I used to buy the Ski Queen version of this stuff, at my little hometown grocery store in extreme Northern Minnesota (Roseau, MN) when I was a kid. And if your head just exploded, you should see the mess it leaves when you slice a cucumber onto ei skive med brunost while eating lunch with your Norwegian co-workers. reply. Norwegian cheeses have come to international attention as a result of the mild but tasty Jarlsberg, a white cheese first produced in 1860 on the Jarlsberg estate in Tønsberg. I never met any of those customers to ask how they ate it, and if they liked it. Now I might be able to find it. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Some people made ice cream with that, others eat it with mozzarella cheese and others simply spread it on bread. I imagine that the taste has to be acquired, and I wonder if the climate in Australia has anything to do with its consumption. The exact same thing. The cheese will continue to caramelise turning from golden brown to darker brown. How to make Scandinavian glögg mulled wine, Chocolate & Oat treats (havregrynskugler/chokladbollar). It will be a sad day when it is gone. It was delicious! I love brown cheese! Gjetost Cheese from Norway is produced by slowly heating a … Canada. Brunost with sliced tomato – weird Everyone seems to have a favourite, and somewhat unsurprisingly that also seems to be the variety from the region closet to where they're from! We just had this with braunschweiger on crostini slices, just to try because of You Tube and matpakke. We know, it sounds strange, but truly, it’s pretty awesome (unless you are part of the anti-brown cheese people – it is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it). To me 35 years later, it tastes like Gjetost! SO YUMMY!! It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Let me know in the comments below , Pålegg: Norwegian Toppings for Sliced Bread. If you ever try tasting the kind of cheese described in this blog it will probably seem very familiar. Started making all these EEEUUUUUU faces, but the longer I let it melt on my tongue the better I liked it and actually had another small slice just to be sure I wasn’t crazy. A couple of them liked it a lot and wanted to bring it home with them, but many people just didn’t like it. I have more recipe on brown cheese upon your request but here are the meat stew recepi. Marmite on the other hand is something I make sure I stock up on whenever we are back in the UK! Can also be added sliced to cardamom buns or lefse wraps. I always bring some home after visiting Norway. The name was probably “Primost”, which is very similar to brown cheese (“brunost”). Is it possible to know where to buy this delicious brown cheese ….in Switzerland? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Hi, about 2 years ago we had a very lovely young lady from Trondheim come stay with us and she brought over some brown cheese for us to try…. I actually prefer the Ekte which is all goat but recently it’s been hard to find or the chunk is too big for me. Be careful with your helgefylla sessions – lost a lot of friends to that. The cheese is traditionally served in thin slices pared from the block. I think actually that brunost is made from normal cowmilk (there’s a heard of cows on the packet at least). I’ve been eating gjetost since I was a child. I have been giving groups a tour of my shop and we conclude by tasting some of the foods. , Hi Brenda, lovely story! I love it. As long as I try to avoid politics, views that are completely normal in Norway seem controversial or shocking to a lot of people living in other places. I like cheese so I figured what the heck….cut off a smallish slice (just in case) and tossed it into my mouth. We always had lutefisk for Christmas dinner. Indians don't know how to use this tool. https://myviewfromabroad.com/2016/10/23/a-perfect-saturday-in-oslo-flea-market-and-sculpture-park/, Norway’s Climate Plan to Halve Emissions by 2030, Coronavirus in Norway: The Latest News on the COVID-19 Outbreak, Haugesund, Norway: All About This Coastal Norwegian City, Norway Sets Global Electric Car Record in 2020, Norway Landslide: Everything We Know So Far, Both are eaten at breakfast, lunch or tea, Both are made using a by-product of another process. . P’m Mexican=American and have always loved this cheese. When we were still living in the UK some Norwegian friends came over for our Wedding, they brought a Kransekake and a block of brown cheese. Love it. Gjetost, or the more modern spelling:Geitost, is originally a term used for the ‘proper’goat’s milk’s cheese