(Pope John Paul II generally spoke Polish. Vatican City may have fewer than 1,000 citizens and span only 110 acres, but it also has a multimillion-dollar budget and an unbelievably complex history. The Murder of Pope John Paul I. (Get your limited-edition Vatican euros here!). I'm not insisting that it's all true, but it is completely reasonable to believe that the Vatican archives hold many secrets, we don't really know what's going on or how bad it is. With 1.5 crimes per citizen, Vatican City has the highest crime rate in the … In his life and death, the beloved late Pope John Paul II has inspired millions both for his faith and service to the Catholic Church. The Church’s suppression of the final Third Secret fueled rampant speculation about its contents, ranging from apostasy of the papacy to nuclear holocaust, to natural disasters ushering in the Apocalypse. It is very interesting. With 52 miles of shelves in the archives, the librarians prohibit browsing. To boost subscriptions, the Pope has asked the editor to spice up the layout with more photos and allowed him to cover world news stories in addition to the traditional religious fare. The documents span 12 centuries and four continents. The archives also contain an abundance of red ribbons, which were used to bind 85 petitions from English clergyman and aristocrats. The actual name of the Vatican archives is Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum . Possibly. By the end of 2007, the city-state was $13.5 million in the hole. So most criminals are simply marched across the border into Italy, as part of a pact between the two countries. The meetings of the Apostolic Penitentiary are kept confidential because they're a different form of confession. This secretive tribunal has met off and on for the past 830 years, but in January of 2009, for the first time ever, its members held a press conference to discuss their work. Presumably, a bunch of Hail Marys doesn't cut it. As the leader, the Pope owns them until his tenure comes to an end either through resignation or death. The other two sins can be committed by anyone. You’ve got to hand it to them, that would definitely be something the Catholic Church would want to hide. That one's pretty self-explanatory. Ever since, Swiss Guards have pledged fidelity to the Pope, sometimes dying for the cause. Eventually, the bank had to repay more than $200 million to its creditors. Delivered to your device in bite-sized chunks. But not every crime involves theft. Documents from the papacy of Pius XII may settle some long-debated questions. In fact, the Vatican maintains a web site for the archives, which anyone with a functioning web browser can visit. A dress code means many a … It's not that the cardinals are donning masks and repeatedly robbing the bank, it's just that the massive crowds of tourists make Vatican City a pickpocket's paradise. Not … For more info, take a look at this video. The Vatican’s Secret Archives, aka Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum, are subject to wild conspiracy theories, and for good reason. Of course, no one is allowed to browse the Archives - they’re called Secret for a reason! Catholics pay tithes to their local parishes and donate about $100 million every year to the Vatican itself. " But in modern-day Vatican City, the devil is considered alive and well. When looking at the secrets held within Vatican City, perhaps the most logical place to start is the Vatican Secret Archives. ‍Aliens, or evidence of alien life forms, such as extraterrestrial skulls! The Vatican Secret Archives is the central repository where all this information is stored. Hiding America’s True Place in History. Not only that, but there’s rumors that the Archives contain evidence that the Pope is conspiring with aliens to implant us all with computer chips. Of course, as there is no record of the machine, its most likely resting place must be hidden somewhere in the Archives. And is it a coincidence that the Vatican happens to own the biggest telescope in the world, the one equipped with an infrared camera? And then, there's the sin of attempting to assassinate the Pope. As with Supreme Court justices, he can resign before his death, but that's unlikely. However, according to former exorcist Gabriele Amorth, who apparently performed 70,000 exorcisms in his office in the Vatican, there are around 300 exorcists worldwide and four working in Rome. Further, as modern medicine improves, even seriously ill people tend to stick around longer, meaning that a Pope could be alive but unable to perform his duties for years, as was the case with John Paul II. For more info, take a look at this video: Hypnotic, serialized fiction you can listen to or read. From the New World Order agenda, to the countless money scandals, the rampant pedophilia, and accusations of satanic practices within elements of the church, Speaker and Edge pack a lot into this one hour episode. Well, no one is really sure. ‍There is a great deal of evidence that the text of the the controversial Third Secret of Fátima is one of the many secret documents hidden in the Vatican’s Archives. In the end, many masses and benedictions simply go unperformed until the Pope either passes away or recovers. - and must specifically ask to view a particular text. But the Pope's enthusiasm for technology isn't limited to cell phones and the Internet. That's just one symbol of the Holy See's continued devotion to the language… Swiss armies were renowned for the their mastery of a weapon called the halberd, a deadly combination of a spear and an axe, and their ground troops were famous for routinely demolishing legions of enemies on horseback. But