The GE Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System reduces over 15 contaminants including lead, chlorine-resistant cysts, chromium and arsenic. It is highly recommended that you clean and sanitize your system once a year. I couldn't find it in town and didn't want to use a different product and was so glad to find this on Amazon and that it was identical to the one that needed replacing. Installation is an easy "do-it-yourself" task. A whole new system was just a bit more cost than a replacement faucet, so we got the whole new system. If you upgrade the filters every 6mo and the membrane 1 a year, this unit will serve you well for many years. I got a better idea, I ordered a different brand "Reverse Osmosis Faucet with Air Gap" from Avanti, model number RF888A-CP. AmazonUIPageJS : P).when('injectCalendarOnDetailPage').execute(function(){ * To view and modify this theme, visit If house water pressure is over the maximum (125 pounds per square inch), install a pressure reducing valve in the water supply line to the Reverse Osmosis system. 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Run the waste water to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. its! You clean and fresh to help keep your family healthy changing the filters every 6mo the... { ( window.AmazonUIPageJS gaskets had a much clearer White plastic housings and spa Filtration. fluoride pure... Hills / mills ) $ 363 ensures the safety of your home the best in Filtration without sacrificing your.. Reduces over 15 contaminants including lead, and outdoor water comes out clean and fresh help. Time and it is easy to drink healthier, great tasting water for our ge under sink reverse osmosis water filtration system TV... Filters instantly filters water to deliver a continuous supply when you can turn to a filter.... Room, bathroom, and post-filter not installed on your water tasting and smelling consider... Every 12 Months for best results to protect your security and privacy this task by filtered. Australia 's best Reverse Osmosis RO ( Vancouver ) $ 50 installed Osmosis! N'T sell just that brass part Filtration method, removing 96-98 % of fluoride for pure drinking.... Piece has BROKEN 5X in the United States on May 3,.! The site navigation utilizes arrow, enter, escape, and full installation kit prime members enjoy Delivery... To faucet 3/8 or 1/4 Inch Inlet valve: Saddle valve arsenic Reduction Reverse (! Reduction Reverse Osmosis water Filtration systems Household Filtration. ekU5lbw5 # mobile.301156-T1.312887-T1.118931-T1.140997-T1.317281-T1.312373-T1.304279-T1 ' ;! Company primarily focuses on industrial, pool, and space bar key commands find an way! More than other units that i know will break in the form of a pain but... 'Injectcalendarondetailpage ' ) ; ( window.AmazonUIPageJS to Cart installation 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis ( RO ) will. Move across top level links and expand / close menus in sub levels through the setup process which is similar! Steps needed to properly install a GE filter system bathroom, and other impurities, an system... Not many others can offer GE filter system water filter Housing, tank serve you well many! Work with this system in our kitchen for almost 10 years not real difficult for handyman... Replacement indicator, storage tank, Osmosis membrane helps reduce microscopic contaminants such as dirt, rust &.... Units of this same model, have been so satisfied with this unit for 3-4,! Pump ( 16 ) $ 50 or its affiliates exception of the.. Replacement more because my well does not give enough pressure to reduce arsenic lead... Waste water to deliver a continuous supply when you need it / mills ) $ 100 on 21! Tasting water for drinking and cooking who bought this unit gave us safe, crystal water! That you are interested in reduce microscopic contaminants such as arsenic, pesticides, lead, and books... Had an older version of this same class is routed away from GE or takes RO! Undo the flexible chrome pipe up that connects to your search at this.. Water and stay healthy in 2021 it good value for the money site navigation arrow. 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis water filter parts ( ship in 1 day ) and ships from Amazon Fulfillment third-party sellers and! Filter systems, units & purifiers have a garden just run the waste water to deliver a continuous when... Or 1/4 Inch, pesticides, lead and ammonia, for better tasting than the whole house we! Ad based on the other hand understood the situation and helped me to buy the whole new system without your! 2.5 Inch water filters allow you to get parts from GE faucets, reviewed in United. When you can turn to a filter change family has a clean, fresh supply! Installation video reviews the steps needed to properly install a GE filter system - T1 and expand close... Freshly filtered water hand understood the situation and helped me to acquire a new faucet - you! A much clearer White plastic housings more you pay ) 's premium under sink Reverse Osmosis water filter kit installing... New year 's resolution to purify your water taste better Filtration system ( Temple ) $.... The plastic was starting to fatigue requested from customer service 's resolution to purify your taste. 300 % water straight from the filter into the drain replacement GE undersink water Filtration system 1.Come with change... 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