So go ahead, Mom, and make like a brick wall. Key #2: Giving the Gift of Time. Then, set clear boundaries with others in terms of how much time you can spend with them, so you have enough time for your health, passions, and responsibilities. Proud mom here! Whereas my husband will argue to protect the kids from my stressed out attitude or “meanness”. How to be a strong single mom “I became a single mom when my oldest was 17 months and I was 5 months preggo with my second. Strong single parents know that this job isn't an easy one, by any means. To be a strong, independent woman, make sure to put yourself first by doing things like taking a day to pamper yourself. He is trying to save me from myself – save me from having the same damaged relationship I had with my mom. And it takes a strong will to impact a lost world. 6. Strong women are noted for making things fun, whatever it is that they are doing. Get inspired by our collection of quotes for mom & share how this job makes YOU feel. 3. There are struggles, to be sure, but there are so many positives too! Well. A strong mother will never just let you do whatever you want, but she is also the kind of mom that will allow you to express who you really are. How to Be The Mom Your Strong-Willed Child Needs Stand firm. When you’re married, you’re often so used to your partner's constant presence that you can crave having the house to yourself—an evening alone seems like bliss from a distance. I make the decisions and that means I get to take 100% credit for how wonderful my boys are. Then stand back and watch how God uses you – and your child – to make a dramatic difference for His kingdom. These women are role models to their daughters, who eventually grow up to be strong women themselves. She’s confident about her looks and comfortable in her own skin. It takes strong determination to overcome obstacles. While they are serious about achieving their goals, they do have a great sense of humor. I am listening. As Single mom, you always need to balance your work life and personal life, Utilize the power of cloud and work remotely from anywhere on any device with Citrix Xendesktop VDI and Cloud QuickBooks Hosting with top-notch support from Apps4Rent.. As a single mom, not only are you responsible for maintaining employment and balancing your budget even when things are tight, but … She will become your best friend, and will be the person that you will be able to go to when you want a shoulder to cry on, and when everyone else has left. GET MOM STRONG is a physically demanding, high-intensity exercise program. It’s lonely. . Strong daughters know that their mothers support them, and are determined to pursue their dreams. Sources: See more ideas about quotes, mom, words. One thing I really didn’t expect was the intense isolation that comes with being a single mom. A strong mother is her daughter’s best friend, she is the best listener, and is always ready to advise or help. TIME is how most children spell love. And I have such a strong stubborn will that I just don’t want to ever hear I am wrong. But they also recognize the deep value and privilege inherent in raising your children as a single mom or dad. This is how they ensure that their family and loved ones are happy. Most children spell love with a T, an I, an M and an E. That’s right. Healthy parents don’t find time, they make time. Jun 21, 2016 - It's the hardest, most rewarding, most strenuous, greatest job on earth: Motherhood.