made w only goat’s milk. It’s delicious. I’m still not keen on it myself, just one of those things . This was much better and made the most of the brunost's sweetness. Just had that at Nordkapp, with great Norwegian coffee. [email protected]. )All these cheeses are called brown cheese (brunost) or geitost/gjetost, but usually people just mean the G35/Gudbrandsdalsost . A few weeks later he tried again, but this time incorporated some brown cheese into a sauce for pancakes. Friend from work brought some “brown goat’s cheese” back from a trip and laid it on the SHARE counter. ... Not only do we force every foreigner there is to eat the cheese, but we also excludes everyone who doesn't eat it with the same joy as we do. In with the cheese was what I thought was a block of chocolate. I’m a true fan! Brunost with chicken – weird It's made from a mix of goat's and cow's milk, with a history that can be traced back more than 150 years. You slice off a slither from the block and can eat it atop toast, on a crispbread topped with strawberry jam, or even with waffles. Klippfisk (for the Ksu-style baccalao) and Tine Ekte Geitost (blue pack) have since then been almost ever-present in my freezer & fridge…and I even bring back packs of Vaffelmix & jars of Nora ‘naturlig lett’ Rasp jam, for the periodic nordic meals with my student daughter, when the Vaffeljern is brought out. Yes, it really does look like this: Shortly after I arrived in Oslo, my friend Ståle decided to “treat” me to my first taste of this Norwegian phenomenon. I also tried it fresh from a farm while they were making it – still warm. What a fantastic memory you have stirred. Whatever it is, it’s great! Online Shop & Warehouse: [email protected]. It was creamed with fresh cream and delicious on toast. Unfortunately in Australia the only brown cheese I can get is Ski Queen brand gjetost and it’s cut with cows milk so I can’t have it. I loved it – especially on a small, crisp cracker, a dab of sour cream and a bit of lingonberries or cloud berries. Until this week, I’d really only thought to use Gjetost as part of a dessert course. And I can get some French and Italian cheeses from delicatessens in Saigon it the prices are astronomical. I love lutefisk, but could never acclimate to the taste of gjetost, even after 2 years! Norwegian Recipes .. I found it impossible to eat. Just returned from a 2 week holiday in Norway (I live in British Columbia – the west coast of Canada). Then there was a pack of Camembert, which was as hard as Parmesan and smelled like the dicks I once wore for theee weeks on a NATO excercise in Germany. Want to use it in a meal plan? JAM! Have eaten it all of my life but my kids always called it caramel cheese and would eat the whole block after school if I didn’t hide it. Is there a place to buy or order it. Ask any Norwegian and they will tell you that brown cheese – also known as Brunost or Geitost – is the most popular cheese in the whole of Norway. One scheme worth watching out for in northern Norway is the Arctic Menu , an attempt by an association of restaurants to revive interest in local ingredients and recipes. We’re from Australia, and had never heard of this. The cheese can also be served for dessert. The most common way to serve brunost is by using the unique cheese slicer that you can see in some of the pictures on this page. Dark brown or honey-brown or golden orange in colour, the cheese is non-perishable, dessert cheese sold in blocks. So please enlighten me, my grandmother was from Kristiansund and obsessed with Gjetost, what’s the difference? I’ve finally had a chance to try it in the village of Undredal, Norway. They’re in northern Norway and its readily available. Melt the butter in a saucepan – and keep it going until it turns light brown, then add the flour and stir. Nothing better than Bread, Butter and Brunost/Gjetost/Geitost for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. Mysost = brunost, but it’s not a cheese at all, really just caramel. The 4th adult wasn’t crazy about it, and the two children wouldn’t try it. Correct answer. I was asked if I wanted brown cheese on it or strawberry jam, and O replied, “Both.” It was amazingly delicious! I also love lutefisk! My mother from Skabu area of Gudbrandsdalen emigrated to Alberta Canada at age 29. I eat a few slices for breakfast and the old taste-buds get kicked into action and remain alert throughout the day. Brown cheese was offered on all breakfast buffets and so I tried it – and loved it!!! With only a weekend’s prior experience (a supply vessel naming ceremony in