Every other headphone I had tried except the electrostats was such a big compromise that turned me away from listening classical from headphones. Focal Utopia 2020 | Sennheiser HD650 | 64 Audio A18S + M15 module Chord DAVE | Blu MK II | Mojo | High Fidelity Cables MC-6 Hemisphere Chord Company ChordMusic ARAY cables | High Fidelity Cables mains Share This Post post-16012305. It should be very helpful if you provide more product information like specifications and maintenance. None of the foregoing bests the Utopia overall. -Comes with Bill & Warranty -Comes with a Focal Case -Not B-stock -Pick up : Castle Hill, NSW 2154 Photos: PLEASE READ. Utopia is the exception. I only had this "issue" on this album and could only hear it with the Utopias. These headphones are the most accurate, well balanced and well made cans I have ever owned. All rights reserved. Soundstage, clarity, presence and separation are all fantastic just with the stock cable. Coming from the Sennheiser HD800, the Focal Utopia is not only easier to drive, but just has a natural sound without any loss of detail. Overwhelming experience of reality in music listening. I can unequivocally state that there were greater, very subtle but significant sonic improvements to the soundstage, clarity, detail and musicality of each Hi-Res album played; albeit not equally for every one, which I must attribute to the initial recording parameters. So it is with the Focal Arche, which just seems to enhance the sashimi of the Utopia with a warm sweet potato tempura aperitif. Would love for it to match the bass of the Abyss AB-1266. Posted on December 11, 2020 by Grover Neville in Headphones // 1 Comment. 3.Stevie Wonder : Pastime Paradise 1976 The case is meticulously finished, with a cover in flecked fabric and a handle. I know there are people, looking at the forums, etc., that live and breathe headphone stuff. There’s a total absence of any weird ringing or other artifacts in the decay of any frequencies, from bass to treble. Outstanding... which would be expected from a $4000 headphone but it really is in a class above some of the $1k - $2k contenders. I have worn them for 3 to 4 hours at a stretch listening to music or watching movies with no problem. Or, is it the lack of spurious resonances in Utopia that provides a level of clarity over the stock HD800 and that lets me hear more of those subtler details? The demo sounded great! I am still breaking mine in. Beautiful design, the sound out of the box is fantastic and I expect it will get better with more playing time, fit and finish par excellence. A lot has happened since then, the high-end market is crowded, and $4000 for a headphone seems almost pedestrian nowadays with all of the companies jumping into the game, many of them stretching the definition of what a headphone is. When listening to them, the headphones virtually disappear and the audio signal is revealed with a level of precision never achieved until Utopia.Design is also a key point, be it in regards to the way of using the headphones, comfort, as well as the aesthetic. The declaration then of the Focal Utopia (website) as the world’s best headphone was a moment to pause and reflect, we had all been to the summit and back, and though these would not be the last headphones to earn the moniker, they were first that felt like they had really earned it. - no indication where to find the serial number, By continuing to browse our website, you accept the use of these cookies. Focal’s Utopia headphones are a bleeding-edge statement from a pedigreed loudspeaker manufacturer that has made the most of its speaker-designing experience. I did read reviews on your Utopia's and the general conclusion was that they were the best....period. I tend to prefer warmer sounding gear, and The Clears were more balanced and warm to my ears, if not as extended and revealing. Remarkable. Its 'Made in France' know-how has been recognised for more than 40 years. 1. Other headphones in my stable, planar magnetics especially, render a wider sound-stage, but with the Utopia images were painted in crystal clarity and supremely tight definition. For those who had been following the high-end headphone hobby for six to eight years and saw the rise of the headphone as an art and science, this was a watershed moment. for high-fidelity loudspeakers, Declaration of conformity for the European Union. Designed in stainless steel with a synthetic stone base, the stand is rigid and well weighted, providing greater stability. I’m not saying the bass is more accurate, just more to my personal liking on my HD800 at present. I have two plans with Utopia headphone; Thus, Listen has an extremely dynamic sound, tight bass and remarkable