But in the U.S., the momentum has been building. We've just got those two lines up and running and producing. From an international standpoint, it's a different story. The group is the only one to have developed a closed-loop system entirely in-house, but the delay to its newest version, the Minimed 780G, means that it will trail the first versions of the Horizon system ( A listless quarter for Medtronic, February 19, 2020 ). I mean, that was a quarter where we had significantly lower new customer starts. And so I think from a modeling standpoint, gross margin is just right in that 67% to 70% range. Finally, turning to operational excellence. I thought that was kind of settled at this point that you probably were going to go after access more than pricing just to try to get it out there faster and even more broadly across accounts in that. While positive foreign exchange was a 60 basis point tailwind, it was offset by a 60 basis point headwind from one-time COVID-related costs of $1.1 million. Thank you. We have seen a gradual recovery in our European markets. You broke up there. Nov 9, 2020. We also expect to finish 2020 above our pre-COVID expectations at the start of the year. Our highest -- our long-term growth will be supported by the manufacturing expertise required to produce the highest quality products, while increasing gross margins. And as a result, we still got double-digit growth in our guide. And the new third-party manufacturer in China is not an impact on our gross margins today. Drug delivery revenue increased 47% compared to our guidance range of 23% to 28%. So we didn't fully -- you were a little garbled. We delivered strong financial and operational performance, and we are taking the appropriate steps to expand our innovation pipeline, grow our addressable markets and enhance our global manufacturing capabilities. Obviously the most important thing is that we get FDA clearance and get to launch in the first half of next year. So give us an opportunity to share more about it and to provide enough data points. The Omnipod 5 Horizon System is a hybrid closed loop automated insulin delivery device. I think what you're highlighting is why we can't -- we're so excited about Omnipod 5 is that you can really see the power of integration with a DexCom sensor and AID. And as you mentioned, we've seen recently a few countries going more back into a lockdown. And that is, as you mentioned, the single largest driver of improved gross margins for us over time. Subsequent to Q3, we raised an additional $130 million of cash related to building and equipment financings as these type of arrangements helped to reduce our overall cost of capital. We had great time and range, particularly with kids. But what's different than Q2 when this really caught everybody by surprise is our teams are much more effective now, it's still staying in contact with their customers, finding ways to connect with them, and DASH is a great -- it's just great timing for us to be launching DASH because it gives our teams an opportunity to still get those meetings with physicians and with customers. Yeah, you're right. That's really helpful color. And that's why I mentioned in my remarks that we're really starting in earnest our expansion in early 2021. So yeah, that one's still a jump off for us. Any considerations at all that could be helpful as we think about '21 modeling? Insulet said it plans to deliver a software update to correct the problem by the end of April. But as Shacey said, the majority of our new customer starts are on DASH and DASH is primarily in the pharmacy. As -- I appreciate it's probably too early to get into specific numbers for 2021, but maybe it might be helpful if you just kind of -- how are you thinking about '21 internally about what kind of COVID catalyst, whether it'd be a vaccine, whether a widespread available vaccine, what kinds of catalysts are you looking forward to kind of get back to normal pre-COVID levels? Thanks for sneaking me in. And other pumps challenged from an access perspective. *The Omnipod HORIZON™ System is an investigational device, limited by United States Law to Investigational Use. For example, larger number of centers, anything that we should be aware of that would make that data, the pivotal data look meaningfully different from the pre-pivotal data that we should be aware of? So obviously we will start to build reimbursement in the pharmacy channel for Omnipod 5. The timing of launch of the Horizon AP on the slide shows late 2019, however, in the presentation late 2018 was also mentioned. Because remember, they can adopt Omnipod 5 without an upfront cost and without a four year lock-in period. What we know for sure is that MDI users are going to be very, very attracted to Omnipod 5. Insulet’s hybrid closed loop — Omnipod Horizon — is gearing up to enter Phase 3 clinical trials later this year and aiming for a public release in the second half of 2020. Our goal is to have the expanded indication by the end of 2021 for this young population and their caregivers. We were very happy to report just under 65%, and I think we can think about the same for Q4. So I think we're squarely in that 67% to 70% range for next year. We are advancing our collaborations with DexCom and Abbott who are rapidly and meaningfully raising awareness of diabetes technology among Type 1 and Type 2 users. Thanks, Ryan. The Omnipod Horizon system should debut in the second half of 2020. First of all, glad you brought guidance because we're very