Ski, Wakeboard So it sounds like you have a bad fuel pump. When the primer bulb isn't working, it may be a problem with the bulb itself, with the fuel lines that feed fuel to the bulb or both. If all is well, it should pump up and get firm when the valve in the fuel line adapter is closed. Seats, Fishing Boat Accessories, Boat Lift Canopy Guide, Boat Covers, Boat Shrink Wrap Telescopes, Covers and Meters, Marine Electrical Panels Downs, Couplers, Mounts, Topic: Primer bulb won't stay hard (i.e., fuel line problem) David Jenkins: posted 06-11-2003 08:29 PM ET (US) Yesterday, while working on the boat in the driveway, I noticed that the primer bulb was not hard so I squeezed it a few times to fill it with fuel. Parts, Sacrificial Anodes & Sockets, Marine Electrical And its new too! JavaScript is disabled. Galley, Barbeque Hi, the primer bulb should get hard when you manually prime it-they work ALOT better in the vertical position with the arrow pointing up. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Bullet Skimmer, Paint and Racks, Fish Finders, Sounders Deals, Paint & Maintenance Accessories, Marine DC Power Plugs Vinyl, Floating Boat Parts, Rule 1500 GPH Automatic Any help on how to get the airlock out or what I should try will be appreciated. You must log in or register to reply here. Holder, Anchor & Dock Tops, Other Lights, Boat Trailer Pumps, Livewell Aerator Pumps Shop Boat Gel Coat - Spectrum Color, Pumps and Acessories, Fishing Outriggers & It is present on the carburetor, and all you have to do is to press it like a button to start your lawn mower. Bulb loses prime while running as well? Racks, Fish Finders, Sounders Deals, Trailering Instruments, VHF Radios & Lighting, Marine Teak Hardware, Boat Cabin Dock, Cabin and I've checked the small holes on the bolt that holds the bulb in place and they are clear. The fuel … Pumps, Marine Pump Replacement Covers, Boat Wiring & The pump will be on one side of the carb, the meter valves are on the other. High Back Reclining Helm Seat, Cabin and Communication, Auto Pilot All, Anchor & Category, View Boats, Propeller Parts & Grills, Boat Drink Accessories, Boat Lift Canopy Detectors, Binoculars & Rafts, Paddle It may not display this or other websites correctly. It's job is not to pump gas but to purge the system of air. Hardware, Boat Seat Accessories, Marine DC Power Plugs The carburetor is a part of the engine that mixes fuel and air together to make a combustion. PFDs, Roof Racks, Carriers, Once the engine is primed and the bulb filled with fuel it will work in any position. Deals, Pumps & Plumbing Financing, Iboats Maintenance, Boat Cleaners & My FS 38 is not drawing fuel into the carburetor and primer bulb. Waxes, Boat Cleaning Financing, Iboats Hey Frank/ondavr the bulb gets hard motor starts & while I'm running the motor starts to quit till I squeeze the bulb a few times it starts running again? & Rings, Prop Nut Kits & Professionals. Instruments, VHF Radios & Seats, Pontoon Boat Seats & AN Usually three pumps of the carburetor bulbs is enough to start an engine. The engines ran and everything worked well, so I just ignored it. But blockages don’t cure themselves. Galley, Covers and Protection, Dock Storage & Drink Holders. Hardware, Boat Trailer Kits, Boat Trailer After close inspection i noticed the fuel line what sucks the petrol in (with the filter on end) had split, so i ordered some new fuel line, new filter (on end of fuel line) and a new primer bulb. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If it doesn’t disconnect the fuel line from the engine and pump the bulb. & Dock, Anchor Chains & Handles, Life Jackets & Switches, Shore Power & AC Biminis, View 1. the primer bulb has a check valve in may be bad, and this could be why it is not getting hard. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Shop great deals on Fuel Primer Bulb. CREATE Biminis, Paint and You need to check the inside of the carb to determine the condition of the valving system. It should stay "inflated" though. Yesterday, I noticed, previous to pumping primer bulb hard, air in the top half of the small inline fuel filter (under the cowling). Boat, Boat Buyers Video, GPS Chartplotters & It does move the gas and once started the trimmer runs just fine. Supplies, Boston Whaler, 1972-1993, Have you tried squeezing the bulb to keep it running, if this works you either have a bad fuel pump or an air leak. Plumbing, Fresh Water Boat While some machines have a choke plate, others have a primer bulb made out of rubber. Screws, Boat Handles, Pulls, Dollies, SportsStuff Great Big Think about it: If the bulb is collapsing then the fuel pump is trying to draw fuel but it is not getting as far as the primer bulb. Harware, Marine Nuts, Bolts, & AN When bulb does get hard out board runs but then the bulb goes soft & o/b stalls.I've spoke to some who say that the bulb has to be vertical vs all times? & Most small engines will not start if the carburetor is dry. Systems, Lowrance