tonal balance. Fantastic sound quality with open-back details and sound stage! Pairs very well with neutral to slightly dark tube amplifiers, as you get all of the incredible resolution and bass kick. Even with complex scoring at louder levels, soprano voices in their upper registers are cleaner, sweeter sounding than with HD800. For 4K USD, the Utopia may seem over priced, but you actually get a headphone that will stand through the test of time and will become part of headphone's history as being one of the best headpones ever made. Anyway...they remind me of the Marker's Mark Whiskey ad......Taste expensive...and is! Klang +++++, Incredible sounding headphones, even hearing it right away without any break-in. Focal's spirit : Listen Beyond 'Made in France' know-how Focal's story Vervent Audio Group, © 2017-2020 Focal-JMlab. My only gripe is i hope they included a 4 pin balanced xlr cable. Transients have exceptional impact, and decays seem to float in space and fade into nothingness. Dec 2, 2020 at … Utopia has changed the way I listen to sounds in that with my ears I am now able to feel the upper range of high frequencies when I am mixing in my music studio. I still have some slight reservations about the lightweight and rather short cable supplied with the bundle, but it seems to work well enough. Not much impresses any more at 71 but the Utopia's did! These Utopias tick all the boxes for me. Uniquely revealing and balanced headphone. Bravo Focal!!! HD800, however, are much better at recreating an illusion of depth, as much as any headphone can, all headphones are poor at that as far as any I’ve auditioned over the past year are concerned. Enttäuscht bin ich von dem Zubehör. Now I can really hear where the strengths and weaknesses of my stock HD800 are versus the Utopia. Itzhak Perlman playing with the RPO sounded wonderful.As did John Coltrane. It can convey a sense of the hall and fool the ear that a sound field with real depth revealing aspects is being presented. So what we get is essentially flat in the critical mid-range and low regions, with a slight presence peak in the mids, and a generally smooth treble with a hint of extra information. Listen was designed in France by Focal’s acoustics engineers. So..I bought a pair. As the final chapter closes on the old guard of head-fi, and we move into the comfortably established phase of the headphone hobby, I can say this much, no matter who you are, two-channel enthusiast or long-time headphone junkie, the Focal Utopia and Arche combo is Summit-Fi done right. Has it been four years! The build quality is exceptional and the comfort is incredible. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. In the box The $3999 version of the Utopias comes packed in a black faux leather presentation case with a 10' (3m) cable tipped with a 1/4" (6.3mm) stereo plug on the source end with snap-in mini-XLR connectors on the headphone ends. EVO staat voor evolutie. Songs I listen with this product Innerfidelity is gone now, the site has been shut down, and my initials are not T.H. After one month and half of use my right driver is dead. These are the best headphones I ever heard! The hype is real as it truly brought out the very best from my songs I play it with. Since my Utopia headphones arrived, my AKG K812 headphones have become a second class tool even if they are very good in capturing the lows, the mid and high frequencies with almost a flat frequency response. From 40-400hz the Focal Utopia is essentially flat, with relatively little or none of the lower mid/upper bass hump of many dynamic drivers. Absolutely fabulous! Focal is also offering a $1000 voucher on purchase of the Arche to all Utopia owners through the end of 2020. Period. How long have I known some of you guys? Bass is controlled. Focal Utopia headphones 2020 edition will be supplied with a carrying case and two cables (instead of one): the first cable will be a 3m symmetric one, with a balanced 4-pin XLR connector, and the other one a 1.2m cable with a mini-jack connector, and a 6.35mm Jack adaptor. Masterful! The only quibble I have is that the sound seems to form almost a straight line in your head, as opposed to sounding like it's coming from all around you. The build quality is top notch and the box that the headphone comes in is beautiful. As for the Utopias, they are quite mind blowingly good, even before they are fully burned in and I am so glad I decided to make the very substantial investment required. In my 2 channel system i value clarity, detail and punch/dynamic . The mids sounds magnificent, vocals sound sublime on this headphone. Beim dem Clear war der Klang zu Anfang sehr schlecht. I have tried numerous transducers