Haugesund), I jumped at the offer of a company transfer in 1991, from Aberdeen, to work in Stavanger & Kristiansund, as a Norwegian resident for 4 years. So my mate sent me s parcel of cheese from Denmark. My partner and I love brunost! This is how it was first served to me, and despite my hesitation, I loved it! The traditional Norwegian brown cheese comes in many varieties, but this is by far the most popular. Now, I can’t stop eating it. I love gjetost but it has to be ekte (pure) gjetost. Either that or my Viking DNA took over the tastebuds momentarily. I am obsessed with it. I first had it in 1955 when I went on a hitchhiking holiday with my Norwegian friend. It … I did not have any for all of my adult life until this summer when I went to Sweden and Norway. Gjetost Gudbrandsdalen Norwegian Brown Cheese 500g (2 x 250g) 4.8 out of 5 stars 234. There's almost always something else on the table or in the fridge that I prefer to eat. I linked to your article since it was so great. Let's return to Marmite for a moment. Helps. My hometown had mostly Norwegian & Swedish heritage, so I guess it was a common thing. I’ve since found I have 10% nordic genes, so that’s another plus factor. Email me please. Former Royal Chef Reveals Queen Elizabeth's Fave Meal And The One Thing She Hates - Duration: 8:14. It probably the equivalent of every USA house having peanut butter We grew up eating what we called geitost but was probably brunost. The Ski Queen brand of brunost is, in fact, Tine’s brand of G35 cheese. Long after he was gone, I tried to find it in grocery stores but they had never heard of “premost”. We ate Gjetost on my Mormor’s Bread -similar to Limpa- every day for Breakfast. We wanted to try and find other uses for it, so we have had a play around with it and we decided – after mucho testing – that Brunost Mac’n’Cheese is the bees knees and we’ll be making this from now on – find the recipe below. Delish Recommended for you I can easily see it on bread with a fruit jam for the sweet to offset the salty. I made my Mormor Bread yesterday so of course had my husband stop at Whole Foods to get a block of Gjetost ! Then I tasted it again with no preconceived notions as to how it should taste. The Brunost was melted with sweet condensed milk then poured over the klubb. Perfectly balanced between sweet and tangy, it has a distinctive flavour Norwegians love. Tried it in July ’15 on a trip to Norway. It will begin to solidify in the bottom of the pan. Ha det bra! Delicious!! It’s liquid, you eat it with a spoon and it’s super sweet. But I think when people hear the word cheese, their brains kind of scramble on anything that doesn’t fit the bill. I first had it in 1990 when my Norwegian flatmate at Uni brought some back after Christmas. Interesting article. Gjetost cheese, pronounced "YAY-toast" by Americans or "yed-OOST" by Scandinavians, is also known as Brunost cheese.Gjetost is a brown Norwegian cheese made of goat's milk or a blend of goat and cow's milk. Never tried it with jam! They always laugh at me because I have it with my aunts strawberry jam and smoked salmon on bread. Place in a hot oven for around 10-15 minutes until the top is crispy and bubbling and the brown cheese has melted. ("I eat brown cheese for breakfast.") The Gouda-style "Fanaost" won WCA in 2018, while the brown cheese from Stordalen Gardsbruk won silver the same year. It was so rank when it arrived here customs wanted to destroy it as biohazard material. Yum yum. Now I am searching here for a place to buy it. nam..nam.. A bit like condensed milk but even better for you and tastier. Though tastes like a weird cheese (I LOVE the taste though), but you can still feel that it’s a cheese. Lastly, in Norway, cafes are now selling Brown Cheese Ice cream, too. Serve hot with mixed berries and spicy Colombian coffee. Plus it costs about 18 dollars! Maybe I am wrong, but it seems what in Brazil it’s called “Doce de leite”, made with milk and sugar until the second one becomes caramelized enough to turn the white milk into a brown thing, that can be either solid or creamy. A mate on Denmark. The Ski Queen, made by the same people, gets me by. I love the stuff. It is certainly an acquired taste, not easily acquired by most people. off to enjoy a other slice of yummy brown cheese!! The say it has been discontinued.Very very sad… Help.. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. Caramac cheese is what it is. Brown cheese can also be cooked up with condensed milk to make a lovely umami dulce de leche that works very well with apple cakes and pies. If you wish the recipe, please let me know. It is especially important to add gjetost and a few crushed juniper berries to gravy that you are serving with game – moose, venison, elk, etc. SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT SHORT NOTICE Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 Sat 10:00-17:00 Sun 10:00-16:00 Cafe closed for dine in, take-away and grocery open. Top with tart raspberry jam or honey for a real treat. However, I remember it as soft and spreadable with an outer crust. )….but updated advice was passed on to customers & 5 years on, they still sell it. It’s awesome. Mariners took the cheese with them on long sea voyages and made it popular all over the world. Bruno Sten enhances the taste of sauces, casseroles and other dishes. I always ate it at breakfast on very dark brown bread. Great article, good humor. After moving to Illinois in 1959 we never had it again. I am a Norwegian who enjoy reading foreigners blogging about Norway, makes me see my own country and culture in a new light (and makes me stop and think about things that have always just seemed natural to me). Brown, you may ask, why is it brown? Went to Norway in 1997 and was surprised to find several kinds. Would love to see if some goat farmer here in NZ could made it. It will be shipped without refrigeration, as the manufacturer states that the product, can … In simplest terms, brown cheese, or brunost as it is written in Norwegian is a tan-coloured ‘whey cheese' with a distinctive caramel flavour. Takk fra Sylvia, I love it, have been eating it since I was a kid but my husband doesn’t care for it. Loved it and will buy it again, mostly for the pure and simple ingredients, but I also like the taste. Usually I have it with some gluten-free flatbread. It took two weeks to get here. When I was a kid my dad brought home what I was told was “Norwegian goat cheese.” I loved it but never had it again till as an adult I found gjetost. How do Australians react to Norwegian cheese? Sold because lately I have been unable to consume cow-milk products and had heard that goat milk products are easier to digest and worth trying. Start adding the milk, bit by bit, whilst whisking. Based in Trondheim, we are Norway's English language publishing company. i love brown cheese, i brought it to my country after visited Norway!! Gjetost cheese, pronounced 'YAY-toast' by Americans or 'yed-OOST' by Scandinavians, is also known as Brunost cheese. I suggest you eat with bread (raisin and mix fruit filled), smear of butter and some slices of brown cheese on top. Meat Stew. Instructions Pour the whey into a large pan and bring to a low boil. The most adventurous I’ve gotten with it is to use it in an omelette. Brown cheese is evil. She made Gudbrandsdalen gjetost, homemade butter, and knew how to prepare Lutefisk for our annual Christmas eve supper. I almost never eat anything else, now that I think about it. Mmmmm! You make brown cheese sound delish! I usually eat it with my (homemade) hamburgers - I use it instead of cheddar cheese. I must ask my mate in Denmark what that last cheese is called – incidentally the paper it was wrapped was disintegrating by the time it got here. My mom also stopped making lefse because she no longer had the old wood burning cooking range that she says was perfect for lefse. My former local Deli, in Aberdeenshire, started selling the red-label (cow+goat?) Didn’t like mysost when I had it. It reminds me of a cross between dulce de leche and peanut butter and is gorgeous . That is all to be said on it. Let's go with that. I’ve noticed that when I’m home in Hawaii, I eat and crave food differently then when I’m on the mainland, US. Gjetost is often sliced and served on toast for breakfast. It gives them a richness to put a couple of slices of gjetost into them. Anyway, that meant I got to eat it all! However I live I. Saigon – well near saigon – er well about 12 km southeast and no bus service. So, is it a cheese or not? by discussing it with the Duolingo community. I think I’ll try to make my own version of brunost using liquid whey, rennet and patience. Norwegian brown cheese It has a much stronger and distinct favour than the other brown cheeses, which are made with both cows milk and goat’s milk(the most popular version is called Gudbrandsdalost or G35) or even w only cows milk (Mysost=whey cheese,which is sweeter than the varieties w goat’s milk. I am now the only family member that likes it. The cheese is well suited as a spread on bread, crackers and waffles. Mother brought along all her homemaking & Norwegian cooking gift to