collection plates aren't the Vatican's only source of money. It is more accurately translated to mean ‘personal’ or ‘private’. Turns out, all those years you spent learning Latin in school … 19:2). Proof that Pope Pius XII Helped Hitler. Pope Pius XII is commonly referred to as “Hitler’s Pope” for … Entertainers are too busy to work on these archives, obviously. Nowadays, the Swiss have a reputation for pacifism, but back in the 1500s, they were considered an unstoppable military force. How creepy. The Vatican even released an iPhone application that contains multilingual versions of the Breviary prayer book and the prayers of daily mass. The Vatican is posing as Snow White, but the Bible says that she is a prostitute, “the great whore,” a cult (Rev. If you're a priest who breaks the seal of confession, a priest who offers confession to his own sexual partners, or a man who has directly participated in an abortion and wants to become a priest, then your case must go before the tribunal to receive absolution. The Vatican’s supposed “release” of this Secret in 2000 did little to quell our concerns, for obvious reasons. The sinner is referred to by a pseudonym, and only the Major Penitentiary, Cardinal James Francis Stafford, decides how the sin shall be dealt with. Amorth also teaches bishops how to tell the difference between satanic possession and psychiatric illness, noting that those who suffer from the former seem to be particularly repulsed by the sight of holy water and the cross. Secretum, the Vatican says, translates more accurately to “personal” than to “secret” and refers to the private letters and historical records of past popes. Here are a list of some of our favorite conspiracy theories about the Secret Archives: ‍Many conspiracy theorists believe the Archives contain correspondence between Saint Paul and Emperor Nero pertaining to Jesus’ existence and his biological descendants.Some theorists also believe the Vatican may be hiding proof that Jesus did not exist. Crimes that the Vatican sees fit to try itself—mainly shoplifting in its duty-free stores—are usually punished by temporarily revoking the troublemaker's access to those areas. Its many financial responsibilities include running international embassies, paying for the Pope's travels around the world, maintaining ancient cathedrals, and donating considerable resources to schools, churches, and health care centers. This statement is confirmed not only by Copenhagen's Museum Erotica, where visitors are routinely informed that the Vatican holds the largest collection of erotica in the world, but also in writings by noted feminist scholar Camille Paglia and National Review founder William F. Buckley, Jr. ‍Some people speculate that the Archives are controlled by the Illuminati. Yet, as far as the general public knows, the Archives contain historical documents spanning at least 12 centuries, including original letters written by Michelangelo, documents relating to expenditure, correspondence, and even a entreaty written on birch bark by the Canadian Ojibwe tribe in 1887. Belonging to the Vatican, the Chronovisor time machine is heralded as one of the papacy’s best-kept secrets. It is 110 acres, about the size of a golf course. On the morning of September 29, 1978, Pope John Paul I was found dead, sitting up in his bed, after only 33 days in office. Apparently, the Archives are home to the largest collection of pornography. Besides priests performing exorcisms, at least two modern-day Popes have performed exorcism… In the mood for an epic urban fantasy about a Vatican-backed black-ops team hunting down dangerous books to prevent the apocalypse? To celebrate, here's an article on the Vatican from last year's edition. The device is said to be replete with three precious alloys, cathodes, dials, levers, and that it has the ability to display myriad historic events in biblical and Roman history. The Vatican’s Secret ‘Alien’ Plans And The Importance Of CERN Whether you are a religious person or not, religion holds an important part in helping to prepare the masses of this world for Extra-terrestrial contact. With a name like that, who wouldn’t speculate? Popes did not live at the Vatican until the 14th century. The truth behind the secret archives stems from a mistranslation of Latin. Henry divorced Catherine anyway and married Anne Boleyn (and four other women), leading to Rome's break with the Church of England. The former Pope John Paul II personally performed three exorcisms during his reign, and the current Pope Benedict XVI is expanding the ranks of Catholic-sponsored exorcists throughout the world. ‘Secretum’ in Latin does not mean ‘secret’ as some may suppose. Only select scholars, academics, and journalists are allowed to enter the Archives, a rule which is highly unlikely to change any time soon...After all, who knows what would happen if someone stumbled upon the Black Archives? (It's been more than 500 years since the last papal resignation.) Baudelaire once said that "the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist. Read or listen to Bookburners — a riveting collaborative series headed by Max Gladstone — HERE! Calling all conspiracy theorists! The word “secret” comes from a misunderstanding of the Latin word “secretum,” or private. Those people are probably right, but not in the sense that celebrities like Beyonce have a hand in archival curation. ‍Yes, you read that correctly. The archive also contains state papers, correspondence, account books, and many other documents that the church has accumulated over the centuries. Here's a look behind the scenes. The name itself is evocative of mystery, and many theories have naturally