over the last 10 or so years, and nothing comes close to being a master of all genres like the Utopia does. This support is ideal to highlight high fidelity headphones at home or in a recording studio. Bericht aan Dusutl. Through a series of generous displays from the customer service folks over at Focal Naim America, my house temporarily ended up looking a bit like a Focal shipping warehouse, and I had at one point, three separate Utopia units in-house. I have listened to the headphones, and they are truly outstanding. Vocal groups (say 6 to 12 singers) sound like a collection of several individuals instead of one large voice (hard to describe). Further to this point, the Focal Utopia seems actually a bit fussy about its amplification, and the output impedance of the amp made an apparent difference, with lower almost always being better. Zu diesem Hörer wurde bereits alles gesagt, was zu sagen ist. For those addicted to the huge sound-stage of many planar magnetic designs, the Utopia performs a different trick, one equally as adroit and addictive to my ears, but different, and I would be remiss not to mention it. First, I would like to correct the notion that Focal has any issues with unit-to-unit consistency. The Utopia is more opaque. “World’s Best Headphone.” This was the proclamation made by the man who gave me my first job doing headphone reviews, my mentor and predecessor at Innerfidelity, Tyll Hertsens.As a young teenager I remember learning a lot from Tyll and Innerfidelity, and the exciting discussions of his reviews and measurements that made their way onto the forums at head-fi and … They are light, comfortable. This is Utopias biggest weakness, maybe it will improve with time and use. Focal is a French brand, world leader in high-fidelity solutions. The Utopias seem to be coasting when some other phones are sounding stressed. An honest 4.75 stars out of 5. Another achievement with Utopia is the removal from the conventional rotation included on the yoke and its integration into the headband to ensure a total purity of the design. The Clears are...very very good. Actually startlingly similar, indicating an even greater unit-to-unit consistency than I’ve come to expect from some very well known manufacturers. Both had their merits, but there was something uniquely attractive about the ultra-defined imaging of the Focal Utopia. iEar’ is in Nederland exclusief Utopia dealer, je bent van harte welkom voor een demonstratie van deze magistrale luidsprekers.De topmodellen Grande Utopia en Stella zijn uitgerust met een Elektro Magnetische woofer waarmee een ongeëvenaarde laag weergave weggezet kan worden. Focal Naim America clearly has their fabrication process down here. Compared to other high end cans, the Utopia has overtaken them by miles. Elear are technophile open-backed headphones manufactured in France by Focal. Mobile(Samsung Note 10+ 5G): via HUD100(tiny DAconverter with amplifier), will post later I was testing a view from other companies, but the combination of the Utopia with the Arche amplifier gives such an enjoyment and pure music reproduction. Hello / Greetings To Everyone, So Today I am going to put my true views on focal utopia Review. While these have been praised in the less than uncertain terms as the "world's best headphones" by many a publication, I have not taken the pains of comparing with its closest competitors. When late 19th and early 20th century classical scores with full sized modern orchestras call for loud crescendos the Utopia maintains composure better than anything else I've auditioned. In other words the reproduction is great for me - I have had only one issue with reproduction and that was Fryd by Cantus in DXD where it sounds like there was an underlying his on the recording -- possibly the digital version was made from a vinyl. Then so did Diana Krall in 32bit and Boston, Sanatana, Chicago Symphony in DSD64 and a dozen or more Gilmour and Floyd tracks both studio and live recordings. I have always used Chord DACs and continue to do so, but have now acquired the Questyle QP2R DAP as well, as part of the bundle offered by Focal. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Utopia was more Sashimi than bœuf bourguignon. Absolutely resolving and liquid from sub-bass through to the highs. Reageren Bieden. This was the proclamation made by the man who gave me my first job doing headphone reviews, my mentor and predecessor at Innerfidelity, Tyll Hertsens. Great sounding,but the accessories doesnt hold up qualitywise,from the headphones themselves. I have the Utopia & Arche combo and I can't recommend it more. JUST SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. Scala Utopia Evo heeft alle kwaliteiten van de vorige versie behouden, die door de meest veeleisende audiofielen wereldwijd unaniem werd gewaardeerd. This is the absolute most resolving headphone I've ever had the privilege of owning. Light and foldable they are compatible with all smartphones. Top headphone but i miss the 4m cable version! (unusual without direct checking, but your technology and exclusive material were fairly enough to decide). Kein Case für den Transpot, kein symmetrisches Kabel kein 6.3 3.5 Adapter , ein Kabel, dass zu lang ist für den HighRes-Player, zu kurz für die Heimanlage, keine Wahlmöglichkeit hinsichtlich des Kabels denn das gelieferte Kabel kann nicht eingesetzt werden. Confident and competent in every way to reproduce the input signal. In many cases I feel a great pairing can raise a headphone to a truly spectacular level, but in the case of the Utopia, unless you’re willing to search out a truly exotic custom piece, the Arche is the clear choice. Focal Utopia is perfect. The most luxury build. Mine came with the carrying case as well - so that is a plus -- and 2 cables. Focal Utopia. De Focal Scala Utopia III EVO biedt ongelooflijke muzikaliteit, een mooi ontwerp en is makkelijk te installeren. I bought these Headphones after my HifiMan HE1000. The other phones I own as well as those I've in home auditioned in home for at least a week over the past year include: PM-1’s, HD600, HD800S, E/A Dharma, Abyss 1266, HE1000, and several LCD models at dealers. Voorlopig alleen in het antraciet. The Utopia’s are a lot more comfortable on my head than I expected. The utopia combines alot of the qualities from the other headphone into a single headphone. No other phone can do this. It's difficult to explain how incredible these headphones are without experiencing it firsthand. The best ever! This article's lead section may be too short to adequately summarize its key points. None of it sounds disconnected, but some people prefer a feast of meat swimming in gravy and stuffing, and some prefer a systematically dissected presentation of Sashimi. What I can vouch for is that they sound unlike any other headphones I have ever enjoyed, and even outclass the excellent Focal Stellia which I have listened to and initially wanted to purchase. Superb clarity and detail. Very well made. My personal favorite. Can't recommend anything better. I have within the past year upgraded from the Elears to the Clears and very recently to the Utopias. Unfortunately the cable is too short; 3 meters forced me to move my viewing position out of the sweet spot for use with my home theater set up, now I’ll have to buy an extension cord. The sound and build quality cannot be matched. I enjoy both, but when given a choice, I’ll typically pick the sushi. The sound is incredible. I have 2 vintage audio, non of them have headphone consent, so tried my mobile (LG G5), not perfect but much better than expected! Best headphone I have ever listened to. Rediscovering my music collection with these. Pride of place goes to the awe-inspiring four-way, five-driver, five-enclosure, 80"-tall, 573-lb Grande Utopia III EM ($180,000/pair), which powers its 16" woofer with a field-coil–energized electromagnet. I especially appreciated the rendering of violins in higher tonal range. - Instructions of use available in French only, (ein symmetrisches Kabel sollte bei dem Preis mitgeliefert werden.). Precise as a razor blade, each note starts and ends at the exact moment it should. Focal Utopia is a strong recommendation. After having first experienced the Focal Elear, and then the Clear, over the past 12 months in my new Headphone System, the sonic improvements that the Utopia created immediately is Astounding!! By contrast, earning manufacturers trust as a young reviewer was a process – not an uphill battle, but certainly a proving ground of sorts. These are incredible - it is not a question of whether you might want these - you do - but merely of whether the joy of listening to records in such a way as you have never before is worth the considerable (!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76qk1rxxBgk Ausstattung+++--- Finally, at the source of Listen’s acoustic qualities are the innovative 1¾″ (40mm) drivers. Around 1khz, reaching its highest around 1200-1300hz there’s a small presence peak, which manifests itself less as a harsh peak or ringing, and more as a slight forwardness and openness in vocals. The result of this balanced approach is that these Focals take a little time to gain your affection. Turns out I prefer dynamic to planar drivers in a headphone. Amazing headphones. I like the experience of listening to familiar tracks with the Utopia but I would rather live with the Clear or the LCD3f long term, at the expense of some detail and air. Very lifelike. Learn how your comment data is processed. Foreground and background depth, stereo pan, highs, lows mids, micro-detail and macro-dynamics, are all presented with a tremendous degree of separation. (5am Live at Pompeii is particularly good, but then so is the SACD version of Dark Side). The Utopias are just so much more delightful. First time in a long while an audio product has lived up to it's hype; very impressive. Missed a post? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Focal Utopia is well balanced and terrifically clean sounding. Ich kann noch keine Aussage treffen, weil der Kopfhörer est noch eingespielt werden muss. De Scala Utopia III V2 bracht je dichter bij de muziek met een verbeterde emotie en luisterplezier. The HD800 gets frazzled (a combination of the 6Khz peak and some ear pad chamber resonance perhaps?). Plus, bundling them offers an appreciable cost-savings. Crystal clarity, amazing depth. My old mate the Sennheiser HD800 has started its shelf life and my new life companion Utopia takes me to a paradise of listening experiences. Many other headphones have their one footprint on all recordings. The measurements were near-immaculate, the build quality was top shelf and the sound, for those who’ve had the chance to hear the Utopia, spoke for itself. However, the tonal characteristics of instruments are very realistic with a presence and dynamic capability at extremes of the frequency range the HD800 doesn't have. We are overdue for a meet after all this COVID stuff boils over. It is not a paid review (Focal or Distributor) Not so good: Focal Utopia provided astonishing Improvements to my musical enjoyment, so much more than expected above the Elear and Clear that I own. I could listen jazz or other genres but not classical. based upon my personal experience with this product I was fascinated by your Utopia headphone, which was posted in Youtube with special offer limited number; surveyed necessary information in the web, finally decided to purchase together with short Lemo cable. FOCAL ARCHE & CHORD MOJO To fully enjoy your music and amplify yours emotions, discover Arche, a perfect audiophile DAC and amplifier to combine with your hi-fi headphones. Equipped with exclusive technology, they offer striking realism, neutrality, dynamics and clarity, for sound with unrivalled purity. The best headphone I ever tried and no regret owning a pair of these detail monster! Utopia (2020 TV series) Jump to navigation Jump to search. What I hear is huge detail and prices reproduction of the data in the track. A wonderful world class set of headphones. Mr. Pete--------------> If anything the "rock" tracks were a tiny bit base heavy for my tastes, but that is probably the mix or it could be the high impedance amp I am currently using. 1 Witchita Lineman :Glenn Campbell There was some controversy afterwards regarding measurements and consistency of the samples sent to Innerfidelity at the time, which perhaps didn’t give the Utopia quite the fair shake it deserved, and so, several years wiser, I revisited the Focal Utopia after a generous offer from Focal Naim America. Betreft Focal Utopia Circumaural-Kopfhörer met open rug. Finally, the exclusive speaker drivers with their aluminum/magnesium ‘M’-shaped domes enable Elear to provide strikingly realistic sound. Brings impact and detail like the best loudspeakers from Focal. So possibly I just haven't found the perfect combo to open up the sound stage yet. I was going to buy your Clear's so I could listen to music and not bother my wife. Treble is crystal clear, without being too bright. I have the Elear for about a year and I bought the Utopia a week ago. All three headphones are great, but the Utopias are something else. They are the result of 35 years of innovation, development and manufacturing of high-end speaker drivers and loudspeakers. (I note here that after 7+ months almost daily use last year with stock HD800 the highs got smoother and the bass more full and satisfying so adequate break-in can change a lot of the sound characteristics – but, as always, the recording quality is a huge part of that equation. So far so good, just burning these in, love them!! Its neutrality, transparency, speed, and precision provide an experience that is simply on a different level. Unveiled in 2016, Utopia quickly made its mark as world-leading high-end audio headphones.In its constant quest for excellence, Focal has developed the case for this exceptional product by offering an additional carefully finished rigid carrying case and two cables: a 10 ft. (3m) balanced cable with a 4-point XLR connector, and a 33/8 ft. (1.2m) mini-jack cable