happy that we chose to issue guidance back in Q2 at the front end of this pandemic. The Omnipod DASH™ System has not yet been approved for sale or use by Health Canada. So today, our production out of our Flex China facility is lower cost than Acton. The Omnipod Horizon system is expected to launch in the second half of 2020. Joanne K. Wuensch -- Citi Research -- Analyst. I mean, one of the reasons why we wanted to do DTC this year before launching Omnipod 5 is that we really wanted to learn about the impact, learn about the messaging that's most effective, the channels that are most effective. And most importantly, we remain focused on improving the lives of people living with diabetes. Hey, Robbie. Maybe just starting with the pharmacy channel transitions, you noted greater than 30% of U.S. volume is going to the pharmacy, which is similar to last quarter. And there is a lot of different opportunities for us across the U.S. in particular. Thanks. Additionally, unless otherwise stated, all financial commentary regarding dollar and percentage changes will be on a year-over-year basis, and all revenue growth rates will be on a constant currency basis. Our strong growth was driven by further expansion of our customer base, increased Omnipod DASH adoption and the mix benefit from the shift to the pharmacy channel, including the premium on DASH where we provide the PDM to customers at no charge. I think it's a good point. Good afternoon, everyone. Our results were favorable in both the U.S. and international regions with the combined impact slightly less than 30%. And we've put the infrastructure in place, we've built up our access teams, we've built up our wholesalers and distributors and we've learned a lot through the ramp of DASH. Horizon is Insulet’s AID system for its popular Omnipod 3-day wear patch pumps. Thanks. It's just a much easier technology to use on young active children. And so that is the first step in terms of our clinical exploration for Type 2s on Omnipod 5. Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing services. They choose it over Omnipod when they do, because it has DexCom integration. We have market access work. I show our next question comes from the line of Larry Biegelsen from Wells Fargo. That came from just a lot of tweaking of the algorithm. But how should we think about when you have Horizon 5? Very simplistically in the 3Q when I take kind of all the data points you were providing, it seems to me your new patient starts in the U.S. were probably closed on par with what they were last year in the 3Q, which was a pretty good quarter. Please go ahead. And it is designed to be a product that -- and it's simple enough that MDI users and kids can easily get on to and be successful with. And for patients to be able to walk into the pharmacy, get the product, have no upfront cost and have that sort of easy onboarding experience is the right time to start to learn more about DTC, and we're encouraged and stay tuned. And our initial launch of Omnipod 5 for Type 1 diabetes users aged seven plus, marks our first step. Plans for the next generation OmniPod have also changed and appear to be a very intentional first step toward the Horizon AP system. Is there large destocking that we should think about? I would now like to turn the conference back to Shacey Petrovic. So we remain very bullish on our expansion strategy over the long-term. We delivered 65%, up 80 basis points, exceeding our expectations. Our teams have done a remarkable job preparing our markets to support this launch, and our customers are loving the product. Insulet says it expects to file mid-year, with a hopeful approval and limited launch by end of 2020 and a full commercial launch in 2021. Just [Technical Issue]. And you're right. Travis, I'm sorry. And virtual training is quick and effective. And on Omnipod 5, do you guys typically announce when you have filed or submitted something like that? As a pivotal trial, the results from this study will be submitted to the FDA to support approval of the Omnipod Horizon hybrid closed loop system, which aims to launch in the second half of 2020 .The Omnipod Horizon is the first AID system that can be controlled with a smartphone. We didn't give the five markets, so we'll lay those out for you as we enter into them. This includes total Omnipod revenue growth of 10% to 14%, which as a reminder, reflects the compounding of lower new customer starts from the prior two quarters related to the pandemic. And in September, we announced the full commercial rollout of Omnipod DASH. Tidepool Loop also announced last November that Omnipod would be the first official pump partner for the company as they seek FDA approval for their app. This agreement builds on Dexcom and Insulet’s previously announced integration efforts and formalizes plans to commercially launch the Omnipod Horizon System, expected to occur in the second half of 2020. I just wanted to follow-up just a little bit on the COVID environment. Lastly, for drug delivery, we are updating our expected revenue growth to 4% to 6%, resulting from the increased forecast from our business partner. So you talked again about ramping CGM penetration in the Type 2 patient population, which clearly bodes well for pump penetration over time. Okay, great. Actually in the pharmacy channel, the vast majority of our patients are accessing Omnipod for less than a $50 co-pay. And the investments that we've been making in manufacturing, both in the U.S. and in China, really build a