Hook2-4 GPS I have a Walbro carburetor and the primer bulb appears to work, as it is drawing fuel into the bulb but no fuel is going to the carburetor. Protection, Dock Storage & GPS Chartplotter and Fish Finder Combo, Find Software, Digital Sealant, & Bilge Pump, Tires, Rims, & Hub Biminis, RV & Trailer Parts, Inflatable for Sale, Buy A Have replaced the lines w/approved ethanol compatible Sierra fuel line, new primer bulb double ball checks,filter separator 10 micron. Axles, Boat Trailer Tie Boat Repair, Boat Paint & Biminis, View Anchor Box Anchors, Fishing Rod & Reel Manufacturer, Boat Tables & Professionals. Pumps, Marine Pump Replacement Wells, Toilet & Waste 06-17-2012, 05:02 PM. Deals, Camping & RV Tables, Minn Kota Tubes, Shop Tops, Other Platforms, Slide Trolling Motors, Shop If not a ventless tank check to be certain that the vent is open. Deals, Electrical Parts, Inflatable It is the easiest way to use a lawn mower, and many users swear by it. Boat Gel Coat - Spectrum Color, Pumps and Galley, Covers and Systems, Marine Plumbing Simply pulling on the starter rope will not draw fuel to the engine. Accessories, Marine Electrical Terminal Listen for air leaks if it doesn’t get hard, or the fuel bulb may need replacing. Outboards, Shop Run fuel tubing from here to purge bulb, and from bulb to tank (tubes must be on correct barbs on bulb). Grills, Boat Drink If the fuel is not being pumped out of the tank, either the problem is the fuel lines are not connected correctly or the carburetor has an internal problem. & Accessories, Marine Electrical Plumbing, Fresh Water Boat Fishing Lures, Fishing Rod Holders & All rights reserved. Furniture, Boat Seat Pedestals & Yes the vent is open. Savers, Boat Trailer Guides & Rafts, Paddle Hardware, Boat Trailer Any suggestions are appreciated. Deals, Electrical Charts & Locks, Boat Deck Acessories, Fish Cleaning My primer bulb has always "gone flat" shortly after start and a little use. Old gas can harden them essentially sticking the "valve" close, and not allowing fuel to flow. Cable, Marine Batteries & Deals, Camping & RV Boat, Sell A Boat, Sell A Thanks much. Terminals, Marine Fuse Blocks & Kits, Seadog Stainless Steel Cup The carburetor is brand new as well as the fuel lines and filter. Primer bulb not filling Hi, I have a Poulan WT 200 leaf blower with a brand new 530071775 carb,new fuel lines and a new fuel filter.I can't get the primer bulb to fill with fuel.I've tried with the carb attached & unattached to the engine block.I took pics of the fuel line configuration before I started so they are re-connected properly. The Right Fit, Shop By Drink Holders. Bilge Pumps, Shop If the primer bulb is not working, you may need to troubleshoot it. Protection, Ladders, Steps, & Shelters, Boat Maintenance, Boat Cleaners & Copyright © 2019 IBOATS. Distribution, ProMariner ProNautic All, Boat Bimini Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! It will not stay "hard" while operating but if you can pump for that long then best replace the bulb with a genuine one-not a cheap aftermarket one-they cause more problems then they are worth. Terminals, Marine Fuse Blocks & Plumbing, Anchor Think about it: If the bulb is collapsing then the fuel pump is trying to draw fuel but it is not getting as far as the primer bulb. Galley, Barbeque & Helm Seats, Shop Ventilation, Interior & Cabin Deals, Boat Seats 2. Handles, Life Jackets & Motors, Fishing Downriggers & JavaScript is disabled. Remove the filter and repeat the test. Shop a huge online selection at The Right Fit, Shop By Starters, Marine Solar Power If there is a crack in the primer bulb it can draw air into the fuel, causing an improper air/fuel ratio. Riptide Terrova 80 Trolling Motor w/i-Pilot & Bluetooth, Inflatable Blocks, Marine If the fuel pump has a hole in the diaphragm it will not allow the primer bulb to get hard and the engine will run out of gas if the fuel pump is bad. Meters, Marine Electrical Panels Smoke Screws, Boat Handles, Pulls, Zincs, Generator Covers, Boat Seat Is the filter separator between the primer and the motor? Are you using one of those new "ventless" tanks? Helm Seats, Shop You are using an out of date browser. Deals, Dealer Tops, Bimini Top Lighting, Marine Teak Holders, Cabin Accessories & Re the float needle post. Breakers, Power Packs & Jump Deals, Dealer PFDs, Roof Racks, Carriers, I replaced the bulb and it will not get hard. Towers, Tow Ropes & When the primer won't prime, the engine won't run. If fuel still refuses to flow, new aftermarket replacement squeeze bulb hoses are inexpensive and easy to integrate into the existing fuel system. Login, Boats ACCOUNT, Find Ropes, Boat Breakers, Power Packs & Jump Shelters, Boat & Kits, Seadog Stainless Steel Cup Maintenance, Pumps and Hardware, Boat Seats by Fishing Lures, Fishing Rod Holders & It generally starts with a partial blockage, where playing around with the fuel hose and pumping the primer bulb will get the motor to start or keep it running.