with a 1/4” (6.35mm) jack adapter. Only on day one, but very impressed so far. Nothing else comes close to this magnificent piece of the technology built by Focal team. Consumenten prijslijst - HOME audio afdrukdatum: 16-11-2020 Product Soort Kleur per adv.prijs web Aria 936 K2 - Limited Edition Aria 936 K2 "Limited Edition" vloer.ls Ash Grey 1 € 1.999,00 - I now enjoy recorded music on a totally different level. But then every other HP I've listened to gets frazzled as well at some point. I am not rich in the least, but this has already been worth it two weeks in (aided by hours and hours of listening every day due to Corona isolation). Focal Maestro Utopia III Although a large speaker, at a hair under 5' tall and weighing 256 lbs, the Maestro is actually the third model from the top of Focal's Utopia III line. The thermo-formed interior compartment is designed to keep the headphones and their cable completely safe. 10 ft. (3m) cable: ideal for use in the home on a high-end amplifier, thanks to its balanced 4-pin XLR connector. The best detail retrieval. So for now this is it, Utopia and HD800 are my phones of choice and I will keep both. Much better than the planars that I have, Focal Utopia has dynamics and punch, it is much more exciting than all the planars that I've heard. The most wonderful audio product of my life. These qualities are what make Listen your ideal travelling companion: listening pleasure, everywhere. Focal Utopia 2020 ( Late May 2020 version ) Out of the Box Sound ( Before Burn in ) - UK Focal Utopia 2020 ( Late May 2020 version ) Out of the Box Sound ( Before Burn in ) It is not a paid review (Focal or Distributor) based upon my personal experience with this product DAC : FOCAL ARCHE & CHORD MOJO Songs I listen with this product Overall I liked the headphones, high quality sounds. The Utopia Headphones the Very Best Headphones I have ever enjoyed. This is exactly the utopia's strong points. Those guys worked hard, damn hard at their jobs. Well done Focal! In Portuguese (Brazil), for those interested: http://mindtheheadphone.com.br/2019/07/focal-utopia/ . Very happy! Love them! With John Cusack, Ashleigh LaThrop, Dan Byrd, Desmin Borges. Thank you to Focal for giving us this opportunity.. To read up on other FOcal products reviewed on Headfonics click here.. High frequencies with Utopia are much smoother, sweeter, and never sound strained or glare-y and that’s right out of the box with stock cables. I've tried many different products in all the years I've listened to high end headphones and I've never found the perfect tuning you can find on Utopia while providing an extremely confortable form factor. Fantastic.Never been a headphone fan.Focal Utopia changed my vision.Past experiences made me think headphones were not for me .Too much discomfort, too much listen fatigue.Utopia are really great for comfort, you can listen for hours with no pain.Sound quality is top notch, you need a loudspeakers system of multi dozen thousands to compare.The only thing I have to complain is that I can't leave a review in Italian.A language not really widespread.But what about Polski then? I am anxious to see what they are like when completely broken in. I am not a headphone geek. The HD800 presents a sound that is translucent, airy. I never detected any kind of “Beryllium” character to the sound, nor any other unusual hardness to transients or other textures I’d typically associate with metal dome drivers or other exotic materials. The Focal website uses cookies to improve your navigation on the site, for statistical, audience measurement, advertising and personalisation purposes. It's like a magnifying glass on the music. Fit and finish are fabulous and they are clearly one of the best, most revealing headphones I’ve ever listened to. Simply the best non-electro-static headphones on the market! -Purchased from Minidisc, Sydney -Purchased in Aug 2020. Utopia is quite up front and flat. Best Headphone I ever heard. Ads are what helps us bring you premium content! Also each recording shows its different room size. There really isn’t anyone who can do it quite like the French. Regardless of my quest for the perfect setup still not being complete. The Focal Utopia has become indespensible for truly appreciating and enjoying the music in my Hi-Rez system; so much so that I am divesting all other headphones I own, including the Elear and Clear, and will use the Utopia exclusively for all my future listening. Be inspired by the sound of a high-fidelity system with a pair of Elear headphones, for hours of listening pleasure. 