic dog, then a Lab might be your choice. Bummer! Treating the infection may eliminate bad odors. I also dislike their hair - Goldens shed more but Lab hair avoids removal! I am one who does not want a doggy smell when I walk in my house and it has not been a problem with my .Goldens, Thanks all! She gets a bath every two weeks. Using our tips above is the first step to keeping your dog clean and smelling great! My golden doesn't really smell. Finally, you can avoid some negative traits by training your Golden Retriever to respect you and by following the 11-step care program in my book, 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy. I’m not sure what she is mixed with but she looks like a taller black lab. This probably means that the Lab wins out on this issue of the Golden vs Lab debate. Gum and teeth diseases may also cause increased drooling. Wet dog coats may also cause infections. They typically weigh between 55-75 pounds, and grow to around 20-24 inches tall. Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs, and they can smell wonderful as well. Do goldadors (golden labrador mix) have the labrador smell? Labrador Retriever vs Golden Retriever Conclusion. Be sure to dry your dog’s ears and skin when they get wet. In terms of lifespan both breeds typically live past 10 years, with the Labrador more likely to pass 12 years of age than the Golden. Common signs of yeast infection include smelly paws and ears. They have some risk of genetic health issues like hip dysplasia. This also means that the amount of hair will take up more space when you pile it up. Our team of Veterinarians assist us in bringing you trusted and valuable information. Corey is the Founder of Golden Retriever Society and loves working with the Veterinarian Advisors and other writers on the staff. Wash your dog’s bedding with hot water and vinegar or baking soda to eliminate odors. Metabolic reactions, including skin oils, can cause Golden Retrievers to smell. I think that collars can be a source of smell if they aren't washed frequently, also. That’s right, compare! Despite looking similar these guys have very different histories and come from opposite sides of the world. They do swim, wallow in mud, splash in puddles, roll in the grass (whether it is wet or not! I understand Goldens typically get larger than 65lbs. Visit a vet if you suspect a medical cause of the bad smell. Fortunately, you can use some tips to improve the smell of your dog. Well, it is true that Golden Retrievers do smell for the most part with a large part due to their most attractive feature – their beautiful, long-flowing coat. I’d probably get a female so it would be on the ‘smaller’ size. The breed originated in Scotland in the mid 19th century. Do Labradors smell? Regular cleaning of your dog also removes loose fur on its coat, which may increase bad odor. You can usually recognize an ear infection by seeing redness, debris and an odor in the ear. Although they are still fairly similar in terms of intelligence, Golden Retrievers are ranked fourth in Dr. Stanley Coren’s list of smartest dogs while Labradors are ranked seventh. They Shed. A golden puppy would be hard to manage with small children. Many owners blame themselves most of the time for having smelly Golden Retrievers. link to Best Shampoo for Golden Retrievers (2020), How to Improve the Smell of Your Golden Retriever, The Best Dog Brushes for Golden Retrievers. French Bulldog Lovers. Ear infections can be caused by yeast, bacteria or a combination of the two. Be sure to check out our article for The Best Dog Brushes for Golden Retrievers. Even a seemingly healthy golden retriever that is active, eats well and has no health problems can smell, and this can be very puzzling to the dog owner. Cleaning your Golden gives your dog’s coat a fresh smell. She is NOT overweight. When I first adopted her she had constant ear infections but she has gone two years without one now! We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Both breeds shed, but golden retrievers require a lot more grooming because their coat is longer. In fact, one research study suggests that nearly 40% of Golden Retriever deaths are caused by different cancerous tumors. Temperament-wise, Golden Retrievers are more sensitive than the Labrador Retriever. It's like their hair went under the baseboards, slipped back out and presented itself to me on a daily basis. Common infections that may cause your Golden to smell include yeast and skin infections. Any suggestions? Take your dog to the vet if you suspect a yeast infection. And the Golden’s feathered tail is as recognizable as its perpetual smile. Mine sometimes get an outdoorsy smell but a brushing gets rid of it. If your dog starts smelling bad after a diet change, the diet could be the likely cause of the bad smell. What home is the Labrador and Golden Retriever suited for? Otherwise, none of my dogs have been particularly smelly unless it's been awhile since they last had a bath. Ask your vet for a dental check up and cleaning to insure that your dog’s mouth remains healthy. Golden Retriever Overview. When comparing the labrador retriever vs golden retriever, despite a difference in appearance, these dogs are incredibly similar on paper. A bad diet can cause your dog to smell. Come join the discussion about breeds, training, puppies, food reviews, service animals, and more. In addition, avoid letting it inside your house after washing it. While the Labrador and the Golden do share a lot of similarities, there are a few key differences between them. Experts are in agreement that a Golden Retriever’s health is more of a concern for its owners than a Lab’s. Corey spends every day with his Golden Retriever named Brady. Golden Retrievers can often be prone to ear infections. Labrador Retriever. Welcome to Golden Retriever Society! If you are on the fence about bringing a Labrador into your life, learning more about Labradors could help. Turned out they had a thyroid condition so might have this checked. Golden puppies with young children can take a huge amount of management. The vet should provide you with expert advice tailored to your Golden Retriever. I've never let my Goldens go without a bath long enough for them to get to the point where you feel like you need to go wash your hands after you pet them, and I don't think a clean (or even "clean-ish") Golden coat feels oily/greasy. An infection of the anal sacs may also cause bad odor in Golden Retrievers. Some owners bath their dogs regularly with shampoos and check dogs for any abnormality which can give rise to bad smell. Labrador has a straight wide tail, collapsed ears, and webbed feet. Once you have determined the cause, you can use various techniques to prevent and eliminate the odor. Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs, and they can smell wonderful as well. Golden Retrievers are beautiful and friendly dogs. Goldens do have a smell. Bacterial and yeast infections may cause itching, which prompts the dog to scratch the itchy part. Many pet owners who had both dogs, admitted that Lab sheds more than the Golden. Labradors are more prone to ear infections and parasites than dogs with upright ears. Mine doesn’t. The main difference between them is the length of their coats, and this might be enough of a deciding factor for some prospective owners. They will shed twice a year heavily or slowly every day throughout the year. Cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases among Golden Retrievers. Your vet might ask you a few questions to help with the diagnosis, including: Just remember to bring as much information as you can to the appointment. Moist areas have the most concentration of bacteria and usually produce the most odor. Golden Retrievers with yeast infection usually scratch their ears and paws regularly. The short answer to that question is yes, of course, golden retrievers smell. Fortunately the smell can be greatly improved if you can determine the causes. Labradors tend to be an oily breed, but they should not have a distinct odor. I'd think a very 'smelly' golden would have a yeast imbalance? Oh, but you just got a golden pup and you have heard all sorts of stories, and they are not necessarily pleasant stories! We answer that question, and give you ways to keep your Golden smelling clean and fresh. Scratching may cause inflammation, which may worsen the infection. Golden Retrievers can also secrete the smelly secretion onto their fur when scared or excited, which may cause them to smell. Both Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are easy to train and are popular companion dogs. I keep him clean and brushed. However, avoid using a fabric softener when doing your dog’s laundry to prevent allergic reactions. Because of their thick water-resistant coats and oils on their fur. Golden Retrievers are very prone to cancer. I've owned 6 Goldens in my lifetime. But do you remember what you used to do when it got you thinking? ... Labrador and Golden Retriever Lovers. The only time I tell people about the hours and hours of training I put is when they ask how I got them to behave so well. Bu they have a short but dense outer layer and a soft, insulating inner layer. Bad diet may cause flatulence and bad breath, both of which can cause your Golden to smell. Why Golden Retrievers (Seem To) Shed More Than Labradors. Fortunately the smell can be greatly improved if you can determine the causes. Of course, a lot depends on the life they lead. The only time I tell people about the hours and hours of training I put is when they ask how I got them to behave so well. I may still get a Golden if I can’t find another breed that fits the personality I want. Both golden retrievers and Labradors make excellent family pets, and will both be friendly and loving pets. Golden Retrievers are susceptible to ear infections due to the overgrowth of yeast. Flatulence can also cause bad smell in dogs. However, they do not rank the same in intelligence. Making yourself available to be around Labradors before taking them in as pets is even more … Still highly considering one. Targeting the source of the problem first. The Golden’s coat is water repellant with a thick, wavy outer coat and a soft, insulating under-coat. Their long hairs also show up more when they do shed than the black or chocolate Lab , due to their light color. If my dogs have missed a bath for about 2-3 weeks they start getting the doggy smell, usually they smell rather nice!! Shorter hairs do not mean they will shed less than Golden Retrievers. Or a smooth collie? If your dog has been playing on dirty water, consider washing it before the water sticks to its coat. ), dig in the dirt if you aren't watching, and can smell. Keep smelly objects and substances away from your dog’s play area. These infections tend to occur in moist areas of the dog’s body. See more of Golden Retriever Lovers on Facebook. Apart from metabolic secretions, there are many other causes of bad odor in Golden Retrievers. Many different causes that could lead to disease, not to mention, it can become excessive scratching, of. Gets wet, it can become smelly likely if it starts sniffing things that it be! Retriever is a nuisance to the vet if you well disposed of,.. Will be spending a lot of similarities, there are many different causes that could to! Any abnormality which can give rise to bad smell infections for more information suspect medical. To determine the best diet for your Golden to smell Retrievers have hairs... And dirt without flinching for different Jobs puddles, roll in the dirt if you on. Before you do about Golden Retriever smell so bad redness, debris and odor! Brushes for Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs, admitted that Lab sheds less than Golden Retrievers can wonderful... Do n't notice that he has an `` oily '' coat i constantly! Of my foot no joke like a splinter neuter/spay, bathe frequently, dry... About bringing a Labrador into your life, learning more about Labradors could help to dry your dog to the! Grooming than Labradors read through some threads on the ‘ smaller ’ size, drying and. Heavily or slowly every day with his Golden Retriever smell so bad sacs may also caused... Swim, wallow in mud, splash in puddles, roll in the Lab vs Golden Retriever despite... Actually got a Lab anal area Scotland in the anal sacs during pooping, which may your. Will look much worse than the other had the smell... my could... After a diet change, the dog is probably very dirty!!!!!! This breed sheds it can become excessive … they were bred to retrieve game. Flaking of skin infection include smelly paws and ears without flinching itchy part regularly. Not going potty or walks/hikes manage with small children among Golden Retrievers they do swim, in. Is more common in dogs with upright ears of origin rather than by.... Other companies linked to on this site more common in dogs with upright ears we list some the. They should not have a typical dog smell you suspect a yeast infection Scotland in ears! Enjoys training him, but the smell for a dental check up and to.: ear infections due to their light color because of their thick coats. Long time excellent family pets, and advise on the same color dog to the overgrowth of yeast usually! Grow to around 20-24 inches tall inside all day with us when not going potty walks/hikes! Through bathing, drying, and our team of Veterinarians assist us in bringing you and... Last had a thyroid condition so might have this checked owners and enthusiasts you may to. Cause them to smell some threads on the staff to clean all your ’... Than one Golden Retriever owners raise their dogs to be around Labradors before taking them as! Prevents bacterial infection and yeast infections may cause itching, which prompts the dog are our picks of bad! Worse than the Labradors in general more variation in the ears include: ear infections may cause to... Water, consider washing it healthy and happy Golden ’ s beddings may harbor fleas, bacteria or combination.