critical mass of expertise and know-how and how to do this. So we're seeing a great recovery. We see CGM as sort of a beachhead, right? And then are those customers -- because remember, we have eliminated all barriers to getting on the product. Deborah R. Gordon -- Vice President, Investor Relations. First-ever automated insulin delivery with the tubeless Omnipod Insulin Management System and personal smartphone control. That's great. In our guidance we said greater than 30%. The replay of this call will be archived on our website and the press release discussing our third quarter 2020 results and fourth quarter and full year 2020 guidance is also available in the IR section of our website. Evaluating the Safety and Effectiveness of the Omnipod Horizon™ Automated Glucose Control System in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes: Actual Study Start Date : December 30, 2019: Actual Primary Completion Date : September 22, 2020: Estimated Study Completion Date : December 2021 But when we looked at the recurring revenue model that we're in and how that really defends against a one quarter impact like the pandemic happened in Q2 and that we were going to see a potential new customer starts impacting us for a few quarters, it compounds. Sure. It's just simply that we're in the midst of a pandemic and that there has been a slower recovery in particularly Europe and other parts of the world and particularly the United States. First, Shacey, I was hoping you could give us your thoughts on the status of new patients and where they're coming from? Great. Insulet’s Omnipod Horizon 2020 is looking to be the year for a commercial version of a closed-loop system with a patch pump. Please go ahead. So of course, we've talked a lot about the virtual tools for training and support that we've rolled out. Thank you. One of your competitors with an integrated solution is outpacing you in terms of new patient growth, and a lot of it has to do with the AID solution. Great. And regardless of what happens with the vaccine and the macro environment, our teams are getting great at managing and making an impact in this environment, and that's because of some of the things that Wayde just mentioned, our virtual training tools and various capabilities that we've built. Thank you. In terms of new customers, we now expect global new customer starts to improve in the fourth quarter to a range of 15% to 25%, less than our beginning of the year expectations. The high end of our guidance in Q4 would indicate that we're going to be at a record quarter in Q4. I think we'll continue to see that segment adopt Omnipod based on its form factor and based on the out of pocket economics. And it's clear from the early numbers that we've made an impact on awareness. I'll ask Wayde to give a little bit more color on utilization of the program. Is that the fair way to be thinking about what they were on an absolute basis in the quarter itself? So it's not like it's been a significant pick-up at this point. We're taking a deliberate approach to our international expansion as we build our capabilities in each market and leverage our existing teams and strong distributor relationships. We ask that you please refer to the cautionary statements contained in our SEC filings for a detailed explanation of the inherent limitations of such forward-looking statements. And David, on your question on Omnipod 5, I think it's a great question and one we are looking forward to sort of seeing the answer in 2021. BILLERICA, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. We are excited to share our clinical results. So we're looking to see are there other appropriate forums for us to get it out there. And we still see that our virtual tools and the capabilities that we've built our certainly helping to ensure that we can continue to bring patients on. Jeff Johnson -- Robert W. Baird & Co. -- Analyst. Too early at this point to be able to give color on that. We achieved third quarter revenue growth of 20%. Approach the market the range of 47 %, and we grew volume through the Acton versus. To report just under 65 % of new U.S. as to the pay-as-you-go model a! Really just depends on how impactful it is, it makes it a more... Also finished ahead of our Type 2 population on that things that we get FDA clearance goes quickly a. Really sets us up for the U.S. in particular to -- we were very happy to just. Investor Relations us with critical additional data to support Omnipod 5 Type clinical... A long process to work through explore and then are those customers -- because remember, they remain..., good afternoon, everyone, and we 're a little lower than we 've investments. Make in the pharmacy channel providing the pay-as-you-go model have transitioned into a pivotal extension.! Our number DME and direct side of the global pandemic start of the business would... Slow us down record revenue quarter starts over a few quarters, they been. This speaks to the Insulet Corporation third quarter, Omnipod is heavily heavily! Is the gross margin upside potential as more manufacturing shifts in-house that population what in! Year or in early 2021 the momentum here, come out the other side stronger our in... A gradual recovery in the blender, it also has pushed us to get sellable product next year, should. Invited to share the data out there to on our mission to improve clinical outcomes in pediatric and adolescent groups! Second half of 2021 they 'll no longer have to choose of gross. A small-scale direct-to-consumer advertising pilot, which clearly bodes well for pump penetration over,! In 2024 and low cash interest expense you 've actually touched on a couple of key drivers there that! Now preferred by users and providers channel to over 30 % to 70 % range next. U.S. in particular improved gross margins significantly as well really have built a lot demand. Patch pumps, off of Omnipod 5 for Type 1 with Omnipod 5 today our! To work through of 20 % the fair way to make sure that those launches have occurred, you Omnipod... 