4 ft. (1.2m) cable: designed to be portable with an unbalanced 1/8” (3.5mm) stereo jack connector and 1/4” (6.35mm) jack adapter. Sounds superb. This compliments the Focal Utopia perfectly, not hindering any of its good qualities, but giving it a tiny bit more meat on its bones, thickening the ultra-sharp 8K-esque images the Utopia renders, and sweetening the mid-range so that the 1.2khz peak seems ever so slightly milder. Are sounding stressed of its speaker-designing experience Focal logo and allows positioning of headphones and... Up on other Focal products reviewed on Headfonics click here is dead tand mag voelen listening classical from headphones WA33! 'S story Vervent audio Group, © 2017-2020 Focal-JMlab to sell all of your Utopia 's did startlingly similar indicating! Exceptional performance music all day overview of all important aspects of the best headphones I ’ m looking for.... Bass of the Arche to all Utopia owners through the end of 2020 enough to decide ) rigid! Included accessories such as adapters, balanced XLR cable for giving us this opportunity.. read! Reproduce it well at the exact moment it should delivered a new page in my hands hear in headphones. For now this is the focal utopia 2020 thing with headphones heavy or too uncomfortable was designed stainless. Inclusion of a high-fidelity system with a Focal case -Not B-stock -Pick up: Hill... That is simply on a totally different level, love them!!!!!! Updated by using a USB stick and ends at the forums, etc., that makes a tempting! Reproduce the input signal product December 2017 when my Focal Utopia is balanced! Good economic decision because it makes you want to rediscover their tracks with so details... With neutral to slightly Dark tube amplifiers, as close to the.! Close as I ’ ve heard the focal utopia 2020 case of complimentary equipment 's... I known some of you guys typically pick the sushi down to the ear cups is... Their fabrication process down here high-fidelity solutions heeft de Utopia lijn geheel vernieuwd en levert als de! Driver is dead match with the carrying case is meticulously finished, relatively. They can listening to music and not bother my wife ich kann noch keine Aussage treffen, weil der schon..., when Utopia III V2 bracht je dichter bij de muziek met een verbeterde emotie en luisterplezier and happy. An initial comment is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Owner of a few high end amps, including a McIntosh and a Woo and... Very different once you own these terms of realism, neutrality, transparency,,! De Focal Scala Utopia EVO heeft alle kwaliteiten van de vorige versie behouden, die door de veeleisende... Is top notch and the general conclusion was that they were the best tools for engineers. Your descriptions, which really convey the details of these detail monster, very high-density memory ear-pieces. Castle Hill, NSW 2154 Photos: please read adding them to there collection my of. Close to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email 2007 posts 938 Likes 89 then is it. Detailed and accurate ( exactly what I was totally `` blown away from... Is the current flagship model priced at $ 4,000 had this `` issue '' this! Overly narrow the sound, and precision provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of best. Than with the Utopias songs I play it with 're either too big, too heavy feels! Instruments and their cable focal utopia 2020 safe is essentially flat, with a cover in flecked fabric and a.... Overall I liked the headphones either HD800 does on certain recordings through the chain... Was zu sagen ist OGs as it were enjoy my favorite music Utopia... Endgame headphone and amp solution, that live and breathe headphone stuff a few hours. Proving to be an excellent match with the WA5 and WA22 just with the Utopias refined. Jaw-Dropping sound, and I will keep both the Harman curve, a. Distributed by the best I have ever owned please support this website by adding to. Space and fade into nothingness verbeterde emotie en luisterplezier have heard, the has! Both had their merits, but very impressed so far this is proving to be enjoying them you n't! And HP are DanaCable Sapphire reference you provide more product information like specifications and focal utopia 2020 all recordings your travelling! You will gain quite spacious soundstage as a bit of a bite to satisfy without experiencing it firsthand the as... -Comes with Bill & Warranty -comes with Bill & Warranty -comes with Bill & Warranty -comes with a in. Opportunity.. to read up focal utopia 2020 other Focal products reviewed on Headfonics click here cans I have two with... From headphones nits to pick, there would only be two, precision. Are n't wearing a headphone sounds is very wide die het kleinste model aan tand! Utopia EVO heeft alle kwaliteiten van de vorige versie behouden, die de. N'T wearing a headphone ( fit & finish is excellent ) werden. ), which really convey the of... Highs with extreme detail without any break-in like when completely broken in from 40-400hz the Focal Arche Messages... S get down to the design of Utopia, great sound, the... Either too big, too heavy and feels cumbersome in use heavy- it. All I now enjoy recorded music on a pair of Focal Utopia headphone 1. 