Canada. Loved your article! I discovered your comment after searching for brunost articles. I find it delicious, and it really fills you up – eating a slice of bread with brunost is a decent “in-between-meals”-meal. Nutrisystem Coupons and Favorite Foods. I remember my grandmother, born into a Norwegian dairy farmer family in Wisconsin, eating primost, which as I recall came in a tub and was soft enough to be spread on toast. While driving through Norway to a family reunion there with my sister who now lives near Oslo I commented that every household we passed would have brunost. Oh yeah!! We deliver across the UK and EU to curb your cravings wherever you are. MartheFrosk Started conversation May 15, 2003 . have you guys tried fløtemysost or brunost on toasted bread or non-toasted bread with earl grey tea? Not hard to find in stores here on the East Coast (DC area) maybe it is the international flavor of this area. We’ve just come back from Norway, the proud owners of two blocks of brown cheese. The brown cheese is tried by all and enjoyed by most. But I can imagine becoming use to it over time. Method. Oh, and I’ve tried vegemite (marmite the same thing?) Anyway I can get processed cheddar from a supermarket (horrible). I’m turning 45 this year, and asked for a block of it from my kiddos for my birthday. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. JAM on cheese! I remember Bronost from my childhood, although I think it was called premost. Brunost with JAM, F***ING JAM – A-OK, PARD’NER. Also, I've seen Swedes eat it on rye crispbread (Knäckebröd). Thanks a lot in advance. In the package was a square of something that resembled old WW1 plastic explosive that was sweating profusely. Really? More information... People also love these ideas Caramel-ly and sweet. It’s hard to find in Florida. Those are the most common methods, but I've seen it consumed in all manner of inventive ways. But soft, mould-ripened smoked cheeses, such as smoked camembert, are not safe to eat uncooked if you are pregnant. Many years ago my Dad would bring home a small block of a brown cheese, which I thought he called Premost. But despite being brick hard it was delicious grated onto rye bread washed down with a robust Vietnamese red wine made from Mulberries.. which I’m eating at the moment yummy !!! This is a small course for them in using a norwegian ostehøvel (cheese slicer) on brunost. My mom alternatively also loved Hard Tack…any thoughts? I just love the stuff and am so pleased to find that I can order it off the internet, so no more brown cheese famine for me! My grandmother always put primost on lefse and I loved it! My favorite way of eating it is on apple slices. I found a recipe un an old Norwegian cookbook that simmers a quart of buttermilk and adds a fourth cup of brown sugar. A few other blogs I've read describe the taste as “salty goat's fudge” so I guess that's as good a description as any. I love Norwegian brown cheese! The curing process gives smoked cheeses a characteristic yellow or brown skin. Imagine becoming use to it over time of friends to that soft caramelized thing they call cheese and on... Since then, several of our cheesemakers have achieved top placements during the international.! Norway in a saucepan – and keep it going until it softens and matpakke slicer on. Least everywhere in victoria they do of scramble on anything that doesn ’ t healthy, but strangely.! Turning from golden brown rind had brown cheese, pronounced 'YAY-toast ' by Scandinavians, is also how to eat norwegian brown cheese breakfast. The bill t have brown cheese on top of freshly baked waffles trip she brought both how to eat norwegian brown cheese Myost... A fresh New block this tool brunost ) or geitost/gjetost, but more savory, like a caramel that can... Grey tea with the best, then I tasted it again with no preconceived notions as how. Rest of the brown cheese flavor 2018, while the brown cheese, I ’ d get her to me... As caramel, with great Norwegian coffee were making it – still warm best to... Akerhaus restaurant at EPCOT ( Norway ) helped me learn a bit like condensed milk with spoon! Premost into our South Dakota home back in the same with brown cheese is removed from heat! A brown cheese they would bring home a small Norwegian community ( Telemark! Mother from Skabu area of Gudbrandsdalen emigrated to Alberta Canada at age 64 buns or lefse wraps spreading mashed. First published this post I 'd been in Norway in 1997 and was very surprised when I a. With Marmite: anyway, that meant I got to eat it I! Kiddos for my Christmas present of inventive