Show developer tab in Ribbon Press ok. Now the developers tab will be showing and you can now use the extra features included in it. Get It Now! To enable the developer tab in Microsoft Word 2007, open up Menu by clicking on the Microsoft Office Button. Minimize the Ribbon: 1.4.7. Under the 'Popular' tab, select 'Show Developer tab in the Ribbon' as No.2 in the picture below, then click OK. 5. The Developer tab is a pre-built custom tab that has a good variety of advanced commands. 3. Open Microsoft Word 2007. We show you here how to enable the Developer tab in Word… Apply the functions in Developer tab directly with Kutools for Word . The Developer tab contains additional commands relating to Visual Basic and can be displayed by selecting (File > Options)(General tab, "Show Developer tab in Ribbon"). Developer tab in microsoft word 2007 microsoft office word 2007 tutorial form toolbar in microsoft office 2007 the developer tab microsoft word 2007 ribbon page inside msdn contains Where Is The Enable Developer Tab In … Right-click on one of the Ribbon tabs, and you’ll see a new menu come up: Click Customize the Ribbon, and you’ll get a new window: From here, check the box next to Developer and click OK. Show how to add developer tab to ribbon: 4. An alternative way to show the Developer tab in Word. To minimize the Ribbon: Double-click the name of the tab that is displayed. Kutools for Word, a handy add-in, includes groups of tools to ease your work and enhance your ability of processing word document. So here goes… Click the large Microsoft Office button (in the top left of the window). Tabs on Ribbon: 1.4.5. Figure 2 shows a hypothetical Word 2003 add-in that creates a custom toolbar and adds a few buttons to the old menus and toolbars, along with how it looks when loaded in Word 2007. 2. To enable the developers tab to be shown simply tick the box next to Show Developer tab in the Ribbon. Now the developer tab appears. Choose “Word Options” to open up the Word Options dialog box. Add Commands Not in the Ribbon to the Quick Access Toolbar: 1.4.9. Tabs and their functions in Word 2007: 1.4.6. Select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box. Click Popular. The “Word Options” dialog box displays.On the “Customize Ribbon” screen, the tabs available to add to the ribbon are listed in the right pane.To add a custom tab, click the “New Tab” button at the bottom of the list. Now click 'Word Options'. Click on “Popular” and check the “Show Developer tab in the Ribbon”. Free Trial for 45 days! Add a Ribbon button or group from the Quick Access Toolbar: 1.4.8. Click OK. See also: 1.4.4. There’s a slightly different way you can also add the developer tab in your Word ribbon. Figure 2a** The Same Add-Ins in Word 2003 and Word 2007 ** Figure 2b. If you want to add or edit worksheet controls then you will need to display the Developer tab. Click on Ok to save the changes. How to add developer tab to ribbon in word 2007 1. Several of my Word 2007 blog posts have mentioned the Developer tab, but I realized I’ve never written a specific post on the steps to display it. Once you make the Developer tab visible, you can use all the advanced features it contains. As you can see, when a legacy CommandBar add-in is loaded, the Add-Ins tab shows up in the ribbon. Click Word Options. Click the Microsoft Office Button. Here’s how: Click the File tab to switch to the document’s back view. The fastest way to add the Developer tab to the Ribbon starts with a simple-right click.