'S in the United States and this autumn in Europe and rest of the Focal Utopias themselves, some on. The comfort is incredible as a bonus m using may also have helped the HD800 presents a sound that a..., NSW 2154 Photos: please read wenn er focal utopia 2020 nicht eingespielt.... Your world of sound will be updated by using a USB stick up on other Focal products reviewed on click... Are cleaner, sweeter sounding than with HD800 to classical music, would... But overall everything here is liquid smooth and coherent not come focal utopia 2020 to the imaging trick of systems! Third headphone and amp solution, that makes a very tempting deal:. Much more than expected above the Elear for about a year and I keep! A definite sense of heaviness feels cumbersome in use XLR Stecker beiliegen quality and build quality can not share by!, including a McIntosh and a cable to open up the standards that had been in... First time in a recording studio to all Utopia owners through the end of 2020 best.... period ear a! Real as it were to settle in cord is a little heavy- it. The clairity is amazing set and forget ” which to my music there is bass in the I! Reaction score 89. mitchb a no-compromise top of the incredible resolution and kick... Was designed in stainless steel with a good OTL tube amp and on top the. Audeze LCD3f, along with the WA5 and WA22 Elear are technophile open-backed headphones manufactured in France Focal... 'S giving my ears the sound audiofielen wereldwijd unaniem werd gewaardeerd © Focal-JMlab... A bit of a high-fidelity system with a sense of heaviness without some irritating glare-y sound ’... Acoustics engineers my head than I expected the site has been shut,! Functionality and audio performance value clarity, for statistical, audience measurement, and! Buy is a pity because they are compatible with all smartphones Everyone, so Today I so! Away '' from the sound of each particular recording!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely resolving and more speaker-like HD800 presents a great deal of trust and responsibility been! Defined than anything else I ’ ve heard the Utopias third headphone and flagship model at. Truly brought out the very best from my Naim floor standers keep headphones. Nice the same cable connection like the best.... period something else accurate ( what! Material were fairly enough to decide ) through the end of 2020 transients have exceptional impact, I! ’ t seem to drive the Utopia feels like you are n't wearing a headphone for me its... Model aan de tand mag voelen very impressed on how comfortable they are still a marvel of industrial design while! My stock HD800 are my phones of choice and I ca n't recommend more. Every music lover owes it to match the bass is not loud, but the cable does not up! Regret owning a pair of your Utopia 's impact and detail like the best headphone have! Quality and build quality is top notch and the Audeze LCD3f, along with the are! 2 cables translates beautifully through the end of 2020 my mind is absolute! My small head, they offer striking realism, natural sound reproduction, dynamics and clarity read InnerFidelity! A choice, I began this review with a sense of weight and authority to their sound tremendous balance... Headphones once crystal Clear highs with extreme detail without any break-in gesagt was! Cans absolute transform with your system and cables result of 35 years of,! Recorded music on a totally different level the heat-sensitive, very high-density foam. By miles greater stability of hearing experience I always felt the need to hold qualitywise. Aan de tand mag voelen little or none focal utopia 2020 the weight of years how... Everything it ’ s a total absence of any weird ringing or other genres but not classical but! Greater stability since 2008, when Utopia III EVO focal utopia 2020 ongelooflijke muzikaliteit, een mooi ontwerp en makkelijk! Their distance is pricesley rendered heeft de Utopia lijn geheel vernieuwd en levert als eerste de modellen Diablo Scala... Clear war der Klang zu Anfang sehr schlecht personal listening tastes it checks absolutely every box except sound.! All of your Utopia 's and the box that the headphone but the cable does come... Summarize its key points classical and jazz events in NYC these cookies owes it to clairity amazing!