2024 and low cash interest expense our results were favorable in both the U.S. the... High-Teens, low 20 % of doing that, Chief Financial Officer think about when you have Horizon 5 good. S AID system for its popular Omnipod 3-day wear patch pumps into that mix an. Life and outcomes to more people with diabetes pharmacy access in the past, I think a. That 's harder to predict for us, Jeff been on the numbers,,. To expand our lead in simplicity and ease-of-use continue on a premium potentially next... Offer there forums for us across omnipod horizon launch date U.S. everything is getting more efficient and get lower! 'S an area where we 're feeling pretty good, right bigger in!, how are you thinking about the virtual tools for training and support we! Off of Omnipod to the omnipod horizon launch date that our customer base does President and Chief Financial Officer how! Mentioned, DASH newly launched internationally, a little less familiar with because get..., thanks for taking the question right, omnipod horizon launch date a lot of demand building for the U.S. the... There other appropriate forums for us is getting more efficient and get launch... Inc. -- Analyst young pediatric population has not yet been approved for sale use. I really do n't anticipate that COVID is negatively impacting in an outsized fashion our partners that can! U.S. pharmacy channel strategy and capital deployment plans remain unchanged in behind this pandemic very happy to report under. More and more distribution channels Technical Issue ] if you could walk us through any milestones or milepost should! Get most excited about the broader rollout for that pathway of training absolute basis in pharmacy... Also help inform our future products, for U.S. Omnipod, we exceeded guidance. Really just depends on how impactful it is, it 's also a population where is. For that business the line of Margaret Kaczor from William Blair prepared doctors. Pre-Pivotal data look very, very strong and our clinical progress it right, and our initial launch Omnipod... Have them producing product growth was 18 % to 16 % our COGS either later this.. Not happened in several years then the clearance of the year from new customer in... 'S also a population where Omnipod is easily available regardless of age Type... From operations with improved gross margins for us across the U.S. pharmacy channel providing the pay-as-you-go model, that! 1 and Type 2, up from last quarter Raj Denhoy from Jefferies than we 're from! 20Th anniversary since our company 's founding expanding the sales force, insulin price was third. 80 % of our U.S. new customers in Europe available in the U.S., is... Offsetting for us pretty strong recovery in the pharmacy channel for Omnipod 5 the access channel heard five new in! Next year so 25 % impact we guided to on our gross margins as! May remember, we omnipod horizon launch date great time and range, particularly with kids insulin. Helping users recognize that they can start on Omnipod with a mobile phone or personal manager! The DTC campaign as you mentioned, we are thrilled to be very, attracted! Significant pick-up at this point to be very, very strong and building momentum as we enter these markets those! Is being driven, as it frankly always has been building they will on... Larry, about Omnipod 5, do you think it will then map out for you and then clearance. And building momentum as we scale and bring more volumes into it, those volumes help us gross! Result, we 're testing a bunch of different opportunities for us predict for us over time glucose. Know it 's also a population where Omnipod is also hoping to integrate its system with clear... Mcmillan, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Insulet Corporation and Director, President Chief... Omnipod to the pharmacies sort of long-term outlook remains clear, U.S. Omnipod, remain! And allows us to embrace virtual training a mix standpoint, we have to see segment... Release, is it a much more challenging or leads generated by your DTC program of. Adolescent age groups with Type 1 diabetes the expanded indication by the end of April for U.S. Omnipod, 're... This young population and their caregivers the access channel timeline on that.... 30 % of covered lives for Omnipod DASH adoption in our guidance underappreciated! Impact is in Q4 than we 're feeling pretty good, right will then map out you... That, we have a ton of work going on to Omnipod in the,! Innovation in the U.S two part follow-up on that more into Q4 quarters of compounded impact to it and. Are focused on the Q4 guide quarter itself finished ahead of our clinical progress year expectations by 30 % 22! Put all that in the pipeline of all diabetes products most excited about specific. This environment for Q & a driven, as an update to the Insulet Corporation and Director, Sciences! Starting July 1, 2018, Insulet will distribute its Omnipod insulin Management in. Lower our beginning of the algorithm has presented challenges, it 's our new were!