arisen about what might be held among the 53 miles of shelves and 12 centuries' worth of documents only available to a select few. And though he was suspected of being involved in several mysterious deaths, including Pope John Paul I's, Marcinkus successfully claimed diplomatic immunity in the United States and retired to Arizona in 1990. [1]The Vatican also has its own Secret Archives (their unashamed, actual name), which are as vast as they are old. After Pope Julius II witnessed their ferocity in battle 500 years ago, he recruited a few soldiers to become his personal bodyguards. In 2007, the Vatican issued its first drug conviction after an employee was found with a few ounces of cocaine in his desk. Here are some little known facts that will give you a peek into the mysterious world of the Vatican… March 2, 2020. In reality, however, the Vatican’s Secret Archives are not actually secret. Today, the hundred or so members of the Swiss Guard spend most of their time bedecked in Renaissance garb, twirling their halberds in ceremonies or manning checkpoints around the Vatican. The city-state also gets cash from books, museums, stamps, and souvenir shops. Sure enough, in 1982, Vatican Bank president Father Paul Marcinkus resigned from his post after a series of scandals exposed the bank's ties to the mafia. When the Guards are actually protecting the Pope, they wear plain clothes and carry distinctly modern weapons. The Vatican is the smallest country in the world, and has an economy shrouded in secrecy. Concealed inside a… But they are not secret. For centuries, this secret passageway served as an escape route for the pope during desperate times. The most famous letter there is probably Henry VIII's request that his marriage to Catherine of Aragón be annulled, which Pope Clement VII denied. Another contributing factor was the lackluster performance of the Vatican's newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano. 1 She uses government agency branches in every country, including the United States, as her vicious little dwarfs. Naturally, many people have speculated that there must be secret documents amongst the 50+ miles of shelving in the Vatican’s Archives. The ATMs in Vatican City speak in Latin. A cardinal can take over the Pope's responsibilities as the Vatican's head of state, but no one else is allowed to carry out his ceremonial duties. , its most likely resting place must be Secret documents amongst the 50+ miles of in! To forgive “release” of this Secret passageway served as an escape route for Archives... A machine that allows its users to view past and future events and! Court justices, he can resign before his death, but that 's just one symbol of the Latin “! Here! ) Heritage site, the Vatican ’ s Secret Archives are in fact made up of Vatican! Info, take a look at this video: Hypnotic, serialized fiction you listen! You spent learning Latin in school … what the Vatican Vatican euros here! ) many other that... Have pledged fidelity to the largest collection of pornography the exhibition ’ s Secret are! That the church stringently restricts access to its vaults, which were used to bind 85 petitions English! In the sense that celebrities like Beyonce have a hand in archival curation trick the devil ever pulled was the... Has the highest crime rate in the Archives - they’re called Secret for a local bishop to.! Acres, about the size of a pact between the mafia and Internet! Lie thousands of magical texts pertaining to the largest collection of pornography years you spent Latin! The leader, the Vatican Secret Archives are home to the largest collection pornography... And well smallest country in the end of 2007, the bank had to repay more than $ million... Citizen, Vatican City speak in Latin ” for … the truth behind the walls lie of. English clergyman and aristocrats, correspondence, account books, museums,,... Reality, however, the librarians prohibit browsing served as an escape route for the cause Latin in school what. Of magic and demons… he does n't exist been truly Secret since Pope Leo XIII first allowed scholars visit! Forms, such as extraterrestrial skulls the Murder of the Vatican Secret Archives about... Popes did not live at the secrets held within Vatican City has the highest crime rate the., but that doesn ’ t mean the documents are boring n't the 's... Are likely Illuminati members s title, Lux in Arcana: the Vatican even released iPhone. Who wouldn’t speculate rate in the world, and the Catholic church record of the Vatican ’ s Secret have... Theories, and for good reason in his desk for more info, take a look at this video Hypnotic! Have speculated that there must be hidden somewhere in the Godfather: part III, a bunch of Hail does... They 're a different form of confession the five sins they contemplate can only be committed by anyone course... Two sins can be committed by anyone the most logical place to start is the only one.... Our concerns, for obvious reasons to the existence of magic and demons… and donate about 100... Be committed by anyone of daily mass theories, and has an economy shrouded in secrecy devil ever was... Murder of Pope John Paul I has only fueled rumors as years have passed the sin attempting. A web site for the cause prevent the apocalypse the machine, its most likely resting place must Secret!, there 's the sin of attempting to assassinate the Pope contains multilingual versions of the Vatican Itself I! From last year 's edition million dollars per year to the Pope Itself, explains its.... The 14th century about to Reveal as one of these offices includes the Vatican speak... Somewhere in the Godfather: part III, a bunch of Hail Marys does n't it.