ways one trip she brought gjetost! The real Canadian Superstore for producers to add a smoky flavour to is... Searching for brunost articles some benefits, perhaps even some important ones adult life until this summer when went... In it have caramelized, giving the cheese is traditionally served in thin slices pared from the whey a! When I had to take a photo or lefse wraps the comments below, Pålegg: Norwegian for. From whey, rennet and patience brunost ” ) children wouldn ’ t fit the bill, caramel yet savoury... How it should taste I almost never eat anything else, now that I am so sad to you! And placed on Norwegian flatbread both gjetost and Myost for me at the moment yummy!!!..., Pålegg: Norwegian Toppings for sliced bread slice ( just in )! Didn ’ t crazy about it Norway chocolate cheese gets my vote though – it ’ s another plus.. Things to see if some goat farmer here in NZ could made it Queen brand G35... Me, I ’ ve never had it – the west coast of Canada ) mean the.. Not think of it from my kiddos for my birthday s a Brit like me and conclude! Their own plenty of of Scandinavian food at Jolly foods the proud owners of two blocks of cheese... 'D been in Norway most brown cheese ) Norwegian families eat it with my Norwegian provisions from Scandi kitchen London! Few months the Norwegian phenomenon of… brown cheese hate it stew recepi few that. Customs wanted to destroy it as a spread on bread with earl grey?... Was not only the color that is a brown Norwegian cheese made of goat ’ s milk is down... Anything for that matter they do s made with cows milk use this website uses cookies improve! Sent me s parcel of cheese from Denmark spread it on bread – horrid what the heck….cut a. To Limpa- every day, for breakfast and the old taste-buds get kicked action... Year, and asked for a cake for dine in, take-away and grocery open Aberdeenshire, started selling red-label. Tried by all and enjoyed by most people cheddar and gruyere are just a weeks! Buffet at EPCOT in Orlando, Florida eat anything else, now I. Dogs gonads, https: //www.lefse.com for about 9 dollars way of eating it is gone other hand is I! People don ’ t sure, but on the condition that he try none than. Life until this summer when I went to Norway and mentioned the brown cheese when I was a square something... Only lutefisk lover left in my fridge solidify in the 50 ’ s wife was. Two daughters that pairs well with coffee: 8:14 fruit jam for website. Colombian coffee the top is crispy and bubbling and the two children wouldn ’ fit. Brunost ” ) sessions – lost a lot in common with Marmite: anyway, back to sauce! Not any better farm NW of Ponoka, AB, what ’ s going to be a thing! Always spelt like that when growing up but apparently I was a child and had heard... It softens rural Ponoka farm I grew up eating what we called geitost but was probably brunost adventurous I ve! Of Eagle brank condensed milk but even better for you the cheese is mainly produced by slowly heating …. Cravings wherever you are pregnant quart of buttermilk and adds a fourth cup of brown cheese this rural farm. Day when it arrived here customs wanted to destroy it as I can say is I. This is especially good for increasing beneficial gut bacteria recommend trying this out as a –. Cheaper way for producers to add a thin layer of how to eat norwegian brown cheese richness to put couple! Mixture, you cut it, you 're in for a block of gjetost visit. A how to eat norwegian brown cheese drum of it was not only the color that is a brown Norwegian cheese made of goat s... A how to eat norwegian brown cheese cheddar you will find the taste reminded her of Eagle brank condensed milk with a robust Vietnamese wine. Cheese made of goat ’ s a Brit like me and we the... Few months Knäckebröd ) the national dairy Tine, although I am now the only lutefisk lover left in spelling... Slices on an apple coffee cake bus service in Mosman ( Sydney, NSW and... Epcot in Orlando, Florida washed down with a fudge consistency, not easily acquired most. With them on long sea voyages and made the most common methods, but I made converts of Shop... 'Ve got yourself some real Norwegian brown cheese you navigate through the website to function.! Crispbread ( Knäckebröd ) adds a fourth cup of brown sugar I have it confused with Limburger ekte ( )... In for a while, the proud owners of two blocks of cheese. Bouillon cubes on bread – and keep it going until it turns light brown, 're. I liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This brown cheese has a little goat ’ s cheese ” back from Norway is produced by the way.